Ten on Tuesday–Long Time, No See!

This week’s batch of questions come from Kathleen at Kapachino. I actually have time to do this this week! Woohoo! 🙂

(Btw.. forgot to mention in my last post that part of my “insane” hours included working 33 hours straight.  That’s like 4 regular work days, smooshed together, all in a row, with no sleep in between.   How did I do it?  I have no idea.  But the second I sat down on my bed at hour 34 (2:30pm on Friday), I woke up in the dark 6 hours later with no idea what happened).

1. What television character do you identify with?
Oh sad!  I KNOW I’ve had good answers for this one but none are coming to mind.  Oooo here is a really ridiculous one.  Back in the early days of “Laguna Beach,”  I felt like I could really relate to Lauren Conrad.  In hindsight, its embarrasing, but at the time I really felt like I could relate to her (despite the fact that she was in high school while I was in college, and she was a kajillionaire while I was broke, and she’s 5′ while I’m 5’16, and she’s probably a size 0 while I’m a size __… the list goes on ;)). 

I also feel like I identify with Juliet on Lost, although I DO NOT LIKE HER.  

Part of the problem is that I honestly don’t watch enough TV to identify myself with characters.  I watch America’s Next Top Model, House Hunters, a slew of other home shows, and LOST.  Wouldn’t it be funny if I said I most identify with Holmes from Holmes on Homes?!  Hahaha.  Only funny to me?

2. Describe your morning routine.
It totally depends on the morning.  On slow days, I wake up, shower, pop a bagel or toast in the toaster for breakfast while I do my make-up, then I sit and watch a little news while I eat my breakfast, then I figure out what to do with my hair and pack up to head into the office.

On busy days, I look in the mirror to see if my hair looks ok without washing it, slap some make-up on, and maybe grab a bagel as I run out the door.   The valet guys always know what kind of day it is 😉

3. How do you do lunch? Bring from home or dine out? Same thing every day or mix it up?
90%+ of the time I eat lunch from our ADR (attorney dining room).  It’s $6.50 for unlimited food, and so easy.  While in college or law school I would never have been willing to spend $6.50 every day for lunch and would consider that expensive, it’s actually a really good deal compared to other lunching options around the office, and it’s so convenient (oh, and I can afford it… another difference between college and now).   For the last month or so I’ve been getting it to go, but prior to that I used to eat up in the actual dining room a lot.   My lunch usually consists of a sandwich, salad, a little box of fruit, chips, a cookie, and some perrier.  The cookies are made in-house and EVIL.  Every day I tell myself that I am going to stop having a cookie every day, but so far I have not been able to stop.  My waistline shows it 😦

4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life?
Probably the biggest one was one day back in high school when I showed up to the classroom where the “Christian Club” always met for lunch on Wednesdays, and the door was locked.  We thought it was kind of weird and figured the teacher must have been absent and forgot to let the sub know to leave the door unlocked.  As it later turned out, the door was locked on purpose.  Long story short, I never would have went to law school if not for that moment. 

5. Name your top three beauty products.
Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder.  Crazy expensive but AMAZING! 
Flat Iron
John Freida Flawless Finishing Creme

…Those were the first three to come to mind… Clearly I think my face is amazing, and all is well as long as my hair is in order… hahaha

6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car?
99% of the time (and even then, it’s not often since I live and work within 4 blocks of each other) I’m all alone in the car.  I generally use it as my time to make phone calls, and if not phone calls, I turn the music up super loud and sing along.

7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? If you can, take this survey (< that’s a link) and tell us the results. Do you agree with them?
I took the quiz and my top 5 cities were all wrong (Kent, Washington; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Knoxville, TN ?!).  I guess my definition of “mid-sized city” is a little off.  Of course, living in Los Angeles can do that to a person!  I consider any city that is smaller than Los Angeles/NYC/Houston to be a “mid-size” city, and everything else to a “town.”  Haha.  For example, Portland, Seattle, and Denver are all “mid-sized cities” to me.   I think my ideal city would be something like Portland or Denver.  Smaller, cleaner, prettier, less polluted, and greener than Los Angeles, but still plenty of cool stuff happening 🙂

8. Are you waiting for something?
I am waiting on many things.  Most immediately, a few calls and emails re: work.  Next, waiting for next Thursday when I get to go to Portland… YAY!!!  More distantly, many things but not entirely public-blog-appropriate material at this time.  😉

9. What was the last shocking news you heard?
On Chelsea’s note (re: don’t go to tanning beds!!), I wrote a huge article (86 pages) on how bad tanning is for you (technically only a chunk of it was on how bad it is, the rest was about how the government has tried to address the dangers and how no amount of regulation will stop people from tanning as long as we as a society still think that tanned (aka burned, damaged) skin is beautiful).  Stay out of the tanning beds people! 

As for shocking news on my own end, I feel like shocking news is a regular event these days.  I can’t tell if all of sudden more bad things are happening, or if all of a sudden I’m just acutely more aware of them.   Probably the most recent shocking news was the major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.  Also recently heard about several family/friends of friends being diagnosed with various forms of cancer.  Very sad.  It really can happen to anyone :/

10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?
I would not eat any form of live bug or animal.  Ridiculous, I know, but luckily I’m pretty sure nobody would ever make such an offer 😉   I also wouldn’t kill anyone and I wouldn’t tell a lie (ie, if there was some circumstance where I could get a huge pay off if I would just tell a particular lie, I wouldn’t do it.  I already can’t live with myself when I tell the tiniest lie that doesn’t even matter… I feel guilty forever!  I definitely couldn’t tell a lie worth $1m dollars).

These are all pretty extreme examples, and I hope nobody takes it to mean I would do anything else for $1m, just not these 3 things.  Money really doesn’t “do it” for me, so there is a much longer list of things I wouldn’t do for $1m dollars.  Just to be clear 😉


A Moldy Cup of Coffee and a Dead Orchid…

That is what I found in my office when I returned this morning, after having essentially lived in a conference room for the past several weeks.  I have worked insane, insane, INSANE amounts of hours for the past 5 weeks or so.  So insane that I was overjoyed one night when I got off work at 8:30pm (after being in the office since 6:30am) because that was so early and I actually had a little free time before bed.  What would I do with such a massive amount (1.5 hours) of free time before bed?  I drank some red wine and caught up on some of my plethora of unwatched DVR’d shows.  So insane that this weekend, I considered Saturday “my first day off in over a month” even though technically I spent the morning on my couch editting a memo for 4 hours.  It felt like a day off because I didn’t have to set my alarm, and I knew I wouldn’t be working all day long.

I am writing this from the calm after the storm (and hopefully not in the eye of the storm) so I can be a little lighthearted about it.  But I’m not going to lie, it was rough.   My entire life for those weeks was working and occassionally sleeping.  No weekends.  No lunch breaks.  No dinner breaks.  Just work-work-work-work-sleep-work-work-work-work.  Luckily there are some bright sides to the craziness:

(1) I appreciate any amount of free time so much more.  (OMG 30 minutes of free time?! What to do?!)
(2) I have a LOT of money.  (Funny thing… when you are working all the time, you have no time to spend $$$).
(3) When I go to Portland in 1.5 weeks, I don’t have to work while I’m there.
(4) When I have a slow day at work (like today), I don’t have to freak out because I now have a massive buffer thanks to my good friend February/March. 

So there you have it.  I really don’t have anything to say right now because I haven’t done anything in so long!  Oh, I met my (Portland) friend Becky in Anaheim on Saturday.  She was there on vacation with her parents, and I met up with her to shop and get dinner.  (Btw… scratch that “lots of money” comment above.. definitely put a dent in that with some major retail therapy… which I plan to continue once I’m in Portland next weekend…).   After shopping, we drove down to Newport Beach and grabbed dinner at the Newport Pier.  It’s days like that that make me almost want to stay in L.A. forever.  Almost.

Shake it, L.A., Shake it.

I have been paranoid lately about the possibility of the long promised “Big One” hitting L.A. soon due to all of the massive earthquakes hitting various other parts of the world.  So this morning, when I was jolted awake by a 4.4 near downtown, my initial thought was “omg this is it!” but it stopped just as soon as I started freaking out, so then I thought maybe I was just dreaming/hallucinating.

Well, I had happened to fall asleep with the news on and looked up to see the anchors freaking out because they felt it too.  Enter over an hour of the news interviewing random people sensationalizing the earthquake.  I just started laughing out loud when an anchor who basically said “I’m here on the scene, and we were just driving around looking for damage (aka any people who happened to be on the street at 4am to interview about the earthquake) and we found this random dude outside 7 eleven who felt the earthquake.”  Really, news?

The thing is, given what is going on in the world, even a 4.4 is newsworthy for L.A. because it is a reminder that a bigger quake can and will hit, and it’s a reminder to be prepared.  However, it doesn’t necessarily justify spending hours interviewing a bunch of random people all saying the same thing.   Woke up by shaking.  No damage.   Let’s stop with the repetitive reporting already!

Of course, what is my first thought once I find out it was a 4.4 and everything is ok?  Well, first, I realized I was very hungry and have no food.  But second I was like “oo I can get a few more hours of work in this morning since I went to bed ‘early’ last night.” This is the sad reality of my life right now 😉

Signs of Too Much Work, Too Little Sleep.

The normalcy should be returning some time after March 19th… at least for a little while.   Until then, I present to you a fun email exchange from this morning, re: my complete exhaustion and work dreams:

——Original Message——
From: me
To: friend
Subject: Wow
Sent: Mar 12, 2010 7:15 AM

My last dream before I woke up was that there were live cows in my 
office and I sent a firm wide email asking how to get rid of live 

On Mar 12, 2010, at 7:20 AM friend wrote:


From: me
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 07:52:02 -0800
To: friend
Subject: Re: Wow

Then when I woke up at 615 I was thinking “ugg I’ll take care of the cows in a minute but I’m going to hit the snooze and sleep for a little longer.” and then at 619, I realized I had been dreaming and was so relieved that o didn’t have to figure out what to do with the cows.  If that’s not a sign of too much work and too little sleep… I don’t know what is! Haha

On Mar 12, 2010, at 7:53 AM, friend wrote:

Oh my goodness… I am printing this out. 😮