Back in the Pacific Northwest.

Wow– I haven’t been in Oregon for Spring Break in F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  And I wish I would have remembered why.  Oregon SUCKS in March!  I’ve only been here since about 2pm yesterday, but I’m already regretting it.  Sideways rain + wind + cold is NOT my idea of a good time.  If it weren’t for the friends and family up here that I’ve been looking forward to seeing, I’d be on a flight right back to California pronto!

I’m going bridesmaid dress shopping on Tuesday, getting my hair done on Wednesday, getting a new drivers license on Thursday, and a bridal shower on Saturday.  Those are the main big events this week.  But when I look at the weather forcast on (which reveals 10 straight days of rain and 50s), I don’t want to do anything!  I just want to read books and watch movies and pretend the nasty weather outside doesn’t exist.

What has California done to me???

Today, at church the Pastor made a joke about how L.A. Christians won’t go to church if there is a chance of rain.  It did cross my mind this morning that maybe I should just stay at my mom’s house and not venture out 😉


Visa… It’s everywhere you want to be. (And where you don’t want to be).

Last week for the first time ever I became the victim of identity theft.  Well, I guess it’s not quite to that scale, but some how someone got my debit card number and went wild making charges throughout the Valley while I sat at home watching “Body of Lies” with my roommates.  I am amazed that I made it through all of Europe with no trouble (well, except for my card getting shut off a few times when I forgot to let my bank know I’d be in France or Holland that weekend), and I buy things on the internet all the time with no trouble.  But I use a new gas station once in the Valley and suddenly my account is getting drained by complete strangers.

From what I understand, everything is going to be fine.  I got my card shut off, and once all the charges finish posting I can call in and get them removed.  It still really bothers me that someone was out there pretending to be me.