It’s Not THAT Kind of Bar.

Wow- I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in over a month!  Well, technically, I do know why… this last month has been C.R.A.Z.Y.!

Just how crazy? In the first two weeks I had to finish a paper, finish the final-final edits on my article that is getting published (chosen for publication last year and just now hitting the presses!), and prepare for and take my final 3 final exams.  Then, the day of my last law school exam, I had to pack and catch a red-eye out to D.C. for Alexander’s Dad’s Memorial at Arlington.  We (my friend Krissi and I) went straight from the airport to meet up with the family to carpool to the service.  (Alexander had flown ahead a couple of days).  After the service, we had the burial and then a luncheon where I met an overwhelming amount of Alexander’s extended family, and then Krissi and I finally embarked to find our hotel, take a nap, and then hang out with her sister.  We flew back the next day, and the day after that my mom came in town for a visit for a few days.  She was here that Thursday-Monday Evening.  That Wednesday, all of the family started showing up for graduation (including my mom who arrived again, this time with my grandparents.. she flew back to Portland to drive down with them).  So all of my roommates’ family, my family, and Alexander’s family were all in town for the same period of Wednesday-Saturday… Exciting but EXHAUSTING.

That Friday (which was last Friday… a week ago) was my Law School Graduation.  A few days before I found out very exciting news…. Despite getting my lowest grade in law school this semester (from a professor who is known for giving very random grades)–I moved back up one spot and finished #3 in my class!  So I graduated “summa cum laude” which means “with highest honors” which at my law school is the top 2%!

So Saturday all the fam left, and Sunday and Monday consisted mainly of packing because Tuesday I started my Bar course (which to my surprise went from 9-3:30 instead of 9-1), and when I got out of class I had to sign my new lease and move into my new apartment, have a going away dinner with my roommates (who are moving back to Texas) and then attempt to read at least some of the 100+ pages of assigned reading for that night (I finished about 10).  The next day after another exhausting class I had to finish up the last few odds and ends at the apartment and then attempt another massive reading.  The next day was the same… another long class and then I finally cleaned out the rest of the stuff and my apartment was ready for check-out inspection, but I was too tired so I waited to do that until today after class.  Finally free and clear of 38H!

Today I had to run a bunch of random errands after class… finger printing for the bar, picking up some things at Costco and Staples, etc.  I’ve read about 40 pages tonight and I need to read more but I’m so exhausted.  Just on here waiting for my last few episodes of a show to download so I can go watch one while I fall asleep so I can get up for another long day of class tomorrow.  Yes, I have class tomorrow… on a Saturday 😦


So this is my busy, crazy life right now!  I am going to try to blog through this experience if I can.  But I can’t make any promised because I don’t think I’ve even had a chance to call my mom this week 😦