Looney Wednesday.

First, I just want to point out that Looney is the real last name of a couple I am friends with from Pepperdine who are here in London too.  It’s not just a term of endearment 😉

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned this already, but every Wednesday since I got here I’ve hung out with Krissi while Adam is in class in the afternoon, and then the three of us have dinner together at Casa Looney.  Lately, “Looney Wednesday” has also transformed into “Michelle and Krissi Shopping Day” (who am I kidding? that has pretty much been the case the entire time!).  Yesterday was perhaps my favorite Looney Wednesday because Krissi and I FINALLY found a place here that does pedicures somewhere between Notting Hill and Kensington.  Apparently pedicures are an American thing?  There were two nail places side by side and they said “American Pedicures Here.”   It was amazing!  Then, we walked down to High Street and did a little shopping.  We were actually on our way back home when we saw the store “Warehouse” was having a sale and we went in.  I suddenly lost my self discipline when it comes to purses, and bought a new purse there for 35 pounds (about 60 USD).  I also got a few clothing items.  Krissi and I got matching “dresses” except hers is actually a dress and mine is a top 😉   Then, after we walked back to Bayswater, we met up with the guys and we went to Ask- an italian restaurant in the Whiteleys (a mall in Bayswater).  The food was delicious but the service was terrible.  Afterward, we tried to go to the Waffle House (not the same thing as the chain in the states) but it was really hot in there and smelled bad (according to everyone else… what would I know??) so we left and got waffles from the stand instead which was BRILLIANT because they were total belgian style.  Nothing like a hot belgian waffle with dark chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream to top off a good day!

My fellow Americans… please stop making big waffles with maple syrup and calling them “belgian waffles.”  It is a disgrace to the deliciousness that is a REAL belgian waffle.  The waffles are much sweeter, much crisper, and much better with non-syrup toppings.