This is what happens when you teach your mom to use the internet.

me 8:51 pm: did you like the one about the “kiss” with Gabe?

Mom 8:56 pm: Yes.  I think I have read that story or you have told me about it before, but no     wonder you were sad to see him go!  LOL

me 8:56 pm: LOL!!!! Mom!!!

Mom 8:57 pm:  just saying..
(Love you Mom!!)


First Things First (Because You Can’t Have Second Things First, That Wouldn’t Make Sense, Now Would It?)

I AM GOING TO HOUSTON THIS WEEKEND!  Last night, I was talking to my BFF who moved back to Houston and spontaneously decided to buy a ticket to go visit her and her husband this coming weekend.  It was actually a long ordeal that involved catching up while both of us were simultaneously searching for good deals.  I finally found what I thought was the winner and while I was putting in my information, the ticket price jumped $90!  Even though $355 is technically still a pretty good deal for a last minute ticket to Houston, I couldn’t bring myself to be willing to pay that much when literally 2 minutes prior it had been $262.   So the trip was off and we got off the phone defeated, until I figured out a way to use my voucher from my failed trip to NYC.   So basically, I only paid $49 for my ticket and I’m headed to H-Town on Friday morning.  Woohoo!

Secondly, Ten on Tuesday:

1.  Think back a decade, do you remember what your first cellphone was? Was it as cool as Zack Morris’s phone?
Wow- it was almost exactly a decade when I got my first cell phone!  In high school, the cool thing was to have a pager.  I didn’t get a cellphone until I started driving (which was after high school because I graduated like a month after I turned 16).  I remember it was one of those big nokia ones where you could change the face.  I thought it was cool back then.  Well, cool until I got cell phone bills of several hundred dollars multiple times.. .OUCH.

2. What is the first children’s book you remember being read to you? 
These childrens Bible story books are the first thing that come to mind…

3. What was your first car? Did you love it or hate it? 
Technically my first car was a Ford Tempo, which had been my mom’s and I think she let me drive it when she got something else.  I actually really liked it but it didn’t last very long :/  My next car was an ’86 Honda Accord with the paint peeling off the hood, and a leaky sunroof.  But I paid $1400 for it and it was all MINE.  I loved that car.  I only kept it for about a year because it started having too many problems (mainly a fan that wouldn’t shut off so I had to jump my car every time I went out to drive it).  I upgraded to a ’97 Nissan 200sx.  But every time I would drive by an 80s accord I would miss my old car!  Now I have a 2008 Ford Edge which is SUPER nice, and I still drive by old Accords and miss mine.  You never forget your first love 😉

4. Who was your hero growing up?
Not to be all Christianese (I hate it when people say things just because it’s the “christian” thing to say), but I definitely considered Jesus my biggest hero growing up. 

5. Think back to your first kiss. Was it everything you dreamed of?
I am going to tell you about my first almost kiss.  Here’s the scene:  Ft. Richardson, Alaska, a nice summerish day in 1989, in an open field.  Me and my best friend at the time, a nerdy kid from my kindergarten class named Gabe, had somehow heard about french kissing, and decided we wanted to see what all the hype was about.  We agreed to both close our eyes, stick our tongues out, and lean in until our tongues touched (because that’s what we thought a french kiss was).   So there we were, eyes squeezed shut, leaning in… and just before our tongues touched we both opened our eyes, were completely grossed out about the idea, and agreed to never try that again.  I don’t think I figured out what a real french kiss was until I started watching the Young and the Restless in about 3rd grade when my mom thought I was watching 3-2-1 Contact 😉   (She figured out I wasn’t watching a kids show in the afternoons when I started telling her about some of the things that happened while she was braiding my hair.)  

6.  What was your first BAD hairstyle choice? (Extra points for embarrassing photos) 
Um…. I have had many, many, many bad hair experiences but I guess those are primarily related to cheap or free haircuts and not a concious choice to have awful hair.  I used to keep my hair pretty short, and I generally cringe when I see those photos.  But that could also be because I was thicker back then, a little more awkward, and hadn’t really discovered make up 😉

7. What was your first realistic dream? (One where you had to think “Oh dang, was that a dream?”)
I can’t remember which one was my first but I’ve had endless ones.  Recently, I had a dream that someone I know in real life asked me to elope with him (without ever officially dating), and I said yes and we randomly eloped over a weekend and then I went back to work on Monday like everything was normal.  I still feel awkward now when I talk to this person (I haven’t told him…). 

8. What was the first phobia you remember developing?
For whatever reason, I remember being really scared that an Indian chief was going to come in my room and shoot me with arrows in my sleep.  So I would push the mattress out and sleep in the crack between the mattress and the wall on a regular basis because I figured he wouldn’t see me if I was hidden back there.

9. Which character on Sesame Street do you most identify with?
Big Bird is the easy answer (and I’ve been called that); but lately cookie monster.  For some reason, when I get angry/cranky about something… I picture myself being blue and hairy like Cookie Monster and walking around waving my arms and saying “ANGRY” in a cookie monster voice.  I really don’t think it is a true reference to Cookie Monster, but that is what I see in my head. 

10. What was the hardest goal you ever accomplished? 
I’ve accomplished quite a lot of difficult goals…. but so far I think surviving December 2008 was the hardest.   In about a 10-day time span, I had to prepare and take 3 law school exams while dealing with an unexpected death (and I was hugely unprepared going into that 10 days), pack up two London flats, and get myself and 8 large and overweight bags back to the U.S. (navigating any airport let alone customs with that much baggage by yourself is AWFUL!), stopping first in Vegas to drop off most of the bags,  and then continuing on to Portland.  Of course, the London-Los Angeles plane lost one of the bags (one of only two that were mine and unfortunately the one that had all my shoes in it that weren’t packed in storage in Calabasas), and then my flight to Vegas was cancelled due to snow in Vegas (!!) so I had to get myself onto a shuttle with my 7 remaining bags and to a hotel for the night.  Then, once I got to Vegas, Portland was snowed in and I went to the airport 3 different times before I finally got a flight out on Christmas Day.  Then I got to Portland and we couldn’t get my mom’s car up the hill to her place because of the snow, so we went to a hotel for a couple of days.  INSANITY.  After times like that, I know I can handle pretty much anything 😉

Haze, Haze, Go Away.

The pollution in L.A. today is RIDICULOUS!  There have been many days where I can see an orangish/dirty cloud hovering off in the distance and I think, “wow, it’s smoggy today!”   But today, when I walked out of my apartment building to head to work, I felt like my eyes were blurry from the haze.  I was kind of grossed out by walking to work in such thick smog, imagining it latching on to my clothes and hair for dear life.  GROSS.

The “nice” thing about pollution is that it makes many people in Los Angeles grateful for rain.  Whenever it rains in L.A., the sweet storm system carries all of our gross pollution away.  I have no idea where the pollution goes (I know it doesn’t just magically disappear), but it leaves L.A. for a little while.  As luck should have it, it is supposed to rain tomorrow. 

Weather is so funny.  In L.A., we’re grateful for a day of rain to carry away the pollution.  Also, it is always big news when it is going to rain because it happens so rarely that it is considered super newsworthy (except for this season.. we’ve actually been getting rain quite a bit).  The weather man sees clouds coming from days away and those little teaser news commercials are all “omg, clouds are coming next week… what does it mean for the Southland?!?!”   Not to mention whenever it rains there is almost always a deadly car accident on one freeway or another, and there are always fears of mudslides because those fancy fires we tend to have in the summer put all of our hillside homes in danger once water falls from the sky on occassion in the following spring.   When it rains, a lot of people refuse to go anywhere.  Last Tuesday, I wanted to go check out this young adults group but it started raining and I decided it would not be a good idea to try to drive to Pasadena (less than 20 minutes away) in the rain.  Rain is a big deal down here. 

Contrast that with Portland: SUN is a big deal.  Like we in L.A. need a day of rain to clear away our pollution, those in Portland need a day of sun now and then to clear away their gloomy weather depression 😉  “Sun Breaks” are actually newsworthy in Portland.  I’ve had people in L.A. ask me what exactly a sun break is.  The chance that the clouds might part for a moment, in the midst of twenty straight days of rain, is a big deal in Portland.  The weather man sees that possible sun break coming from days away and is like “omg… the clouds might part for 5 minutes next Thursday.  Everyone get ready to break out your shorts!”  Everyone goes outside when it’s sunny.  Sun is big deal up there. 

On an unrelated note, somebody found my blog by searching for “Procrastination Coach Los Angeles.”  Sadly, I am not a procrastination coach, although I am in need of one.   I told myself starting Monday I was not going to have bagels for breakfast, and not going to have white mocha in my coffee anymore.  Already failed on both of those……

Holy Headache!

This morning I woke up with a brutal headache (and my upstairs neighbor sauntering around his/her apartment at 8am in heels, which totally makes sense for 8am on a Saturday, right?  I clean my place at 8am on Saturdays in heels too…. don’t you?).   Of course, I jumped to the most rational thought possible:  “Is my brain bleeding?”  As you can see, I like to keep things rational, and not jump to the worst possible conclusions 😉

Turns out I managed to forget to drink any coffee for 2 days!  What is wrong with me?  How could I forget to drink that sweet nectar of life for two whole days?  I have no idea.  But after I ate a bagel to calm the barfy feeling I felt from waking up starving due to not having an ADR lunch* yesterday, I was off to Starbucks.  It only took about two sips for my headache to begin to subside.  Addiction much?

I think I am never going to give up coffee, and I am just going to give up trying.  Technically, coffee isn’t all that bad for you anyway.  It’s the sugar and cream that are bad (and particularly the white mocha syrup that I like in my iced coffee.. which is getting cut from my daily intake here real soon).  At a women’s event at work last week we had a session with this meditation/relaxation/nutritionist lady and she said two things which made her my favorite nutritionist ever:

1) coffee in the morning is ok (and coffee is actually good for you, hellooo antioxidants!), just drink a full glass of water first; AND

2) a glass of red wine in the evenings is totally good for you.

Ooooo, actually it was three things:

3) chocolate, in moderation, is good for you.

Three things that I love, love, love have some positive health benefits! Woohoo!  I usually am not a fan of nutritionist people, because I hate when they tell me things I don’t want to hear (ie stop eating so much sugar and carbs blah blah blah).

I don’t really have a point to this post besides…. I heart coffee ❤

*ADR LUNCH- when  I eat lunch at work, I tend to eat a HUGE lunch (sandwich, salad, fruit, chips, and a big cookie at a minimum).   Yesterday I didn’t work, and I only had a PB&J for lunch.  Confused my ADR expanded belly big time.

Goodbye for Now, Facebook.

Yesterday I decided to (temporarily) deactivate my facebook.  Knowing myself, I’m actually pretty surprised I’ve managed to leave it deactivated for nearly 24 hours.  All the details regarding why are too personal for public blogging and overall not important, but suffice it to say I’m going to try to leave it deactivated for a little while, although definitely not forever.   Besides my hundreds of albums of pictures on FB, it really is the only way I stay in touch with a lot of people who I wouldn’t otherwise be in touch with.

In the meantime, hopefully I’ll update my blog a little more regularly 🙂

I Need a Life Coach for My Procrastination.

I can never seem to get myself to do pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be done right this moment.   I am a champion procrastinator and I am always waiting for that moment when my procrastination will finally do me in.  We’ve had some very close calls.  The closest call was for my finals 3L Fall.  I had been busy travelling Europe for the prior 4 months and therefore not preparing at all for my upcoming finals.  As of December 1, 2008,  I was the least prepared I had ever been for finals in my 3 years of law school.   This was especially bad because the classes were smaller in London which meant the curve was bound to be harsher.  Then, as my long term readers now, my then-boyfriend’s father passed away unexpectedly, and our worlds were turned upside down.  I think it’s fair to say those final two weeks in London were the roughest two weeks of my life.  As a result, I was convinced that my procrastination was finally going to get the best of me, and my grades that semester were going to be an epic fail.  But somehow, I forced myself into a chair in Starbucks for 12 hours per day for 3 days straight (not normally a public studier, but I figured it would keep me from crying), and I blasted “Hillsongs” in my iPod to block out the conversations around me, and I learned 3 areas of the law.  And in the end, my grades that semester were the best of all 6 semesters in law school

How do you get yourself to stop being such a procrastinator with those results?  I hate the stress and anxiety I feel in the moment when I’m trying to pull it off and always wondering if this will be the time I will crash and burn.  And I always say, “next time I will not procrastinate because I hate this feeling.”  And yet, next time, what do I do?  Procrastinate AGAIN.  It also doesn’t help that the one time in college when I wrote a paper in advance (in a Con Law class of all things) I got a C, and yet every paper I ever wrote at the last minute always got me an A.  There is something about pressure and stress that motivates me to get the job done, and get it done well.

I’m writing all of this for two reasons.  First, I have all of these little tasks at work that need to get done.  They are not time sensitive right now, and therefore getting myself to buckle down and do them is nearly impossible.  I know another month like March is coming (where I ended up billing 330 hours in one month because some of my pro bono cases heated up at the same time I had already committed all of my normal waking hours to a chargeable case).  Therefore, I should get all of this little stuff out of the way so I’m not pulling 34 hours straight in the office like last time to try to get everything done.  (To be fair, last time had nothing to do with procrastination, it was all unfortunate timing… but I don’t want to bring that type of situation on myself again due to procrastination this time!). 

The other reason is that I really, really, really need to get into a work out routine and a healthy eating routine.  I swear if I’d just cut out the bagel and the white mocha from my iced coffee in the mornings, and not eat a big cookie every day with lunch, I’d instantly start losing weight.  That thought occurred to me yesterday and what was my second thought?  “I should try that experiment starting next week.”  Working out and eating right is always something that I commit to start “next week” and I never do.  Why?  Well, the truth is I’m not at any kind of danger zone yet to kick in my procrastinated-too-long stress hormones to get me going.  My pants still button and I’m not in any kind of health danger zone.   But much like my school/work life, I want to stop procrastinating.  I don’t want to wait until it gets really bad to get myself in gear. 

I need some discipline here!

Ten on Tuesday…. :)

1.  What two cities should be moved closer together?
My first instinct is to say Houston and Los Angeles, because I’m not super gungho on leaving the west coast, but there are a lot of people I love and would love to live closer to in the Houston area.  However, it probably wouldn’t be good to put a city prone to have super bad pollution and traffic and hurricanes next to a city prone to have super bad pollution and traffic and earthquakes.  Also, I do not know how long I’ll be kicking it in Los Angeles, so it might not make sense to drag Houston all the way over here for nothing 😉   Maybe I would move Portland and Los Angeles closer together.  I think I’d be happier here if I had my friends and family from back home closer by.

2. What was the first plane ride you took? 
I think it was from Washington to Alaska when I was 3ish.  I actually remember little parts of it.  The part I remember most is being on some kind of shuttle bus from the airport, and we had to stop at Fairbanks first and I remember being very cranky and annoyed about the sound of the word and the general existence of “Fairbanks.”  And again, I was like 3 years old.

3. What continent would you most like to visit? 
The next one I’d like to visit is Australia!  If I ever get to go, I’d like to knock out New Zealand and Australia in one trip.

4. What’s your favorite place to window-shop?
The place that I go most frequently where I will look around at things even though I’m not necessarily there to buy any of those things… is Target.  I always go in there with the intent to buy specific necessities (ie eyeliner and toilet paper) and I always leave over an hour later with at least $75 worth of random stuff.  Usually I find a clothing item, a household item, and some other random things that I think I need.  Beyond that, I like to go in really expensive stores, particularly stores that sell purses, just to pretend I can afford to shop there and give myself mini heart attacks when I look at the price tag.   I think only celebrities and oil/bank executives can afford to shop in those kinds of stores. 

5. What’s the least fun you’ve ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun?
I love this question and I am bummed that I can’t think of a good answer.  Apparently I’ve blocked these painful experiences out of my memory!   I will say though, that what makes anything fun for me is the people that I’m with.  So I could be in the funnest place ever and hating my life if I’m not with fun people. 

6.  You’re stuck on an island with plenty of food, a companion, and a relatively stress-free lifestyle. What do you say when the rescue ship comes? 
I am the kind of person that would enjoy that for a couple of days and then I’d be like “Ok, get me out of here.”  I’m not the laze around an island for days/weeks/years kind of girl.  So I’d be like “omg omg thank you so much rescue ship!” and I’d turn around to the companion and be like, “I’m out.  You comin?”  And if companion says no, companion can stay on the island alone.

7. Which day of the week do you look forward to most? 
I sort of touched on this yesterday but all of the days of the week blur together now.  For whatever reason, growing up I alternated between really liking tuesdays and thursdays for no apparent reason.  I’ve never really been a “yay weekend days are my favorite” kind of person.  I don’t really know why, I guess I just like to have something to look forward to during the week too.  I suppose I really like Sundays right now.  I usually sleep until about 8, get up and get ready, walk over to Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast, and then walk over to church.  Then I usually swing by Subway as I walk either to work, or back to my apartment to work from my home office.  I like being able to walk places, and I like having such a relaxing start to my day 🙂

8. What’s your favorite place to enjoy the great outdoors? 
It depends on my mood, but I’m a big fan of the beach, or being in a mountainy area with trees and hiking (especially the Columbia Gorge!).   However, I do not like bikini and beer beach experiences if I’m feeling like “enjoying the great outdoors.”  (I never wear a bikini or drink beer, but that’s beside the point).  I like quiet, relaxing beaches where I can go for a walk or take a little nap on a blanket or read a good book, or sit and talk. 

9. What’s on your “to do” list this summer? 
I would like to take some fun trips in between all the massive amounts of working I’ll likely be doing 😉

10. Which natural disaster freaks you out the most?
The absolutely insane ones where there is absolutely no warning… primarily earthquakes but I also get freaked out by the possibility of a giant asteroid hitting the earth on occassion.  Haha.


Mondays are a day when it’s apparently totally okay to be grumpy and depressed and generally melancholy about life.  “Ugg. It’s mooonday.  I have to wake up and go to work, agaaaain? Uggggggggg.”  Luckily for me, my work schedule is so random and crazy these days that I do not understand concepts like “Monday.”  I only understand the concepts of “omg I have way too much work to humanly accomplish today” or “omg I have absolutely nothing to do today.  What to do with all of this time?”  These concepts have no understanding of typical days of the week or typical hours within the day when they should occur.   The only thing that changes is that on weekends, whether working or not working, I get to wear jeans.

However, this Monday was a little more like a typical Monday because after 10 days out of the office, I had to come back to work today.  This morning, I struggled with several things that tend to really annoy me:

1) figuring out what to wear
2) fitting in a parking space at work
3) trying to get toilet paper out of those ridiculous toilet paper dispensers that already only use abrasive 1-ply toilet paper but also seem to want to make sure that I only use one tiny one-square piece of that cheapo toilet paper at a time.  Whenever this happens, I always have the temptation to yell at the dispenser, and I’m only stopped by realizing several of my coworkers are present in the bathroom as well.
4) grrrrrrr automatic sinks.  my office bathrooms do not have automatic sinks, but the ones at the airport yesterday did, and my frustration with the toilet paper dispenser this morning got me thinking of all-things-bathroom-related that I hate.

And as all of these things were running through my mind this morning I was all “omg moooondays.  I am going to write a blog about everything that annoys me.”

And then, as I got distracted and the day wore on, I started thinking that maybe a better idea would be to focus on some good things.  Maybe on these “Mo[a]ndays” where all I want to do is complain, I should think about some positive things.  (I am absolutely not one of those people that insists you always think positive and never talk about the reality of your situation or how you really feel, instead just spewing rainbows and unicorns wherever you go.  I think facing the facts now and then is healthy, and personally, finding humor in the things I hate about life is pretty therapeutic for me.  However, there are also proven benefits to focusing on the positive now and then.)

Today, I am just going to list some of my favorite things.  Some things that make me happy.  Because sometimes it’s good to think about things that make you happy, rather than things that are annoying.   Without further ado, a random list of some things I love.  It’s not exclusive, and not in any particular order:

  • Things that are navy blue, avocado or olive green, burnt orange, mustard yellow, grey, silver, gold, or white
  • Swiss cows
  • Exploring a new place (even if its random… like a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, USA)
  • Going to church
  • My grandparents
  • My iPhone
  • Fashion magazines (even though I’m not risky-fashionable)
  • Sunsets over the ocean
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Long drives on sunny days
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
  • America’s Next Top Model marathons on Oxygen
  • Banana Republic sales
  • Talking, not arguing, about religious beliefs
  • My Mom
  • Giving money to charity
  • Hiking
  • Cute shoes in my size
  • Helping people in need
  • All things tall related (also… tall men ;))
  • That nightstand in that display window of an antique shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  (I still regret not buying it even though I’d have no way to get it home)
  • A lean cuisine with a glass of wine
  • Playing Skip-Bo with my mom and Grandparents
  • Trying new things
  • Taverna Tony’s in Malibu
  • Little kids when they are smiling and happy and cute.  (When they are crying I’m all “where is their parent?! I am never having babies!!!”)
  • DVR
  • The Columbia Gorge
  • ADR Cookies (which may be gone soon since our food service is switching over.. noooooo)
  • Pancakes at the perfect time
  • Cosmos and any type of food imaginable made by Krissi Looney
  • Writing
  • My Dad (he’s caused me quite a bit of heartache, but a good hug or an “I love you” always seems to melt the other stuff away)
  • Coffee with a good friend
  • Organizing
  • Deep, meaningful talks where you completely lose track of time
  • Reading a good book
  • Tight, snuggly, warm hugs
  • Catching up with an old friend
  • Joan’s on Third
  • Problem solving
  • Shopping and Pedicures with one of my good girl friends
  • Playing Settlers with my Dad & Leann (this is a new one) 🙂
  • Being snuggled by a pile of blankets in my bed and not having to wake up until I want to
  • Accomplishing goals I set out to accomplish
  • Walking places
  • Having many family and friends who love me ❤

That’s all for now.

Hello 26.

Last night I squandered my final hours of 25 sleeping, and today I turned 26.   Sleeping early because I had just returned from 3 days and 2 nights of camping, where I slept about 3 hours one night and maybe 6 hours the second night.  I am too old for all this lack of sleep business these days.  So the second I get a chance to go to bed at 8pm, I take it, regardless of how lame it makes me 😉

Today has been a generally fantastic day.*

  • I’m currently in Oregon visiting the fam, and my mom surprised me this morning with Maple Bars (my favorite donuts), Chocolate Cake (my favorite thing, EVER), and flowers.
  • I called American Express to resolve a fraud issue and a live, human being answered on the first ring (?!).
  • I woke up to rain but the clouds quickly parted and the sun came out and for the most part it has been a BEAUTIFUL day here in Portland!
  • We (mom & I) went to the mall where I finally had a long overdue appointment with a friend who works at the MAC counter in Nordstrom and I splurged on new MAC make-up.  Happy Birthday to me 🙂
  • We had lunch at Panda Express (my choice.. I love that place).
  • Then we drove to the Woodburn Outlets because I wanted to shop at the Banana Republic Outlet store.  I left with quite a haul of new tops for $67, with a savings of $217!  Insanity, right?  And everything I bought I really like.  It wasn’t like I bought those cute ruffle shirts JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE ONLY $4.17.  I really liked them!
  • Then, I found myself completely satisfied with no desire to shop anymore (also… I only brought one little carry-on suitcase and I am not sure where I am going to put the 9 tops, 2 sweaters, and 2 new pairs of jeans I’ve acquired in the last few days while in Oregon).
  • So, my mom and I went to Starbucks and ordered black iced teas and relaxed there for awhile before driving back to Portland.
  • Throughout the day, my iPhone has been constantly buzzing with facebook notifications, emails, and text messages from people wishing me Happy Birthday.
  • It has been an amazing day, and it’s not over yet!

*The only not fantastic part is finding out that the separate bill from a hospital in Vegas for $1141 (on top of a separate bill for $230–for an incident where a nurse sprayed water into my ears while my then-boyfriend held a bed pan to my face) was not a mistake.  I was convinced it HAD to be a mistake.  And now I am just trying to contain myself and not pop a blood vessel while I wait for the itemized bill to come so I can freak out on the billing department in a more substantive manner.  If they think for a second I am paying anywhere near $1141 for a nurse to spray water in my ears, they’ve got another thing coming.

Ten on Tuesday!

1.  If you could travel back in time, would you?  What decade would you visit?
As long as we’re just talking visit (lets face it, I’ve been completely spoiled by today’s technology and there is no way I could make it without computers, cars, washing machines, etc. ;)), I am trying to think of another answer, but I’m going to have to go with Chelsea’s: I’d go back to the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth.  It would be really cool to see it firsthand. 

2. What was your best Halloween costume?  (fun to make? most creative?)
I haven’t had many because we went through a long “Halloween is the Devil’s birthday and we’re not going to celebrate it” period, and then a long “Harvest Party! Yay lets dress like Bible Characters” period (I think I went as Delilah… lol), and then I just felt too old and silly to wear costumes (even though people my age still do).  However, I would love to be Neytiri this year (a blue navi from Avatar and I would like to walk around with a short, white man dressed normal as “Jake.”   I SEE YOU JAKE! I SEEEE YOU!).

3. Do you like your name?  If you weren’t called by your name, what would you want to be called?
I do like it, but there are about 18 million Michelles running around.  In one of my freshman PE classes, we had 8 Michelles.  EIGHT MICHELLES.   I have become very defensive of the name Michelle.  For example, I do not like Micheles.  (spelling error ladies?!).   I also take it a little personally when I meet a Michelle who is not a nice person.   I was about to say at least I’m the only Michelle [Last Name] but even that’s not true… there are at least 8 of us in the U.S.  However, while my name is so common, it still feels unique to me.  I guess because I’m such a unique person 😉  I wouldn’t want to change it. 

4. In the past year, what is the BEST recipe you made.  Please share it!
I have just recently started “cooking,” and I’ve relapsed in the last two months because I got crazy busy with work, and I’m currently back to my sandwich or lean cuisine cooked in the oven routine.  I don’t really have any creative recipes that I’ve made yet…. just basic salad and pasta dishes.  Maybe some day I’ll cook something more exciting….

5. Look around – what is the nearest object or picture hanging on the wall?
I’m sitting at my desk at work and a lot of things are equidistant to me.  Laptop, external keyboard/monitor/mouse, iPhone, security badge, lip gloss, lotion, Starbucks iced coffee, Starbucks sugar free chewing gum, magic meatball, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc. 

6. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?  Would you recommend it?
I think the last one I saw was Valentines Day with Heather.  I recommend it for a rental if you like feel-good, light, cute romantic comedy movies.

7. Did you go to summer camp?  Will you/do you send your kids to camp?
I don’t think I went to any summer overnight camps until I was in middle school, when we started going to a new church and we went to their youth camps.  They were usually just under a week, and then in high school I started going both to the youth camps, and to the “kids camps” as a counselor.  If I ever have children, I’ll definitely send them at least to the church camps if our church has them… maybe also to something more like Salute Your Shorts.  😉

8. What kind of ringtone do you have?
I have a few different standard iPhone ones set for different people (btw… the standard iPhone ringtone selections are very limited and disappointing!).  I also have the song “Little Boxes.”

9. Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?
I can’t quite tell from looking at a map which European city I visited is furthest from the west coast of the U.S., but I’m going to say Amsterdam.  That was definitely one of the most surprising cities for me.  I went as part of a school trip, and I was expecting the city to be very drugs/sex focused which is totally not my thing.  However, that stuff is actually well confined to certain parts of the city, and I was surprised by how beautiful Amsterdam is!  We took a canal tour one of the days and I absolutely fell in love <3.  I would definitely go back if I had the chance. 

10. Has anyone ever written a song or a poem for or about you? 
Yes!  I have actually had several people write songs for me/about me.   Unfortunately none of the songs have been in the romantic sense 😉  but they were great songs nonetheless.  Some of my lifelong good friends, Juliana, Joni, and Jaamar, are in the group of people that have written fun songs for me/about me.  Also, Alexander wrote me a sweet poem for Valentines day one year.