About Me


I’m now a 4th year associate at a law firm in Los Angeles (the same firm), and I still have Ellie, and I still take way better care of her than I take care of myself.    In January 2011 I was a single girl living in a studio loft in L.A. that was approximately 1.4 miles from my office.   Since then I met and married by husband, moved to San Diego, and moved into a house that is 100+ miles from my office (but who’s counting)? 



I passed the bar, started my job, and I’m now a second year associate at a law firm in Los Angeles.   Within the last year, I adopted a 9lb manchester terrier who I named Ellie, and I immediately became one of those people who obsesses about their dog.    I take her to dog daycare so she doesn’t have to feel lonely while I’m at work, and I take way better care of her than I take care of myself.   I may or may not need Caeser Milan to help me CHILL OUT.  😉



I have now returned from Europe, graduated from Law School, taken the California Bar Exam, and am currently awaiting starting work in L.A. in November, and receiving my bar results on November 20th.  In the meantime, I am attempting to keep my travel blog alive through adventures around the United States.  I mean, it’s no Europe, but it’s not too bad 😉


I’m a 24 year old native of the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Oregon if we want to be specific).  I’m currently a third (and final) year law student.  Although I’ve spent the past two years living in Malibu, California, and the past few months living in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, I am about to move to London, UK for four months to participate in my law school’s study abroad program.

My usual answer for “About Me” sections is the statement “I’m probably the silliest and most serious girl you will ever meet.”  I think that statement still rings true after many years of using it.  I love to be silly and I love to laugh, and sometimes I can tend to be on the ditzy side and I wonder how on earth I’m a third year law student (and not failing!).  But beyond my silly exterior I’m also extremely serious.  I believe we all have a divine purpose in life, and I’m determined to discover and fulfill mine.

I have created this blog for my friends and family out there to follow in my adventures as I complete my final year of law school, and travel around Europe 🙂


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