North Carolina Recap.

Sorry for the delay.  I would like to say “I’ve been so busy” but that’s not exactly true.  I don’t really know what I’ve been up to!  So without further ado, a little recap of my trip to North Carolina last weekend.

I had to wake up at 3:00am to drive to LAX for my flight.   Unfortunately, I had played a rousing game of Settlers before my planned bedtime of 8pm, so I was unable to sleep.  As a result, I was awake when breaking news came across the screen that a plane had crashed in Buffalo, New York.   I flipped to one of the news channels and could not stop watching.  I was so freaked out.  And what made it even worse was that they interviewed a guy at a command center waiting for news… and his sister, a 24-year-old law student, had been on the plane coming home for the weekend to visit him, his kids, and family (!!!).  That is exactly what I was going to do: a 24-year-old law student flying for the weekend to visit my bro and his kids.  I was fighting the urge to “take it as a sign” that I wasn’t supposed to fly the next day.

Needless to say, I couldn’t get to sleep until I passed out from sheer exhaustion some time after 1am, and then was back up at 3am.  Ahh!  Thankfully, both of my flights were incredibly smooth and uneventful. Well, except for one moment where I had fallen asleep and the guy next to me (a FedEx exec dealing with a huge work drama) was tapping his feet.  I shot awake thinking the bottom of the plane was falling off.  But except for that, the flights were excellent 😉  Also, on a random note… there were gorgeous, huge houses with lots of trees around them near the airport in Raleigh (which I saw as we were approaching landing).  Usually there are not particularly nice houses near airports, so that was kind of surprising.

When I arrived in Raleigh, and finally met up with the fam (minus Kevin since he was working), everyone was hungry so we drove around trying to find somewhere to eat and ended up at a pizza place in a strip mall on the side of a random freeway that we probably couldn’t find again if we wanted to.  My brother actually lives in Fayetteville which is 88 miles from the Raleigh airport, so they are not familiar with that area really at all.  The food was delicious, but my niece Kaylynn, contrary to my mom’s promises that she wasn’t shy at all, seemed really shy and unsure about me.  Luckily, I quickly figured out that the way to her heart was to give attention to her little brother, Jackson.  If I tried to talk to or play with Jack, Kaylynn would instantly do something to try to get my attention.

I was only there for a very short trip, which consisted of going out to eat at various places and hanging out at the house playing with the kids.  The weather was pretty bad while I was there, and since I had never met Jackson, and hadn’t seen Kaylynn in nearly a year, I was perfectly content just hanging out and playing with the kids.  I managed to teach Kaylynn several nerdy dance moves of mine, and several random words (like “octopus” and the color “yellow green”).  My favorite thing was probably when we were on the trampoline and I started doing a little dance move that looked like I was making a pizza and saying “making a pizza, making a pizza.”  Kaylynn turned her palms up and wiggled her hands around saying “Make Pizza, Make Pizza.”   So cute!   She’s only 2, but like a typical big-for-her-age-Pulley, she already looks like she’s pushing 4.  I am ready to assume my tall auntie duties and get that girl to love being tall and bigger than everyone else from a very young age (which wasn’t the case for me… I was not thrilled with my own 6’4″ tallness until sometime in college).

One particular highlight was that on Sunday we went to my brother’s church with them, and the pastor did a message on couples, and at the end he had a “renewal of vows” thing where all the couples could come up and renew their vows if they wanted.  Pretty much all the couples went up there for it, and I was like “Mom, we actually get to be here this time!” (since my bro eloped 3 years ago in North Dakota, nobody was there for it).

Since I was mainly hanging out with the kiddos indoors for the trip, unfortunately for my readers, I don’t have any photo excursions through North Carolina to share.

Oh, one last thing: we discovered this very addicting quiz website called Sporcle.  They have a bunch of different quizzes on a variety of topics and they are all fill in the blank type stuff.  Like “name all the U.S. presidents” or “name the cast of friends” or “complete the Fresh Prince theme song.”   Each quiz has a time limit for you to figure out all the answers.  Once the kids were in bed, the “grown ups”  (wow it feels so weird saying that referring to my little brother, his wife (!!), myself, and our mom)  would do Sporcle quizzes.

You would think from the description above (just hanging out at the house playing with the kids and doing quizzes, etc.) that it would have been a very relaxing weekend.  However, it was also very exhausting because my sleep schedule was thrown off so much.  When I finally made it back to L.A. on Monday, I slept until dinner, woke up to eat a little bit, and then slept until 9am the next day, missing my Monday night class.  Woops! And now, for a couple of photos:

Grandma (my mom) with Jackson (such a cute faux hawk!)

Grandma (my mom) with Jackson (such a cute faux hawk!)

Can you tell were related?

Can you tell we're related?