Shake it, L.A., Shake it.

I have been paranoid lately about the possibility of the long promised “Big One” hitting L.A. soon due to all of the massive earthquakes hitting various other parts of the world.  So this morning, when I was jolted awake by a 4.4 near downtown, my initial thought was “omg this is it!” but it stopped just as soon as I started freaking out, so then I thought maybe I was just dreaming/hallucinating.

Well, I had happened to fall asleep with the news on and looked up to see the anchors freaking out because they felt it too.  Enter over an hour of the news interviewing random people sensationalizing the earthquake.  I just started laughing out loud when an anchor who basically said “I’m here on the scene, and we were just driving around looking for damage (aka any people who happened to be on the street at 4am to interview about the earthquake) and we found this random dude outside 7 eleven who felt the earthquake.”  Really, news?

The thing is, given what is going on in the world, even a 4.4 is newsworthy for L.A. because it is a reminder that a bigger quake can and will hit, and it’s a reminder to be prepared.  However, it doesn’t necessarily justify spending hours interviewing a bunch of random people all saying the same thing.   Woke up by shaking.  No damage.   Let’s stop with the repetitive reporting already!

Of course, what is my first thought once I find out it was a 4.4 and everything is ok?  Well, first, I realized I was very hungry and have no food.  But second I was like “oo I can get a few more hours of work in this morning since I went to bed ‘early’ last night.” This is the sad reality of my life right now 😉


One thought on “Shake it, L.A., Shake it.

  1. When oh when are you finally going to get your loft stocked in case of emergencies? Didn’t we have this conversation a while back? lol

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