Musings from a Confederate (aka My Georgia-Born Boyfriend).

My boyfriend, Dave, likes to refer to me as a “Yankee” and frequently refers to my homeland (Oregon) as part of “the territories.”  And I’m always saying, “I’m not a Yankee!” and then he says something like, “What side do you think you were on?!”  As in, in the Civil War.  Yeah, that little brawl in the South about 150 years ago.  It’s been 150 years, y’all, and the South lost.  I think it’s time to let it go.  And besides, I’m pretty sure all Oregon was doing during the Civil War was protecting our gold while the folks to the East had their epic battle (and, you know, hunkering down on all that territory we’d staked claim to after taking our covered wagons a couple thousand miles while trying not to catch dysentery).  I am not meaning to make light of the Civil War here, I am just intending to make light of Dave calling me a Yankee on a regular basis.

Dave actually read a (fiction) book recently about an alternate ending to the Civil War where the South actually won.  Riiiight.  Dare to dream 😉  It should also be noted that Dave feels a special connection to the Civil War, not only because he is from a confederate state, but because he went to The Citadel, and apparently Cital cadets kind of started the Civil War (woops?).  And, since the Civil War was a big deal in the South, they spend a heck of a lot more time actually learning about it (and reenacting it!) than anybody in the Former Territories.  I am pretty sure the extent we learned about the Civil War was a couple of days in history class.  I remember very little of the facts.  I didn’t even know until yesterday, when I googled it, that the war started on my birthday (April 12, 1861).  If I had learned that in school I am pretty sure I would have remembered it.

Recently Dave and I had the following conversation (debating who has the better home state):

Dave: Oh yeah?! Was your state one of the original 13 colonies?
Michelle: No… But whose state was one of the ones that lost the Civil War?

I ended up posting the above as a status on Facebook, which led to THIRTY-NINE comments.  Here is an excerpt of them:

  • Michelle (Me): Dave says this is not a fair status because I have so many friends who live in “the territories.”

    September 22 at 7:46pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Shannan: Sounds like his home state also wasn’t a place where everyone wanted to be since they all came to Oregon.
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  • Anjuli: Was your state it’s own country? #Texas

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  • Erik: Did Ray Charles sing “Oregon on my mind”?

    September 22 at 7:50pm · Unlike ·  2 people
  • Michelle (me): Lol! Dave just loudly cheered at your comment. But did anyone play Georgia Trail in computer class growing up? I think not 😉

    September 22 at 7:52pm · Like ·  6 people
  • Nikki: at least in georgia, i can get a peach. if i go to oregon, i die of dysentery…
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  • Michelle (Me): Nikki, whose side are you on?!?! Glamazons are supposed to stick together! 😉

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  • Nikki: but you’re both tall. i’m so torn.  *goes off to find a pro oregon response*
    September 22 at 7:57pm · Like
  • Nikki: omg. Oregon’s the “beaver state”.. that is enough for me to side with you.
    September 22 at 7:59pm · Like
  • Shannan: Wine, produce, mountains out the ear…beautiful scenery

    September 22 at 8:00pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Kendra: I’ve lived in the north and south… My only southern preference is the sun, lol

    September 22 at 8:13pm · Like
  • Erik: Jermaine Dupree must have thought about “welcome to Portland” or Allan Jackson- “way down yonder on the Willamette River” or maybe “The Devil went down to Oregon”? But I feel most sorry for a state that has no Waffle House to visit at 2am after the bars close!

    September 22 at 8:16pm · Unlike ·  1 person
  • Shannan:See, the Devil’s down in Georgia. What does that tell you?

    September 22 at 8:18pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Kevin (MY OWN BROTHER!): I vote for Georgia…
    September 22 at 8:41pm · Like ·  2 people
  • Michelle (Me): Traitor!! 😮

    September 22 at 8:41pm · Like
  • Shannan: ‎Kevin, you don’t count.
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  • Kevin:Yes. My wife and all my kids are southern, so that’s where my allegiance lies. Oregon football would wipe the floor with Georgia though.

    September 22 at 8:43pm · Unlike ·  2 people
  • Michelle (Me): Just because Georgia is technically closer to Texas, where all of your children were born, doesn’t mean you have to vote for the losing half of the country 😉
    September 22 at 8:45pm · Like ·  2 people
  • Kevin: I think you should marry into the South too 😉
    September 22 at 8:45pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Kevin: Jefferson Davis > Abraham Lincoln

    September 22 at 8:46pm · Like
  • Michelle (Me): Who are you?!?

    September 22 at 8:47pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Kevin: The South will rise again! 😉

    September 22 at 8:49pm · Like
  • Michelle (Me): Dave says that all the time… he recently read a book by Newt Gingrich (fictionally of course) about the south winning the Civil War….. Some people just can’t let go 😉

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  • Kristin (Kevin’s wife): i see my work with kevin is done! 😉
    September 22 at 8:50pm · Like
  • Dave (the Boyfriend): I will have to school her. She will soon see the light…
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  • Kevin: Kristin and I will be by your side David.
    September 22 at 8:54pm · Like ·  1 person
  • Shannan:  Never let go Michelle! Never let go!
    September 22 at 8:56pm · Unlike ·  1 person
  • Melissa: shoot, humidity or rain?? I vote for AZ 😀
    September 22 at 9:00pm · Like
  • Michelle (Me): I would be with you on AZ if it were possible to breathe while walking outside in the summer. The home prices and sunshine are AWESOME! 😉

    September 22 at 9:01pm · Like
  • Kevin:  Arizona is for old people and illegal immigrants.
    September 22 at 9:05pm · Like
  • Jolene: i have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread. that is all. lol

Lessons to be learned from this post:

1) The South lost, y’all.
2) I am not a Yankee.
3) My brother is a traitor.
4) Texas is not The South.
5) Something about Arizona (what?!).