A Moldy Cup of Coffee and a Dead Orchid…

That is what I found in my office when I returned this morning, after having essentially lived in a conference room for the past several weeks.  I have worked insane, insane, INSANE amounts of hours for the past 5 weeks or so.  So insane that I was overjoyed one night when I got off work at 8:30pm (after being in the office since 6:30am) because that was so early and I actually had a little free time before bed.  What would I do with such a massive amount (1.5 hours) of free time before bed?  I drank some red wine and caught up on some of my plethora of unwatched DVR’d shows.  So insane that this weekend, I considered Saturday “my first day off in over a month” even though technically I spent the morning on my couch editting a memo for 4 hours.  It felt like a day off because I didn’t have to set my alarm, and I knew I wouldn’t be working all day long.

I am writing this from the calm after the storm (and hopefully not in the eye of the storm) so I can be a little lighthearted about it.  But I’m not going to lie, it was rough.   My entire life for those weeks was working and occassionally sleeping.  No weekends.  No lunch breaks.  No dinner breaks.  Just work-work-work-work-sleep-work-work-work-work.  Luckily there are some bright sides to the craziness:

(1) I appreciate any amount of free time so much more.  (OMG 30 minutes of free time?! What to do?!)
(2) I have a LOT of money.  (Funny thing… when you are working all the time, you have no time to spend $$$).
(3) When I go to Portland in 1.5 weeks, I don’t have to work while I’m there.
(4) When I have a slow day at work (like today), I don’t have to freak out because I now have a massive buffer thanks to my good friend February/March. 

So there you have it.  I really don’t have anything to say right now because I haven’t done anything in so long!  Oh, I met my (Portland) friend Becky in Anaheim on Saturday.  She was there on vacation with her parents, and I met up with her to shop and get dinner.  (Btw… scratch that “lots of money” comment above.. definitely put a dent in that with some major retail therapy… which I plan to continue once I’m in Portland next weekend…).   After shopping, we drove down to Newport Beach and grabbed dinner at the Newport Pier.  It’s days like that that make me almost want to stay in L.A. forever.  Almost.


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