A Little Civil Procedure (Heaven to Earth Style).

I woke up this morning SUPER cranky.  I was tempted to leave a pouty face plastered on all day.  Is it ok at 25 years old to still pout and/or have a temper tantrum? Lol.

One thing I try to keep in mind that always keeps me in check.. is that as much as I do not enjoy studying for the bar all day every day since May 26th, I have so much to be thankful for.  It’s really selfish and honestly pitiful for me to complain.  I’ve got my own bed to sleep in, a safe, clean apartment with clean running water and AC, a closet full of clothes, a new car in the parking lot with a tank full of gas, money in the bank… That alone makes my life way easier/better than most people in the world.  But it’s really easy to get caught up in our own circumstances and not see what else is out there.

On a related side note, I’ve been thinking a lot about clean water wells and schools in 3rd world countries.  I’m excited to get the bar over with so I can research that stuff more, and plan out my budget so I can find my ways to help.

But the point of this post is that this morning, as I pulled out my Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure materials to begin another day of studying, I read a friend’s status message on facebook which said something along the lines of “In honor of Civ Pro study day, God’s long arm statute: Isaiah 59:1.”  I looked it up:

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save,
nor his ear too dull to hear.”

It melted away my bad attitude 🙂

For reference, a “long arm statutes” are statutes states have which detail the ways a local court in the state can exercise jurisdiction (hear a case) over a foreign defendant (a person/corporation who doesn’t live in the state).  Not nearly as exciting as Isaiah 59:1 😉


My So Called Barbri Life… Almost Over!

The bar exam starts one week from tomorrow!! AHH!!

Scary, but then it will finally be over and I can move on 🙂  I would like to have a bonfire where I burn all these blue books, but I get money back if I return them, and I like money.  (As a topic for another day, Barbri is an evil monopoly.  It’s really “the only game in town” and yet after decades of being around its still so imperfect, and they charge way more than they should.  However, I can’t imagine trying to do this without a course at all, so I have had to suck it up and deal with it. )

In the last several weeks I’ve mostly just been continuing my insane amount of studying for the bar.  But I have had a few exciting little breaks.

On the 4th, Alexander and I drove down to San Clemente for a BBQ at his friend’s family’s beach house.  We went down early and strolled around San Clemente for awhile and got crepes at this cute, delicious little cafe right across from the pier.   That night, we watched two fireworks shows from the back deck.   Ocean in front, San Clemente fireworks to the left, Dana Point fireworks to the right.  Amazing!

Also, recently there was a fire really close to my apartment.  During my second year of law school, a fire burned through the neighborhood I lived in, and I ended up “homeless” during finals and then spending the following semester in a temporary house.   So now, when a fire was so close again, I was a little freaked out.  I stood on my patio watching it for awhile until I realized they were getting it put out and I wasn’t in danger.   Still, I count this as something exciting because it mixes up the boring studying 😉

And the last thing I wanted to bring up was that the same day as the fire, Alexander and I both finally received printed copies of our articles that were selected for publication (in different journals) last year.  Selected for publication last year, printed in an issue this year.  So, I am now officially a published author 🙂

Now, for something silly.  There are many websites and fan groups these days involving “LOL cats” which basically consists of pictures of people’s cats with funny captions.   Well, someone made a group for Bar Exam LOL Cats, and the other night I was practically crying I was laughing so hard.  They are only funny if you’re studying for the bar, or a law student, so it makes me feel extra nerdy but I don’t care.  Here is one of the pictures:

As an explanation, the BarBri property teacher is a woman named Paula Franzese who teaches property by connecting rules to generally outdated pop culture references and songs (no offense to Paula, I enjoyed her, the outdatedness made it more amusing).

Anyway, there is a property right called an “easement,”  and to have what is called “an easement appurtenant” there has to be two pieces of land involved.  (One parcel gets the right to cross over the land of the other parcel, for example,  to get access to a road).  So she would sing in class “It takes two babe-ey, to make an easement appurtenaaaant.”   This is to contracts with an easement in gross where there is only one piece of land involved.  And that silly song has been stuck in my head all summer thanks to her, and then I saw this picture.  Perfect!

Exciting News! More Travel!

So, I totally thought about blogging my bar exam experience, but obviously that hasn’t worked out since the bar is now less than a month away! AHH!

The exciting news is that I’m planning a trip to Europe in September! 🙂  All I know for SURE is that it will involve at least Rome and Venice.   One of my friends from law school is going to Italy with me and I may be able to persuade her to throw in another country or two 😉  Also, after she heads back to the states I would like to at least also visit my friend Bre in Berlin.   In my dream world, I would also visit Vienna, Prague, London (again), and a city or two in Scotland.  In my dream DREAM world, I would also hit up a few of the Nordic countries.  It’s so expensive and takes so long to fly over to Europe… I’d love to see a lot while I was over there since it will likely be a very long time before I get to travel again.  However, I will most likely be restricted to something like Italy, Austria, Germany.  Still, not bad 😉