Quick Random Note

I love that someone found my blog using the search terms “too much itchy.”


No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

That is because I am currently drinking vegan chai folks.  A little vegan chai concentrate + almond milk.   Some of you (the 1-3 people who actually read this these days) may be thinking “gross!”  But actually, it’s DELICIOUS.   Dare I say better than Starbucks or Coffee Bean?  I dare.  Plus, it’s cheaper.  And if you know me, you know I love a good bargain 😉

So I didn’t keep my promise about my Christmas update last night but I’m here now.  Let’s go back a few days.

Wednesday I worked, and I spent most of the day drafting and finalizing a letter in Spanish, to a woman in Mexico who needs to sign a form for me that is written in English.  Technically I don’t know if she can read, so all of my efforts may be in vain, but at least I tried!  The thing is, I didn’t learn things like “signing on this line indicates that you XYZ” in spanish class.  I learned things like “where is the bathroom?” and “I would like the cheese enchilladas.”  Unfortunately, while such terms help me out in certain areas of Los Angeles or while travelling to spanish speaking countries, they don’t help me as a lawyer.  Apparently, I need a “spanish for lawyers” book to help me out with my pro bono clients 🙂  Nevertheless, I finished the letter, and found a fluent spanish speaker in the office to make sure I wasn’t saying anything embarrassing (sometimes literal translations from english mean something totally different in Spanish).  A few minor grammar corrections and all was well.  Woohoo!

(Side note- one time a friend had a guy who didn’t speak english painting their bathroom, and they asked me to do two things: (1) ask him if he was afraid of dogs, because they had a dog locked up in a bedroom and wanted to let her out; and (2) how long it would take for the paint to dry.  Well, I didn’t learn the word for paint or the verb for drying, so I had no idea.  So I just pointed at the cieling and said “Time?” (in spanish).  And then I pointed at the door where the dog was and asked him if he was afraid of dogs.  I think that was a bad move because he could hear the dog barking, and she was behind a door, so he probably thought she was something huge and vicious.  He suddenly got really scared.  So we just left the dog in the bedroom.  Communication fail.  Hopefully my letter isn’t as big of a fail as that day!)

Thursday, my brother came to visit.  (From way out in the far land of Mentone, CA which is only about 70 miles away… but 70 miles in southern california is a lot further than 70 miles in other places.  The unpredictability of traffic means 70 miles can be a little over an hour or it can be four hours.  Not pretty).   Luckily, Will didn’t have much traffic either direction.   We hung out in my apartment for a little while, and then decided to go down to Santa Monica and get lunch and shop a little.  Sadly, the restuarant I wanted to eat at was closed for the holidays so we went to Mariasol which is a Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier in Santa Monica.  We got a table outside and unfortunately the view, and being together, were the only good things about that lunch.  The food was mediocre and the waiter was extremely lame.  I asked him if I could get salsa in my cheese quesadilla and he said “No.  Justuh the cheese.”  Will and I did get a lot of humor out of that phrase for the rest of weekend, but it was still annoying.  Just to prove him wrong, when he came back with the quesadilla I opened it up and poured salsa inside.  HA!  (not in front of his face, after he walked away..)

Very Cheesy Cheese

The view 🙂

Santa Monica, Christmas Eve 2009 🙂

Then, we never saw the guy again and had to flag him down after waiting a long time wondering where he was because we were done and ready to go.

Since lunch took so long, we barely had any time to peek our heads in a couple of stores on 3rd street before heading back to downtown to meet a couple of my coworkers to see Avatar in 3D.  We thought we’d need to get there like an hour early to ensure we got good seats.  Instead, the four of us were the only people in line at the point they told us we were now allowed to go into the EIGHT HUNDRED SEAT theater and find our seats for the show.  Luckily, more people showed up eventually.  It wasn’t packed by any means but we weren’t the only people in the theater.  Being the only people in a huge theater is not as cool as it may sound.  That happened to me once over the summer with two of my cousins.  It’s actually more distracting than you’d think.   The movie was amazing.   And when we walked out I was like “I know this may sound weird, but that main blue girl was really hot.”  And everyone agreed, both that it was kind of weird and that it was true 🙂

Wow, for some reason it took me awhile to write that much, and right now it’s about time to check in and then time to get dressed and get to work… so more to come later! 🙂

Signs of Complete Exhaustion.

I am planning to make a full update regarding the last several days to make up for my lack of posting, but that will likely take place tonight so I can add some pictures into the mix. 

For now, I have two examples of my complete exhaustion to share with you (whoever is actually reading this). 

#1)  In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw what appeared to be a huge black spider running down the pillow next to my head.  I FREAKED out.  I jumped out of bed flailing my arms and tossing all the blankets and pillows all over the place for a couple of seconds.  There was no sign of the spider, and normal Michelle would have been so freaked out that (a) I wouldn’t go back to sleep at all; or (b) I would go sleep on the couch.   But I was so tired that I convinced myself I must have hallucinated the spider because I haven’t seen any other spiders in the 2+ months I’ve been in my apartment so far (and half thought “eh, what is a spider really going to do to me anyway?) and I climbed back in bed and passed back out in about .025 seconds.   Well rested Michelle would have NEVER done something like that.  And seriously, “what is a spider going to do to me anyway?”    Give me a heart attack and kill me, obviously.  That is why I generally do not make a habit of sleeping in a bed with spiders 😉

#2)  I live in a studio (albeit a big studio) and the door to my walk-in closet is in the same corner as my front door leading out into the hallway of my building.   I generally put on my underwear in the bathroom after showering and then walk into my closet to figure out what to wear.   This morning, I came THIS CLOSE to opening my front door, and walking out into the hallway in just a bra and panties.  Luckily, right as I was reaching for the handle of the door, I snapped out of my sleepy stupor and realized the error of my ways.   Phew!  I always hear my neighbors directly across the hall taking their dog out around the time I’m walking practically naked into my closet, and that would have been a very awkward situation for all parties involved (including Moo Cow, the dog).  In my defense, my front door and closet door almost exactly the same.   They are both the same height/width, the same color, the same material, the same handle and the handle is in the same position on both (the right side).   The only difference is the deadbolt lock on the door to outside, but it opens automatically when I turn the handle, so even the deadbolt wouldn’t stop me from exposing myself to the world (ok I know that’s a little dramatic.  But the hallway of my building is a big enough portion of the world to be extremely embarrassing to me). 

Currently, I’m at work downing lots of coffee and watching planes flying way too close to my office building, trying to ensure that I don’t do anything crazy at work as a result of my sleepiness.  I really don’t have any real “work” to do today besides being present, and so I’m trying not to mess up the “present” thing.  Seems like such a simple task but I’m pretty good at messing up simple things. 

More to come tonight after work!

My Appliances are Like Little Whiney Children.

One of the things that sold me on my loft (I’m a renter, so not literally but you get the idea) was the awesome, stainless steel thermadore appliances.   I feel like they have ruined me toward out-dated kitchens now.   Some of the other apartments I’ve seen around have *gasp* white appliances, or maybe black GE appliances like my frenemies at Metro 417 (I say that only because I love the building, but I couldn’t see any units when I came to town apartment hunting because you “have to have an appointment.”  The security guard was also like “Do you even know how much these apartments cost?”  …. Apparently I looked like a poor college student that day and not a lawyer. )

My kitchen is also REALLY open which I like.  Like I said, I think I’m ruined.  I don’t know how long I will live here in this building, but when I move, it’s going to be really difficult to match my current kitchen.

Anyway, on to the point.  One of the downsides, in my opinion, of my beautiful updated appliances is that they like to beep at me.  A LOT.   Unfortunately, I do not have a manual for the appliances, and sometimes they beep and I have no idea what the beep means.  (that happened with my fridge the first day I moved in.   I was like “…Mom? … Do you hear that beep? …. is it coming from in here somewhere?”  and lo and behold it was my fridge.  Still no idea what it was about.  I pushed a bunch of buttons and it stopped.)

Usually though, I do know what the beep means and I just don’t feel like jumping up right away to acknowledge to my appliance that I have heard it’s cry.   Do they give up after a few beeps?  No.  They keep periodically beeping until I finally get up, walk over to the beeping appliance, and push the appropriate button to acknowledge that I heard the beeping.  My dryer will keep beeping until I finally go open the door, my dishwasher when finished will keep beeping until I open the door and turn it off.   My timers will keep beeping, even if I press stop, until I push another special button “Timer 1 Off.”

Last night, as I was going to bed around 11, realizing that I stupidly turned on the dishwasher before bed and would be woken up in the middle of the night by the beeping, so I would have to stumble madly over to the dishwasher to turn it off or I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep…. I realized two things:

(1) My appliances are like children.  They are cute and all, but sooooooo annoying when they sit there whining “mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM, mom!” until I give them attention; and

(2) If I can’t handle my appliances beeping at me, I’m clearly not ready to have children of my own any time soon.   Or for that matter, even a puppy.

Right now I need to go finish getting ready.  I finally got to move into my own office yesterday, and I have some things to bring in and hang up on the walls 🙂

Ten on Tuesday (5)

Today’s questions come from my friend Sarah at SoJo & Co. … and Sarah’s blog is actually how I found Roots and Rings, the home of Ten on Tuesday 🙂

1. When do you put up and take down your Christmas decorations?

We most often put the tree up right around Thanksgiving, and I think the general plan was to take it down shortly after new years… but I remember one year we still had the Christmas tree up at Spring Break.  My younger brother starts listening to Christmas music in the summer… I guess we liked to stretch the season out as much as possible 😉

This year is my first year living by myself, and my first year that I didn’t go “home” for Christmas, and so it was also the first time I decorated myself.  I bought a fake Christmas tree and some decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and set it up in my loft as soon as I got home.   I plan to take it down as soon as I get home from my new years travels,  but I know I’m going to miss having something fill that spot!
2. What do you do to simplify the holiday season?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this question.  For the past three years, I have been a law student on winter break, so I have enjoyed the simplicity of not having classes to go to or reading to do.   I never really get caught up in the “stress” of the holidays because I’m too focused on relaxing during my precious few weeks off of the madness.  This year, Christmas just snuck right up on me.  It really doesn’t even feel like December to me.  It’s wild.

I guess I simplify things by not doing things that stress me out.  If I realize I’m getting stressed out about gifts/sending cards/etc., I just take a step back, and figure out what I can do that is simple and won’t cause me stress.   On that note, I was TOTALLY planning on sending Christmas cards this year, but time got away from me.  I will spend the next year collecting addresses and make sure I get on it early next year.  Apparently since I’m a professional now, sending cards is practically required.

3. What do you do to remind yourself and your family what the Christmas season is all about?

Hmm… again, I’m not one to get really stressed out and wrapped up in what Christmas is “not about.”   In terms of what Christmas is about for Christians (celebrating the birth of Christ), I know that back in the day when we actually had Christmas traditions, we always went to the candlelight service at church on Christmas eve, and we always read the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas morning before opening presents.
4. How do you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

I’ve been in a season that is kind of “between traditions” for years now.  But before my brothers both got significant others and moved away (and never have been able to come back home for Christmas since), we (my brothers and I) used to always spend some time on Christmas Eve with my dad and his family, then we’d go to the candlelight service on Christmas Eve at church with my mom.   After church, we have a big family get together at my mom’s parents house with all the aunts/uncles/cousins on my mom’s side of the family.   Then, we go home with my mom and wake up on Christmas morning and open presents with my mom… and then just hang out together for the rest of the day.

The last four years, I have been the only one home for Christmas (out of my siblings) and my dad’s mom and grandma (my great grandma) passed away a little before that.  So basically, at some point on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I would find a little time to go spend with my dad, and then I’d still go to the candlelight thing and then my mom’s family’s christmas get together, and then spend Christmas Day alone with my mom.  (My aunt and my cousin Thomas actually live with my mom, so a few of those years the 4 of us opened presents together Christmas morning).

This year, my mom is coming to visit me in L.A., and one of my brothers is coming out for Christmas Eve.  Very, very different Christmas this year!
5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

My favorite Christmas tradition is eating my mom’s sugar cookies… Seriously.  Hahahaha.   Candlelight christmas services are a close second, although I don’t think I’m going to one this year because my mom gets into LAX at 9pmish on Christmas Eve.  She’s going to miss hers and I’m going to miss mine… But at least we’ll be together! 🙂   Aaaaaaaand she’s bringing the cookies! ❤

6.  Did you do the whole Santa thing growing up? What do you like/not like about continuing the tradition?

I totally knew Santa was mom when I was like 4.  Way too suspicious that my mom’s handwriting and Santa’s handwriting were identical.  Unfortunately for my parents, I was a little too clever for things like Santa, the tooth fairy, unexplained cleaning to prepare for a surprise birthday party, etc.   One year in grade school I was actually REALLY surprised for my birthday.   I still have no idea how my mom and grandparents pulled that off.

I think the idea of Santa is fun because it adds an extra bit of magic to the holiday (if your children aren’t too smart for their own good like me).   Also, it provides incentive for kids to be good throughout the year.  However, I am torn because I don’t really dig the whole lying thing.  But at the same time, I don’t necessarily want to tell my kids Santa isn’t real and have them ruin christmas for all their friends.   I think I can at least solve the incentive to be good part by telling my kids that Christmas is a bonus, like Mommy gets a bonus if she meets her 1950 billable hours requirement, and they only get their “bonus” if they meet their good behavior requirement 😉
7. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Sugar cookies, but only if they are sugar cookies made with my mom’s recipe.  Otherwise I also like snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, and fudge 🙂   But really I basically eat my mom’s sugar cookies like no other food exists on earth 🙂
8. How do you take your egg nog?

Bleh.  I am not an egg nog fan.  My brother Kevin used to LOVE that stuff (probably still does?).  Not this girl.  I have also never been the type to just sit down and drink a glass of milk, so that might explain it.
9. What is your favorite Christmas carol and why?

O Holy Night– gives me CHILLS and makes me tear up every time I hear it/sing it.   Especially this part:

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh hear the angel voices!
Oh night divine! Oh night when Christ was born!
Oh night divine! Oh night! Oh night divine!

Wow, I just started singing it in my loft to make sure the words were right, and it made me feel a little teary.

10. When was the last time you had a white Christmas?

Technically last year was a white christmas, but not in the good way.   On my way back from Europe after spending a semester there (with 8 huge bags in tow because I had to bring back all of Alexander’s bags due to him leaving early because of his dad’s sudden passing).   I arrived in L.A. to find out British Airways had lost one of my bags (unfortunately the bag with all my shoes besides the boots I was wearing), and Las Vegas, my destination, was shut down due to snow!  First time in 40 years!  I managed to get to Vegas the next day, only for an insane snow storm to hit Portland so I couldn’t get to Portland for over a week and was essentially “stranded” in Vegas.   I finally flew home to Portland on Christmas Day or the day after, and almost got stuck in Reno, again due to snow!

When I finally got to Portland,  my mom hadn’t been able to go home for days due to snow on her hill so she was staying with my grandparents.   Cramped conditions with the grandparents and no internet wasn’t going to work for me after the week I’d had, so I paid for two nights in a hotel for my mom and I until we finally managed to get up the hill and into my mom’s apartment.

A White Christmas is only a good thing when you already are where you plan to be for Christmas, so you can just sit inside with the fam and enjoy the pretty sight 🙂  (or go out in play in it!)

Me and Traffic Are Not Friends.

I forgot to try that 7 Quick Takes thing again yesterday, and I have multiple short things on my my mind.  So welcome to my Saturday version of 7 or so random things on my mind.


I have a very, very severe aversion to any form of traffic.   People traffic, car traffic, online website traffic.   Uggggg.   Seriously, I live in Los Angeles.  A severe aversion to traffic and living in L.A. could be a recipe for violence.  I’ve got to be careful.

So today, I have nothing I have to do.  Technically, I should probably go Christmas shopping.   But the thought of going out in the traffic today that is bound to exist given it is the Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas makes me want to squeeze my body through the 6″ openings in my loft windows and jump out rather than get in my car for any reason.   So instead, I think I’m going to stay in and do lame things like clean.  (But my loft REALLY needs it so I guess that’s not so lame).


I also might journey over to the sketchy art store and pick up some more supplies because I found out something exciting this week:  I’m finally getting my own office next week.  Merry Christmas to me.  So excited!  But that also means that I should paint something to put in my office because nothing is more depressing than the sterile wall color and flourescent lighting.   I plan to bring in a painting of my own, my degrees, some photos, and hopefully some warmer lighting.


Switching gears a little bit, another great milestone occured this week: I got my bar number.  For a split second I thought about posting it here and then I remembered my whole not-wanting-to-be-stalked thing.   I am becoming more and more stalkable these days.  My bar number gives you access to my work address and phone number, and soon just my name will give you access to a fancy professional photo of me and work profile.  Oh, the pros and cons of the information superhighway…


But the bar number makes me really, really official!  I’ve been filling out some forms for a client online and I had to put my bar number in so many times that I think I’m already sick of it.   On the bright side though, I already have it memorized.  Still don’t know my drivers license number or license plates, but had my bar number memorized within 10 minutes of finding out it is now available online.


While we’re talking professionalism, I have two things I have a tendency to do that I am trying to minimize in professional situations.  (1) My tendency to snort when I laugh; and (2) is my tendency to air quote things when quotes are not appropriate.   I have been joking about it with a friend at work this week, and he mentioned how funny it would be if I went up in front of a judge for my case and I air quoted “your Honor.”   It’s kind of hard to communicate the hilariousness of this in writing rather than with a visual, but seeing the visual of it in my head made me laugh so hard.  So all day I yesterday I was sitting at my desk filling out forms and I would randomly think of it and start laughing out loud to myself.  Anyone who walked by probably thought I was C.R.A.Z.Y.   Who laughs out loud at guardianship forms?

Okay so I only have 5 for now.   Right now I really want to shower and get to cleaning, painting, etc. and whatever else today may hold 🙂

Major Milestone, and a Few Silly Grudges.

Yesterday at work I signed my first letter to a client as an attorney.  My secretary asked me these crazy questions when she gave me the letter to sign like “what color of ink do you prefer” and “what type of pen do you prefer.”   I just picked a regular blue pen, but I feel like I need to go into the supply room and sign my name with every pen in there and figure out which one looks the nicest.  I also think I need to get a cooler attorney-like signature.  Like my first initial and a squiggle.   Anyway, I felt like I should frame the thing, or at least take a picture of it, and I probably would have if not for client confidentiality issues.   It’s a very exciting opportunity because it is a pro bono case that I’m largely handling by myself.

Onto the other topic of this post (which is brought on solely because I saw something that reminded me of it right as I was pulling up this page): silly grudges.  Way back in high school (I can say “way back” if it has been 10+ years now, right?), my journalism class took a field trip to Channel 2 News.  Parts of it were really fun.  Steve Dunn was super nice.  Then, we a group of us were allowed to quietly stand on set (out of camera view) during the live evening news!  It was all going swell until it was time for the weather and the weatherman was nowhere to be found.  Then suddenly he came barrelling onto the set, shoving me out of the way without even saying “excuse me” or offering me an apology.   That man?  Rob Marciano.   Where is he today?  He’s the weather guy on CNN news now.

Sidenote about watching CNN:  I have never been a big fan of news in the morning.  (When 9/11 happened, I had no idea until I got to work because I never turned on the TV in the morning, which if I had would have told me the first plane had already hit the first tower).  I generally like complete quiet when I’m getting ready in the morning, or maybe music.  But I don’t really like being slapped with the abrasive reality of the world before I walk out the door when I already have to get out of bed sooner than I want to.   However, multiple mentors have told me that I need to watch the news to be aware of what is going on in the world.  I guess it is important as a professional now to be aware of things, and its good for networking purposes.  So for the last week or so I’ve been trying out watching CNN in the mornings.   So far it’s mostly “Tiger Woods this” and “look what someone tweeted on twitter here.”   You’re killing me CNN.

Anyway, every time I turn on CNN and I see his face (Rob Marciano’s face) and I instantly flash back to that push and how rude it was.  You still owe me an apology Rob Marciano!  I know you read my blog! Yeah right.  Rob Marciano does not read my blog, and really he doesn’t owe me an apology.   I was a high schooler in the way, and he was the weatherman who was kind of a big deal.   Kind of a big deal apparently because it wasn’t long before he blew that local news popstand and went national.   I just think it’s funny that I still, over 10 years later, remember what happened every time I see the guy.   Let it go, Michelle.

Ten on Tuesday (4)

First, I would like to mention that I wrote a whole post last night about my weekend, and then for some reason I felt really weird about it and I went back and put it on private.  I’m having a bit of an internal struggle trying to figure out what is appropriate for me to post and what isn’t, given that I am a “professional” now and given that people from work might find my blog.  I feel like I have to be super mature now, and go to the Orchestra like I did on Sunday night and enjoy it solely for the music now, not also for the ugly sweater parties (if you’ve been to an orchestra, you know what I mean.  If you wear such attire to the orchestra, my apologies ;)).

I know I’m supposed to still Be Myself.  But it’s a complicated balance and I’m working on it.  Like Saturday night at my work Christmas party when I was discussing my tendency to snort when I laugh, but that I’m trying to get it under control in professional situations, and then proceeded to snort laugh right in front of one of our partners in charge.   It looked like his smile was endearing and not “omg why did we hire this girl???”    Let’s hope for my job security that it was the former.

Anyway,  I definitely plan to remain a genuine person, but at the same time I’m aware that people at work or clients could somehow discover this blog and somehow discover that it’s really me, and I just have to be aware of that possibility, but also not let it completely stifle me outside of work…. it’s a delicate balance, lol.   So we’ll see how this goes in the future.

For now, enough of that.   It’s time for another round of “Ten on Tuesday” questions from Roots and Rings.

1. If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
I would probably make my feet a little smaller so I’d have more shoe options!  Wearing a women’s size 14 really cramps my shoe style.   Literally and figuratively.

2. Is there a habit in others that you find annoying?
People who are always late annoy me.  Even if they are not late just to meet me but if it is like a group event or meeting or something and they always walk in late.  Or like in law school there were certain people that would always come late every single day.    I feel a little hall monitor inside of me wanting to go be like “Hey, idiot, obviously if you have been late every day of the semester so far you are not leaving your house soon enough in the mornings.  You need to leave earlier and be on time and stop interrupting the rest of us because you suck at time management (and/or just don’t care about anyone but yourself.)”   See, it really annoys me.  Hahaha.   Another annoyance is people who have something negative to say about pretty much everything.  Such a downer.

3. What is your favorite recipe using ground beef?
Uh…. I don’t eat meat anymore so this doesn’t exactly apply… And I’ve also never been a big ground beef girl…. but I do/did love making manicotti with ground turkey! 🙂

4. What was your favorite book as a kid?
I’m not sure if I had one.  As far as I know, I was never one of those kids that wanted the same book read to me/to read the same book over and over.  Once I read one thing I wanted something new to read.  I was REALLY into Nancy Drew books for awhile though.  I’m pretty sure I’ve read every single one.  ❤

5. Did you work as a teenager and if so, where?
I think I started babysitting in middle school to earn spending money for myself.  Then I continued babysitting a lot through high school, particularly in the summers.   But I didn’t have a “real job” outside of babysitting until I graduated high school.  But I graduated high school shortly after turning 16 so I was still super young.   My first “real job” was working in child care at a gym with my aunt.  Then I got a seasonal job at GAP Kids  to get more hours than the gym, and while I was at Gap Kids I landed a receptionist job at a place called Disabled American Veterans which is an organization that helps veterans with their claims for benefits to the Veterans Administration.   I worked there for a while, and then moved out of town for school and worked at Meier & Frank (now Macys) in the juniors department at the mall in the closest nearby town that had a mall.  Then I moved back to Portland and got a job at a law firm as an office clerk.  I’m pretty sure I still a teenager at that point (19?).   Oh, and somewhere in there I also worked as an orientation leader the first summer after college.   Wow, a lot of jobs as a teenager for me!

(it was ROUGH tracking down all that information when I had to apply for the bar!)

6.  Did you work while in college and if so, where?
See above for part of it (I took a year off after high school and then started college at 17 so for my first three years of college I was still technically a teenager).  I stayed at that office clerk job at the law firm (20-30 hours per week all through college) until I quit in July 2006 to move down to Malibu, California  to start law school 🙂

7. When you go to sleep do you like  total darkness or semi? When you go to sleep do you need quiet or is some noise ok?
I used to prefer complete darkness and complete silence.  But I’ve had this weird problem for a few years now that sometimes I half-wake up in the middle of the night and I will think someone is hovering over me and I scream out, and the scream wakes me up completely and I realize nobody is there and I feel like an idiot and it takes me forever to fall back asleep and my heart is pounding.  So now, I just leave my blinds open while I’m sleeping to let in enough light so that if I wake up in the middle of the night I can tell that nobody is hovering over me and I won’t freak out.  I’m not afraid of the dark,  I’m just afraid of my half asleep hallucinations that sometimes occur in the dark 😉

8. When doing laundry, fabric softener or not?
For some reason fabric softeners tend to make me break out and get all itchy so I don’t use them.  It’s weird.

9. Open toed or closed toed shoes?
Closed if I’m wearing shoes, but I wore flipflops almost every day through lawschool.  Yay Malibu California yearround 70s and sunshine! 🙂

10. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
I am already missing one of my senses (smell) so I don’t think it’s fair to ask me to give up another one!   But if I had to, I’d give up hearing because sight brings me way more enjoyment in life than hearing.   I would hate to lose being able to travel and see all the beautiful new sights around me, being able to take pictures, being able to do artsy things… etc.

11. Dangle or stud earrings?
My ears aren’t pierced.  Weird, huh?

12. Bottled water or tap?
I’m generally a tap water girl.  Although taking it directly from the faucet myself seems weird.  So I’ll just drink it from a brita filter or drink it from water bottles if people have them available before I’ll take a glass and put it under the faucet myself.  But if someone else goes into a kitchen and gets me water from the faucet, apparently it doesn’t bother me.  But ALWAYS with ice if it’s tap water.  I like it cold, cold, cold.

13. What do you put on pancakes?
Never butter.  I know I’m weird, but I’m not a fan of clumps of butter on top of things (although of course I am a fan of butter cooked in things because it tastes soooo gooood even though its sooooo baaaad).   I usually just have syrup.   I also don’t like butter on toast.   I like jam or peanut butter.  Something about the reality of a big clump of fatty lard just resting on top of my food just doesn’t work for me.   But if it’s all cooked in the food and I can’t tell, I don’t seem to mind 😉

14. On a long trip would you rather drive or fly?
It depends.  I’m a fan of roadtrips (I’ve driven OR-MN, OR-CA, CA-TX, OR-CO, OR-CANADA, NM-CO-TX, TN-KY, you get the idea).   But there is also something to be said for flying which gets you far away places in a short amount of time!   When the flying trip is easy (ie no major hassles at security, no turbulence on the plane, no screaming kids), I prefer flying hands down for long distances.  But it’s so rare to get that perfect flying experience.  And, there are really pretty things to see on the road.  (If you are my facebook friend, check out some of my 120+ photo albums for some roadtripping pictures from recent years!)

15. Do you prefer classic old movies or new?
I like both.  I watch a lot of movies from the 50s and 60s on a regular basis, maybe even some 40s thrown in there? (those count as classic old movies right?).  But I also like a lot of new movies too.  It depends on my mood 🙂

7 Quick Takes?

Since I’m already trying out Ten on Tuesday, I figured I would also try out “7 Quick Takes” on Fridays.   Let’s see how this goes.   For the last week I’ve felt like I really had nothing to talk about, and today I have several little things so this is perfect!


Today, it looked like “the Nothing” took over Los Angeles.   It’s really weird to look outside and see a thick, grey cloud cover hovering over the city, people walking with umbrellas…. to look at the weather forecast and see multiple days of rain in a row.   What is this water falling from the sky Los Angeles?  On the upside, I have covered parking at work, home, and the grocery store… so technically I don’t have to go out in the rain unless I *really* want to do something extra curricular that requires me to.


The downside of all of this rain is that a good friend of mine from Portland (Becky) is arriving tonight to spend the weekend with me.  Rain is NOT ideal weather for showing someone around L.A.!   Then again, we are from Portland where we are used to rain, so we will have fun regardless of the weather!


The upside of the rain is that apparently when it is pouring down rain, they don’t have the obnoxious outdoor concerts that I can hear in my apartment.   Yesterday  it was supposed to rain but ended up being sunny all day and I actually found myself sitting at work, staring out at the sun and feeling a little disappointed.   (What is wrong with me??).   However, although the rain didn’t pick up until much later in the evening, the concert last night was actually pretty good.  What a nice change!


I scored some great tickets to an orchestra this weekend from a coworker.   That whole “early bird gets the worm” thing is so true.   I knew there was a good reason to go into work so early even though I had absolutely no work to do!  Woohoo!  Despite the rain I now have a cool event to take Becky too, with great seats, and all for free! 🙂  I’ll be sure to post about how it goes.


Today I finally billed my first hour after two weeks of working on non-billable stuff.  It’s pro bono, but pro bono counts 1 for 1 and I’m really excited about this project.   Plus, it’s a perfect time to get my pro bono hours in while regular billable work is so hard to come by during the holidays.


I have been DYING to paint again (after my first attempt was such a success), but I can’t seem to get out of the office before it is dark out (it gets dark before 5.. boo!) and I don’t even like to go to the area where the art store is in the daytime let alone at night.  Maybe this weekend if there is a break in the rain I can get over there and buy some more supplies.  I would like to paint something for my office!


Today when I was leaving work I spaced out and almost drove poor Bella (my car) into a pole.  Luckily, a parking lot attendant was watching and managed to get my attention.  She then offered to back my car out for me and said anytime I was in a tight spot to just ask her to do it because my car is “too beautiful” and I shouldn’t risk letting anything happen to it.   If I would have had any cash on me I would have tipped her.   That was so nice!

And on a semi-related side note…

I saw a news story on LA Times today that said there is an influx of chihuahuas at shelters across California, and noted that the surge in chihuahua popularity began with Legally Blonde (and continued with Paris Hilton’s dog tinkerbell, and of course that Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie… and although the article didn’t mention it, might I point out TACO BELL?).

I kind of loved the article for the Legally Blonde reference, but it is sad that there is a swarm of homeless pooches in CA’s shelters.  I wish I could take one or two!  Whenever there is a movie with a cute dog in it, everyone rushes out and buys one of that breed thinking their puppy will act just like movie dog. Dogs are not always cute and sweet and perfect like movie dogs people!  They take work and need a lot of love and attention!  … Which is unfortunately why I most likely can’t rescue a chihuahua.   Rumor has it that come January I won’t have much time for anything.

(In 2001 (when Legally Blonde came out) I was a freshman in college, and now I’m finally a lawyer.   I can’t believe how much time has passed!)