Cardboard Box Diet Week 5: The “OMG I’m Running!” Edition.


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So… I fell off the wagon and off the face of the earth a bit… as usual.  But I’m back, because there has been a MAJOR change in my life.  MAJOR.

  • Weigh-in: I still have not weighed myself.  I was in Target last weekend with Dave and I said, “Oh, a scale.  I need a scale!” and he was like, “Didn’t you just donate a scale to goodwill?”  Ugg. Yes.  Yes, I did.  One of these days I will get a scale and weigh myself!
  • Exercise completed: Here is the major, major change: something has possessed me and I am now attempting to do the “Couch to 5K” program. I’ve contemplated it before, but honestly?  I have always hated running.  And I have several friends who are runners and I think, “Ok that’s great for them but I’m not going to run unless I am running for my life.  Ever.”  Dave prefers running outside to working out in a gym.  I attempted to run with him once, and after what was probably less than a quarter of a mile I thought I was going to die, and I never tried that again.  (To be fair, I hadn’t attempted to run in years, and I had two large cups of coffee and a bagel right before running.  Apparently you are not supposed to do that?  Weird.)  Then a couple of weekends ago I was in Portland, and the wife of the couple friends we were with (who has ran 5Ks, 10Ks, and I think a half marathon) told me that she never used to run, but her husband was into running and then she started Couch to 5K.  And now she’s a rockstar.  I was a little jealous of my friends getting to run along the river next to our hotel in the morning when I couldn’t run more than a block or two.  I thought, hey, if she can do it, I can too.  And wouldn’t it be fun to be able to run around a river while on vacation, and be able to work out with Dave?  Yes, you heard that right.  I thought the word “fun” in sentence referring to running.  I do not know what sickness has overcome me.But friends: the sickness is legit.  Dave and I went for a walk/run on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning (both times walk/running the equivalent of a 5K.  Go big or go home??).  Sunday afternoon we went to a running store and I spent an ungodly amount of money on a pair of running shoes.  Ok, it wasn’t “ungodly.”  It was $100.  But I am clearly not the type that blows money on athletic shoes given that the only pair of running shoes I own I purchased at an adidas outlet for $20 in high school (*cough* fourteenish years ago? *cough*).  Also?  Those $20 shoes are white and still in great shape.  Shows you how much I work out 😉  But they were causing my old lady hip some pain so I had to go out and splurge on running shoes that actually fit me.  I know, crazy.

    Then, on Tuesday after work?  I ran on my own.  Without Dave.   I know.  Crazy talk.  Currently I’m on week one which just involves alternating running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds.  I never thought in a million years that I would voluntarily take up running.  But I’m actually super excited to run a 5K with Dave in the fall!  And super excited about the possibility of running in Hyde Park when I’m in London during the honeymoon.  When I lived in London, I only walked through Hyde Park.  Usually while eating a very fattening but very delicious pastry.  Who have I become?! Seriously.  It’s crazy.

  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: So… on Wednesday, after running/walking on Tuesday night for 30 minutes and then walking for 30 minutes on Wednesday morning to the office… I totally thought I deserved to eat 5 cookies for a snack in the afternoon.  They were little cookies but still.  5?!  Maybe I need to work on treating myself to just 1 or 2 cookies 😉  Also, my favorite drink at Starbucks is a venti iced coffee with white mocha and peppermint.  I try to stick to one or two pumps of white mocha because it is crazy fattening.  The morning of the cookie incident, the girl at Starbucks thought she knew my drink and thought I wanted 3 pumps and I thought, “eh, I ran last night.  I deserve 3 pumps.”  Unfortunately, that was my same rationale for eating the cookies.
  • Success story: Beginning Couch to 5K!  And all 3 times that I’ve run so far I have ran the entire time I was supposed to (and technically the two times with Dave we did 40-45 minutes rather than the 25-30 minutes of C25K… So I was going above and beyond.  Well, Dave made me go above and beyond ;-)).
  • Recipes/photos: The first pair of actually female athletic shoes I’ve ever owned!  At the running store, I assured Dave that nobody makes female running shoes in a Size 13, and so I was just going to ask for mens shoes.  But he persuaded me that it was worth asking, and as it turned out… they had 4 different shoes in a women’s 13.  They were way up in the rafters and took forever for someone to find… but they existed!Image

Also?  Post-run on Sunday, Dave and I rewarded ourselves with a super healthy meal.  A BLTA with homemade mayo made by Dave, and sweet potato fries.  😉  YUM!   I believe there is a verse in the Bible that says, “She who finds a husband who cooks finds a very good thing.”  And all the people said, AMEN. 😉



3 thoughts on “Cardboard Box Diet Week 5: The “OMG I’m Running!” Edition.

  1. Good for you for starting up the C25K! I started this spring but got discouraged so I’ve “put it on the shelf” for a bit. Planning to get back out there soon though!

    Yes, a husband who cooks is a VERY good thing! :o)

    Have a great week!

  2. Michelle, I’m soooooo proud of you! C25K made me feel like a rockstar, too! I think I’m gonna start over so I can remember how that felt. I got to week 6, but then took a couple of mOnths off and now I’m a wuss.

    Also, good job on EVERYTHING. I also have multiple cookies in one sitting last week. Only it was 4 and they were NOT small.

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