Adventures in My Own Backyard.

Yesterday, my roommate Adam said he had hit a wall with a paper he is writing, and so I slyly said, “You know what would really clear your head? A hike!”  I’ve been dying to go for a hike lately.  We live minutes away from lots of beautiful hikes in the Canyon.  Sadly, although hiking was one of my favorite summer/fall pastimes in Oregon, and hiking is possible year round in California, I have only went on two hikes since I’ve lived here (three years!).  The first hike was the weekend I moved in to our apartment in January.  The second one was yesterday.

It was a solid uphill hike, and it wiped us out.  I am SO sore today.  Additionally, I forgot sunblock so I have pretty bad sunburns on my shoulders.

I’m always itching to get out and travel to new places, and there is so much beauty to be discovered so close by!