And on a semi-related side note…

I saw a news story on LA Times today that said there is an influx of chihuahuas at shelters across California, and noted that the surge in chihuahua popularity began with Legally Blonde (and continued with Paris Hilton’s dog tinkerbell, and of course that Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie… and although the article didn’t mention it, might I point out TACO BELL?).

I kind of loved the article for the Legally Blonde reference, but it is sad that there is a swarm of homeless pooches in CA’s shelters.  I wish I could take one or two!  Whenever there is a movie with a cute dog in it, everyone rushes out and buys one of that breed thinking their puppy will act just like movie dog. Dogs are not always cute and sweet and perfect like movie dogs people!  They take work and need a lot of love and attention!  … Which is unfortunately why I most likely can’t rescue a chihuahua.   Rumor has it that come January I won’t have much time for anything.

(In 2001 (when Legally Blonde came out) I was a freshman in college, and now I’m finally a lawyer.   I can’t believe how much time has passed!)


Here We Go, One Last Week of Freedom!

After being sick for several days, today I finally feel like I’m on the mend.  Thank goodness!  After nearly four months of freedom, this coming week is my last completely free week before I make my grand and permanent entrance into the Grown Up Working World.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had quite a few jobs in the past (including working full time during times I wasn’t in school), but they have always just been jobs to pay the bills while I’ve made my way through school.  This time,  I’m not going to a job just to help make ends meet.  I’m starting my actual career.   And, a lot of luck and hard work means I’m starting my career in one of the best places for a new lawyer: a top law firm in a top legal market.  I’m excited 🙂   (Of course, the fact that this job pays nearly 8 times what my pre-law school job paid is pretty exciting too.  Between Uncle Sam and Uncle Arnold (Schwarzeneggar), I don’t get to keep a lot of it.. but it looks really amazing on paper ;)).

Today, I added a page to my blog:  30 in 3.   It’s a list of 30 goals I would like to accomplish in the next 3 years.  Feel free to check it out.  As I accomplish the goals, I’ll write posts about them and link the posts on that page 🙂

I am still so excited re: the bar results of myself and most of my friends.  I saw an email that said the overall passage rate for July 2009 was around 56% (but that number is a little misleading.  Overall passage rate for first time takers was 79%).  I was genuinely fretting the possibility that I could have failed.  However, at the same time I sort of arrogantly thought, “if I failed, how could so many people pass?”  I worked really hard in law school and did extremely well, graduating Summa Cum Laude.   And I studied really, really hard for the bar.   Way harder than I ever did in law school.  I don’t think there was a single day during the bar where I didn’t touch anything bar related, and only a day or two where I took most of the day off.   And still, I felt a bit of panic in my stomach that maybe I failed.  After all, there was one essay where I read the clock wrong and didn’t even finish half of the subparts.  I had headings, but nothing else for the other parts.  I felt a lot less comfortable with the multiple choice than prior practice tests.  It was possible, I thought, that I could have missed enough between the multiple choice and my lacking Evidence essay that I could have failed.   However, whatever I did was good enough and I passed 🙂   Unfortunately, California does not give scores unless you fail.   It would help me, in terms of giving advice, to know if I barely passed or passed by a significant margin.  Instead, I will just have to tell my friends the only advice I can give: study as hard as you can and practice, practice, practice.. because you don’t want to take that thing again!

Anyway, enough bar talk!  I’m going to go eat dinner and watch The Breakfast Club.   By the way, I was out at a happy hour a few weeks ago and a random guy asked if I was Molly Ringwald.  My hair is currently red, it was dark, and I was sitting down… So I guess it could be a reasonable guess?  The guy was also kind of a creeper so I wouldn’t put too much weight into his guess.  But since I’ve been watching quite a few Molly Ringwald movies lately, I loved it 🙂