Things not so great about “Great” Britain.

I had the laundry fiasco of my life this morning!  We have a laundry room downstairs that costs 2.60 in pounds for each wash, and .50 per every 10 minutes in the dryer.  (So, assuming drying takes 20-40 minutes that will cost about 6-8 U.S. dollars per load. Ouch!)

One problem is that the washers and dryers have symbols on them instead of words, and they are not universal symbols that I’ve seen in the U.S. so I have no idea what they mean.  I picked the cycle with the lowest celsius temperature (I usually wash my clothes on cold so they don’t shrink).  It turns out it was a super delicate cycle with no spin cycle so I had two loads of suuuuuper wet clothes when the washes finished.  I spent 45 minutes hunched over a trash can individually wringing out eat shirt, tanktop, sock, pair of underwear, etc. (and this was the first time I’d done laundry in 3 weeks so that was a lot of socks and underwear!).

Then, I threw my clothes in the dryer.  Again, no idea what the symbols meant but given how wet my clothes were I picked the one that I thought was regular, and a guy in there confirmed it was regular.  So I put in a pound coin… and when I came back they were still super wet.  So I put in another pound coin and came back 20 minutes later… still super wet and I was out of pound coins! I had no choice but to load my soaked clothes into my laundry bag and bring them back up to my apartment.  I called Krissi and asked if I could use her dryer (which takes 20 pence coins) and lugged my wet bag of clothes over there.  Miraculously, 60p (30 more minutes of drying) did the job and my clothes were finally dry, so I folded them all, reloaded the bag and came back home.

So all in all it cost me about $14 U.S. dollars and the hand/arm muscle work out of a life time to get two loads of laundry done today!  Thank goodness I can make it over 3 weeks without needing to do laundry! Ahh!

I also walked down to High Street and bought a 12-piece set of dishes and a dish rack and lugged those back to the apartment today so I’m WIPED OUT.  I was supposed to meet my friend Claire for coffee today near her work but the whole laundry fiasco put that out of the question.  We rescheduled for Wednesday.

I’m currently deciding whether to join the Looneys on a 4-day trek through Ireland the weekend after we get back from the EU tour.  We found plane tickets that only cost 60 pounds each roundtrip!  You would think that since Ireland is so close it would be cheaper to get to but surprisingly it’s not.  60 pounds is a very good deal compared to what we usually find!