On Using the Stairs.

I am tremendously out of shape.   This morning, my walk to work (yes, I’m voluntarily in the office on a saturday) nearly KILLED me.  In L.A., a good chunk of the financial district is uphill from the rest of downtown, which means when I walk to work, it’s a hike uphill.  However, on weekdays there is an escalator on one of the uphill blocks, so it’s not so bad.  But on weekends, the escalator is off, and you have to walk up a flight of stairs almost the length of a city block.  I really thought my heart was going to give out by the time I made it to the top step.  

Then, I got in the elevator to go to my building, and there was a sign on the screen that said “Take the stairs…” and I thought it was one of those environmental notices about how it saves energy to take the stairs and I thought, “there is no way in . . . that I am going to walk up 50 flights of stairs!”  Turns out the sign was referring to fire safety, and I am not expected to walk 50 flights for the environment.   PHEW!  However, when I’m in the office and I’m only going up or down a couple of floors, I usually take the stairs instead of the elevator.   This has two benefits:  (1) saves energy; and (2) waiting for the elevators is ANNOYING.  I suspect I care more about #2, because I am a very impatient girl at heart, and almost anything that requires me waiting = not worth it to me.   It’s sad, and perhaps I need some counseling or a life coach, but that is an issue for another day.  However, if I am going up or down a few flights of stairs to meet a PARTNER (unless it is a certain environmental partner), I generally will take the elevator because it doesn’t make the best impression when I show up to a partner’s office huffing and puffing like I just sprinted a half marathon and I’m like “No, actually I just took the stairs instead of the elevator.” and the partner is like “Isn’t that only one floor down?”  Awkward!

Anyway, I am at work right now so I suppose I should get to it.


Perfect Day for Quick Takes.


This is a warning to anyone who is considering staying at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles (I hope people googling the hotel will see this).  IF YOU WANT TO GET NAKED IN YOUR ROOM, CLOSE THE CURTAINS, NOT JUST THE BLINDS (unless you don’t mind people seeing you naked).  Tonight I was visiting an apartment in the Pegasus, which is an apartment building across the street from the Standard hotel.  The rooms have these thin metal blinds AND heavy curtains, and as I am now painfully aware, those metal blinds are not opaque.   As I glanced out the window, I saw a very naked man walking around in a room that had the blinds closed, but not the curtains.   AHH!  My friend then informed me that it is a frequent occurence where he looks out the window and sees naked people walking around and showering, thinking the blinds block the view.    They should really warn their guests about that!!


I settled a case today.  WOO!


That needle in a haystack that I couldn’t find?  I took a brief moment for the 8,000,000 other things I was doing today to try one more search, and I FOUND THE NEEDLE.


I’m still thinking about that naked guy.  *SHUDDER*


I got a ticket to the Martha Stewart Tall Show!!!!  However, it’s February 11th and I’ve suddenly become really busy at work so I don’t know if I can pull it off 😦  (not to mention how expensive it would be… yikes!!).   I am still contemplating it though.  There is a united airlines direct flight that has wifi on the plane.   Lexis searches from the air?   I might be able to justify that….


There is this thing going on on facebook this week where you upload a picture of a celeb that people say you look like.   This is mine:

Jennifer Carpenter, aka Deb Morgan on the show Dexter.  I take it as a huge compliment because I find her really attractive.   And I wish I was thin like her and had her toned arms! Ah!    Anyway, I have had 5 or 6 friends who know me really well say I look like her.   So I uploaded the picture, and today I got 3 facebook messages asking me if it was me and/or when the picture was from.  Ok, I don’t look THAT much like her people!! 😉


24 has been filming outside of my building this week.  And I’ve also seen NYC cabs and NYC cop cars around.  So I can’t figure out if they are just filming a 24 scene in L.A. pretending it’s NYC (show is currently set in NYC), or if the NYC cars are unrelated and there is going to be an upcoming episode with some Jack Bauer action in L.A.  Time will tell I suppose!

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack and the Haystack Won.

That was my day today.  It has been LONG and EXHAUSTING.

That’s what they don’t show you on law firm shows.  How you spend 8 hours looking for a case that you are sure has to exist somewhere and it just doesn’t exist.    I’m not complaining, I’m bummed.  I really wanted to find something, and its hard not to feel like you’re doing something wrong when it seems like there has to be a case on an issue.  4 calls to Lexis and 8 hours of searching later, no cigar.   It crossed my mind today that it would be really cool if I could ask God for a pincite.  As great as our search technology is, it is still not all knowing.   It would be nice to have something that could tell me “yes, the case is definitely there, keep trying.”  Instead at some point, you just have to give up because there is a chance that needle is hiding under the very last straw… but you just don’t have time to dig THAT far.

Wow… I need to go to bed.

Ten on Tuesday (aka technically thursday aka apparently I can’t just write a regular blog post anymore)

1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
This is a toughy because I am proud of many different things for different reasons.  I guess for the sake of brevity, and sort of to state the obvious, I will say that I am very proud of my education (my bachelor’s degree and my juris doctorate).  No one else in my family (even extended family) has graduated from college, and it took a lot of hard work and determination to make it through the past eight years (I took a year off between college and law school).   Not to mention, I paid for it all myself (with a little “help” from Uncle Sam in the form of federal loans.   My loans are way less than the average person after 7 years of college/law school… but the interest is still enough to make me want to barf and wish I’d eaten a little more Ramen and a little less Macaroni Grill and Taverna Tony all those years ;)).

2. How much did you weigh when you were born?
Nine pounds four ounces if I remember correctly (is that right, Mom?).   However, I’ve known big babies who ended up tiny people when fully grown, so my massive weight at birth was not necessarily indicative of my massive size now 😉

3. What is your favorite perfume?
I don’t have a sense of smell, so I can’t legitimately answer this question.   However, I still wear perfume.  Most often Clinique Happy or Burberry Brit.   I like the Clinique Happy one the most, because I like the name.. .and I tend to get compliments on smelling good when I wear it, moreso than with the Burberry one.

4. How many siblings do you have?
Two brothers–one older and one younger (and our heights go in order of our age.. it’s funny).  The younger one is married so I also have a sister-in-law.  And my dad is remarried so I also have two step sisters, also one older and one younger.   I am always the middle child 🙂

5. How many children would you like to have? (Or how many do you have?)
Currently my answer is ZERO.  But word on the street is that some day if I ever get married, my “biological clock” might start ticking and I may suddenly want to be woken up at all hours by a crying, pooping machine 😉  I think my nieces and nephew (and my step nephews) are absolutely adorable, but I really prefer the role of Auntie and not Mommy.

6. What’s the best class you took in college?
I have large gaps in my memory when it comes to recalling details from most of my life pre-law school (so sad!).  However, I had this one political science professor in undergrad, Professor Lawrence, who I LOVED!  I took every class from her I could.   The way she taught her classes was fantastic, the subject matter was always really interesting, and I always got to write really cool papers.  (I wish I still had them but my college laptop died and I  never seem  to learn that lesson about backing things up.)   For example, the class that popped into my mind first was a class I took on Polling and Public Opinion.  And basically we learned all about how the way questions are asked drastically impacts what the  “Public Opinion” is on an issue.  If I remember correctly, I wrote my paper for that class on human cloning.  And in my research, I found that based on the particular word choice in the way I asked the question, whether the majority of people favored or disfavored human cloning changed a lot.    Really makes you question whenever a study says “65% of people think/feel/believe XYZ.”   Take a look at how those questions were asked, my friends.

7. What was your favorite game to play when you were a child?
I guess when I was really little, I loved Candyland for a bit.  But unfortunately I was a little too clever and quickly realized that while Candyland carried a bit of nostalgia, there was no strategy involved AT ALL.  So I got over that pretty quick (maybe age 3? ok maybe not that quick but you get the idea).   I was also a big fan of Sorry! and Life, although I began to lose interest in those games due to them not containing enough strategy for me either.  Also liked Monopoly but it takes too long, and I am impatient.   The games that have stuck with me through the years though, that I still really enjoy, are:

Skip-bo, Rack-o, Rummy, Solitaire, Scrabble, Boggle.  So basically, card games or word games.  Those are games I started playing as a kid and still love as a “Grown Up.”

8. What character on Friends are you most like?
My impulse is to say Chandler, but mainly because of that whole thing where he makes the same face in every photo and can’t help it?  Totally me.

9. Are you a phone person? (ie: Do you like talking on the phone?)
Not currently.   I don’t know why, but I go through phases.  Back in middle school/high school/college I was a big fan of talking on the phone for all hours of the night with girl and guy friends.  Then somewhere along the way in late college I started burning out on talking on the phone.   Now, for the most part I rarely have much of a desire to talk on the phone.  But I randomly get in chatty moods and I’ll talk on the phone for awhile.  Usually just to my mom though, and sometimes Joni, and lately on occassion even my Dad.  I would say I maaaaybe have one conversation on the phone per week that is not a quick call.

10. What was the best vacation you ever took?
I can’t lie, definitely the 4+ months in Europe were AMAZING! Of my weekend trips while there, my favorites are a tie between Ireland and Switzerland.  My two trips to Paris tie for 3rd place.   I’ve also had some very fun trips in the U.S. with friends and fam.  I have very fond memories of two trips to San Antonio, and two trips to Houston (separate times), and the time we drove from Oregon-MN when moving my younger bro to ND.

Some (REALLY) Quick Takes.

Note: this is basically all about Thursday.


I had a ROUGH day at work on Thursday. Details not appropriate blog material, but it was ROUGH.


In the midst of the rough day, I had a little milestone.  I served a set of discovery requests (completely drafted by me), on the opposing party in one of my pro bono cases.    I felt very accomplished.


I never realized that my college Spanish would come into play so much in my future career.  I really need to brush up on my Spanish.   On Thursday I also received a letter, written in Spanish, related to one of my other pro bono cases.   (After drafting and sending a letter in Spanish a few weeks ago.  I am corresponding in Spanish and I’m not even what I would consider fluent.  Crazy!)


After work, I went to dinner at Nick & Steph’s (a steakhouse in downtown L.A.) for dinner with some coworkers.   I’ve never had to pay when I have eaten there in the past.  Holy canoli that place is expensive when you are the one paying!   Speaking of paying, when it came time to pay, I realized that I left both my wallet and my badge/key card up in my office.  So, not only did I not have money to pay, I didn’t have any identification to get back into the building so I could go back to my office and get my wallet afterward.   Fail!  Luckily, my friend Zathrina paid for me.


After dinner, Zathrina and I had tickets to Maazel Conducts Bruckner at the Disney Concert Hall.   One of the partners at our firm had tickets and couldn’t go, and gave them to us for free.   The seats were AMAZING!  We were right in the center of Stage Level Row B.   I’ve been to the Disney Concert hall before, but my seat was way up in the highest balcony.    There wasn’t an intermission, but the time just flew by.    Sitting so close was mesmorizing!


After the performance, Zathrina took me back to the office and got my wallet and badge for me, so I could pay her back, and so I’d be able to get in the building the next day.   On the way out, I hit my car on a pole in the parking garage 😦   Luckily, it looks like just some paint from the pole came off on my car and I should be able to get it buffed out.


Since I was out on Thursday night, I missed the premiere of The Deep End (a new show on ABC about first year associates at a Big Law firm).   I expected it to be terrible and not at all like real life, and not to last long.   Last night I watched the first episode online, and my expectations proved for the most part to be true.   However, I have to admit that the episode was a liiiiiiiittle like my day on Thursday.   So I actually found it mildly amusing and a bit therapeutic.

Welcome to the years of feast or famine.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last post.  My long absence is due to the fact that I’ve practically been running non-stop since my last post.   I got a new pro bono matter recently that was set for trial incredibly soon, and I was also out of town Thursday-Sunday for a work retreat in Coronado, CA.

The work retreat was amazing!  We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado, which is apparently in a list of 1001 things to do before you die (stay there? visit there? I am not sure, I just heard a rumor).   It is a really beautiful place though.   I carpooled down with three coworkers, and had my own room with an amazing ocean view.  I seriously was only in that room to sleep though, and I didn’t sleep much (maybe 4 hours per night?).   Hence why I didn’t have any time to attempt to get online for really any reason.   Although, quick story, one afternoon I decided to take a nap, and I left my patio door open to hear the ocean breeze.  The thought had crossed my mind that a bird theoretically could come in the room with the door open but I thought, Oh the birds would never do that. Luckily, a bird did not come in my room, BUT a seagull did land on the railing right outside my door and proceed to sit there staring at me while I slowly, so as not to startle the bird, walked toward the door and slowly slid it shut.   The whole time I was terrified the bird was going to dive bomb me and attack me.   He continued to sit on the railing just staring at me for awhile.  I have some pics on my iPhone I’ll have to try to upload later!

As for work, I met with a new client on Thursday morning before leaving for the retreat.  I spent monday reviewing a bunch of documents over the holiday, and then Tuesday morning I had a training session until lunch.  I came back from lunch to the notice of the trial being set less than two weeks away.  Ahhh!   I’m really wishing I didn’t sell back my trial practice book right about now.  But who knew I’d be running a trial so early in my career??  It’s a really small matter, but still.  A week from Monday, I could be in court putting on a trial and cross-examining witnesses.  Crazy, huh?

And regarding the training… It was presentation skills training.  For some reason I was losing my voice (probably lack of sleep over the weekend) and they videotaped us giving faux presentations to partners.  Not my favorite thing to have to watch.   I also attempted to avoid what I consider to be nonsensical hand motions (something I’ve had a problem with in the past), only to create even more nonsensical/distracting hand motions.   Luckily, when I stopped trying to not make crazy hand motions, my hand motions were totally fine.  I guess I have overcome my uncontrollable hand motions… at least when I am not trying to control them.   If that makes sense.

Another plus?  I have frequently been critiqued for talking too fast in the past, but I didn’t have a problem with that at all during the training.  Hopefully this will all come in handy a week from Monday 😉

Reasons to Love and Hate Los Angeles.

There are quite a few things about Southern California (particularly Los Angeles) that drive me crazy, and make me think “I have got to get out of this place ASAP!”  Some of the top reasons:

1) The unpredictability/uncontrollability of the time/place/severity of earthquakes.  (This is even more scary given recent earthquakes that have been happening here and around the world).

2) The unpredictability/uncontrollability of the time/place/severity of traffic.  (What is this thing in other cities that some people call “rush hour”?!  Rush hour in Los Angeles = 6:30-11:30 and 2:30-7:30.  And even in those precious few hours that are not rush hours, you never know when an accident/construction/CHP randomly deciding to close down a lane for no apparent reason is going to snarl traffic for hours).

3) The fact that California is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy, and the accompanying constant tax hikes that are bleeding my bank account to death.  Perhaps I should just sign whatever is left of my paychecks after Uncle Sam has his way to Uncle Arnold.

4) The crowdedness/extremely expensive cost of living.  Granted, I have now lived in London (and watched HGTV specials for places like NYC and Paris), and I realize that I don’t have it the WORST here in Los Angeles, but it is still pretty bad.   The concept of paying $500K for a tiny, rundown ranch house in the L.A. area when I could practically buy a palace for that price in other states is unreal.   Small condos in good areas around here start at that price.  Ugg! 

All that being said, there are several things that seem to make living in Los Angeles worthwhile.  Namely:

1) During all of this “cold snap” business, it’s been sunny and 70s (80s in some spots) in southern california.  I’ve gotten sweaty, in the MORNINGS, walking 3 blocks to work with no coat on, and my hair in a ponytail.  It’s crazy to have this weather in January.  Crazy AMAZING that is.   We have our one day of rain/grey per month or so, and otherwise it’s sunny and decently warm 98% of the time it seems. 

2) There is access to so many cool outdoorsy things in L.A.  Whether the beach, the mountains, bike trails, or hiking trails in the hills are more your thing, all of these places can easily be reached for a short weekend away, or even just for a day or even just an afternoon.  It’s all so close.  And sure, Portland, Oregon has a similar situation, but do they have the weather to allow you to hike/beach it year round?  Unfortunately no.  That’s the difference.  

3)  The ability to get away when you’re not away.   This sort of ties into #2, but I’m thinking specifically of the possibility of driving for 20 minutes to Santa Monica… and once you are down on the pier/boardwalk area it suddenly feels like you’re on a vacation and not just 20 minutes from home.  It’s so relaxing and fun.  

4) You’ll randomly be sitting in a restaurant/movie theater/shopping center/etc. and you’ll notice a celebrity right next to you.   Today, Don Johnson (of Miami Vice and Nash Bridges fame) was sitting at the table next to me during lunch in downtown L.A..  I’ve also had Tea Leoni and David Duchovny sitting in front of me at the movie theater, and almost got in a car accident with Dick VanDyke, and saw Paris Hilton and Benji Madden making out right in front of me.   Just to name a few.   For some reason, despite the basic acknowledgement in my mind that celebrities are real people, it’s still fascinating for me to discover that they do, in fact, do normal things.   And even though I always play it cool and pretend like I don’t even know who the celeb is, inside I feel excited about seeing one, even if I don’t particularly care for the celeb. 

5) So much to do, how can you get bored?  Besides cool, natury things to do, there are also endless attractions, shopping centers, restaurants, concert venues, etc. etc. to keep you busy and entertained on any given weekend.   Not only do we have all the options, but we very rarely have the type of weather that discourages people from going out.  Every day is a good day to drive over to 3rd street and sit out at a table on the sidewalk eating a sandwich at Joans on Third.  (I love that place!).  Every day is a good day to go to outdoor shopping malls!  Well, except the day after Christmas which was cold and grey while my mom and bro were here.  That kind of sucked.  But again, those days are rare here!). 

And this past weekend, my friend Amy who lives in Belflower drove up to meet me in L.A., and we went to the Griffith Observatory which is only about 15 minutes from downtown.  Parking is free, entrance is free, lots of cool info about stars, lots of access to hiking trails and stunning view of the Hollywood Hills, the city, downtown, etc.  FOR FREE.  It’s days like Saturday, at least the first half of Saturday, that push my “get out of here ASAP!” thoughts out of my head for a little while and make me think “ok maybe I’ll stay awhile.”  

Living downtown and not commuting every day also makes me love Los Angeles more because I can appreciate the good things (like the weather), without constantly being reminded of the bad things (like high gas prices, crowdedness, and traffic).   Basically, whenever I’m out and about in L.A., and not in traffic, and not thinking about taxes or home prices, I’ve actually been finding that I feel really happy here.

You’re winning me over Los Angeles, at least until the next time I’m stuck in awful traffic, and the next time I buy something and pay 9.75% sales tax and then get my paycheck where you not only take a bajillion dollars from me, but also “borrow” an extra chunk of money.   But at least for this moment (ie until tomorrow), I can smile about life in L.A..

Ten on Tuesday

Wow.  I totally intended on posting over the weekend, because I had some exciting adventures planned.  Two of the exciting things actually happened until my weekend of fun came crashing down late Saturday night, and I spent the next two days in bed (and on couch) sleeping those two days of my life away.  The details of my sickness aren’t really public blog material, but I am mostly fine now (aside from what I like to refer to as a “sleep hangover”.  So much sleep in the past few days that I feel hazy and confused from so much sleep, and oddly still tired.  Sleeping a lot is a lot of work!). 

Anyway, I’ll try to catch up on my weekend adventures prior to sickness in another post, but for now it’s another set of questions from Roots and Rings.

1. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
I’m usually early.  I try to time myself to be fashionably late sometimes and even then I end up being right on time.  It’s lonely standing around alone, waiting for everyone else to show up because very few people in the world know how to ever be on time for anything, but it’s kind of a blessing and a curse of mine that I am unable to be late to things. 

2. What is your middle name?

3. What are the last 4 digits of your cell phone number?

4. How big is your bed?
It’s only a queen.  But during my first two years of law school I had the blessing of a king in the fully furnished room I rented and I LOOOOOVED it.  The queen bed I’m using now isn’t actually mine… when I decide to buy a bed, I’m going to go for a King for sure, assuming I can get up the elevator to my apartment 🙂

5. What are you allergic to?
Used to be strawberries but lately I’ve eaten some here and there and have been fine (is that possible?!).  I also break out if I sit/lay directly in grass, swell up ridiculously if I get bitten by mosquitos, and get crazy itchy if someone does my laundry and uses fabric softener.  It’s unfortunate, because I appreciate the idea of softer clothes, but my skin apparently does not.

6. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Look at the clock and decide whether I want to get up.  The beauty of my current situation (ie that I live 3 blocks from my office, and I currently don’t have a lot of work to do) is that I don’t have to set an alarm and I can just wake up naturally and go into work when I feel like it.   That being said, I naturally wake up around 7ish, so I’m usually in the office by 9 anyway (after taking my sweet time to shower, eat breakfast, watch the news, check things online, etc.).   A lot of people don’t come in until after 10am, but I just can’t seem to get myself to do that.  I’m a morning person.

7. What was your favorite TV show growing up?
This is a tough one.   Back when I was in grade school, I LOVED the show 3-2-1 Contact.  So my mom would let me go watch it up in her room, and one day I switched the channel and happened upon The Young and The Restless.  I had no idea what was really going on because I was like 8 at the time, but somehow it intrigued me so I started watching that show instead.   Then one day my mom was braiding my hair and I was talking about something that happened on the show, and she realized the story line I was recounting was not something from 3-2-1 Contact.  Busted!   On the Soap Opera note, I ended up pretty obsessed with Days of Our Lives throughout middle school.  I could even make a chart diagraming how all of the characters were interconnected.  I also loved family shows (full house, step by step, the nanny, family matters, home improvement, etc.).   Although, I have to admit that I had a secret hate for family shows, because everytime *I* got upset, twinkly music didn’t start playing and my 1-3 fathers didn’t come running after me to teach me the moral of the story and tell me it was all going to be ok.  Oh, and back to being young and in grade school… Salute Your Shorts and Legends of the Hidden Temple!

8. Will you, or did you, go to your 10 year high school reunion?
My 10 year reunion will be this year (2010).  Holy Cow!  Probably not going, because I graduated early and I barely knew anyone in my class.   I might figure out if there is a way to go with a friend to the 2011 reunion instead, where I’m bound to know more people. 

9. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?
I don’t get this question.  I mean, I do get it (if nobody hears it, is it still a sound?), I just hear it all the time and I don’t get the point of asking it.  Yes, it does still make a sound.  Does it really matter since nobody heard the sound?  Probably not.  (Wow, I apologize for my general crankiness lately.  I think I should stop posting these things before my coffee has kicked in!) 

10. What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention? (You know, since sliced bread…)
Ooooo this is a tough one.  My favorite invention that I own is probably my iPhone.  I know, I know, I sense eyerolls as I say that, but it is AMAZING!  The internet, GPS, and various applications have saved me on countless occassions.  I love it.  Otherwise, I loooove ice makers (I have one of those too), water purifiers built into fridge doors (don’t have one of those… sad), zip lock bags, remote controls, and garbage chutes.  Probably countless other inventions would rank up there at the top (it’s so hard to choose just one) but those are the ones that come immediately to mind.  Random, I know 😉

7 Quick Takes.


The whole “post your bra color as your facebook status” thing kind of annoys me.  I think the idea is brilliant—everyone is posting random colors as their facebook status, and then people who don’t know what it is are like “whaat?” and then someone says, “Tah dah! It’s breast cancer awareness month! (Be aware that breast cancer exists!)”  However, this would be a much more helpful venture if people actually took that revelation and thought, hmmm, maybe I should be checking myself regularly.  But unfortunately, this seems to be a case of good idea in theory not working out so much in practice.  To me it seems like most people just get caught up in the fun of getting to post their bra color on facebook and the cuteness of confusing all your friends who don’t know what the color is about.  I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows that breast cancer exists.  So, what are we doing about? Are we just going to talk about our bra colors (which last I checked, won’t cure cancer), or are we going to REALLY do something about it?  


On a less soapbox note, yesterday the thought crossed my mind, “Am I neurotic?”   I’m not even sure what that word means, and I should just look it up.  But here’s why I thought it:  there are certain thoughts that always cross mind.  For example, every time I walk into a women’s bathroom, for a split second I panic that I’ve walked into the Men’s bathroom.  Even if I double checked the sign, even if I see there are no men or urinals in sight, even if I’ve used the exact same bathroom for months or years.  Technically, this one’s not a fair example because I actually have, on more than one occassion, including recently, waltzed into a Men’s bathroom.   Other examples?  Every time I send an email or text for a split second I panic that I’ve sent it to the wrong person.  Sent a joke with a smiley face meant for my friend Stephanie to a random partner at the firm, texted a personal, girly detail about myself meant for a girl friend to a random male coworker.  No matter how many times I check the to and from lines, I always panic that I’ve messed up and will embarrass myself.   Whenever I set my alarm, I check it like 5 times to make sure it’s actually set. I’m always really paranoid that somehow I didn’t set it or didn’t set it right and I’m not going to wake up in time.  Every time I go into a public bathroom and I go to hang my purse on the little hook on the back of the door, I remember this episode of Oprah I saw BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL that talked about people who lurk in bathrooms and steal purses while you are pulling out the toilet seat cover.  I always think of the episode, EVERY time I go into a bathroom stall.  So then I think about putting my purse on the floor, and I remember this episode of Dateline from 10 years ago where they said the bathroom floor is actually the dirtiest place in public restrooms.  Where to put the purse then?  I continue to wear it on my shoulder.  Nice, right?  Ok I’m going to stop there.   Really random tangent.  Maybe paranoid and OCD are better terms to describe me?


Remember my whole “omg Starbucks” post a few days ago?  Well, it turns out that Starbucks is not stupid like I thought, and they do realize they can’t just stop honoring their contracts.  I found a place on their website that said they were still honoring the cards until their expiration date, printed it, highlighted it, and marched it back down to the Starbucks.  The barista who told me my card was void wasn’t there, but the manager (who also thought my card was void) read the paper and tried my card, and in fact, my card actually works.  So, no class action against Starbucks just yet 😉


I am drafting some documents for a pro bono case I’m working on that are actually going to be filed with a court.  My name is in the caption!  My name, my bar number, my work address and phone number, and “Attorney for Petitioner.”  I am actually an attorney for a petitioner.  Can you believe it?  (Yes, Michelle.  You graduated law school, passed the bar, and have a job as an associate attorney of a law firm.  Not a far fetch that you are an attorney.  We already know that.)  It still hasn’t really, really sunk in.  Bear with me while I get excited over lame things like captions 😉


Yesterday, I discovered the world of vegan food blogs.  Oh my goodness!  The blogs are tempting me to just go full on vegan instead of just vegetarian weaning toward vegan.  Why not?  I’m at least going to start trying the recipes and see how it goes!  I also read yesterday that a vegan bakery has opened up in downtown L.A.  It’s in the slightly sketchy area that I prefer not to venture into (especially after my run in with a possible pimp/drug dealer), but I would really like to check it out! 


I reeeeeaally need to clean my apartment.  It’s such a mess.  I’m not even super busy at work yet and my apartment is already falling apart.   This is why I should be looking for a maid soon. 


I am really, really hoping to go hiking in L.A. this weekend.  And I am hoping it will be one of many times and I will start getting out more.  And not like that one time where Adam and Krissi hiked once in Malibu Canyon (5 minutes from our apartment) in January shortly after we moved in, and I thought I would go hiking all the time, and then we didn’t hike again until Adam and I needed a break from finals studying in May.  (and I haven’t been hiking since). 

Martha Stewart! “Choose me! Marry me! Let me make you happy!”

Ok, not really the last 2 (that’s actually a quote from one of my fave movies, My Best Friend’s Wedding)… but definitely the “Choose me!” part!

I just heard through the grapevine that Martha Stewart is going to have a one-hour tall show in February in NYC, and all the people in the audience must be women over 6′.    HELLOOOOOOO???  

This is super, super nerdy of me, but I have actually emailed a few different talk shows on more than one occassion in the past with a “show idea” to do a tall show for tall women (unfortunately, Martha Stewart’s show wasn’t one of them).   And now, somebody is actually doing one!  Even though I don’t live in NYC, I still applied for a ticket.   I told them I’m 6’4″ and willing to fly from L.A. just to be in that audience.  How cool would it be to be in a room filled with all women over 6′?? AMAZING!!  My law firm has an NYC office, so if they weren’t sure of the specific day of the taping I could always fly out there for several days and work out of NYC until the taping. 

Crazy? Yes.  But I am seriously willing to pay for a plane ticket and even a hotel for a few days if I have to so I can go to this thing.    

Please, please, Martha Stewart production people.  Say yes to Michelle 🙂