My Torn Loyalties Between the “Home Team” and the “Underdog.”

I have ALWAYS been a fan of the underdog.   I always like cheering for the team who everyone is cheering against.   I remember that year the Broncos were playing the Packers in the superbowl back in middle school, and everyone I knew (including my mom and two brothers) was cheering for Green Bay.  I decided to cheer for the Broncos, and even made little signs with some crayola markers and notebook paper to wave from my couch in support (while I watched from home with my mom and the bros).  And the Broncos WON!  That is one of my favorite sports memories, and one I often reference back to in order to illustrate my love for the underdog.    (And just a note for any hardcore sports fans that may be reading this… I don’t know if the Broncos actually were the underdogs that year, but since everyone I knew was cheering for the other team, they were the underdogs to me). 

While I love my underdogs, I also have some amount of “home team” spirit, which includes: First, being a fan of any team from Oregon/Washington beating any team from anywhere else; and second, any team from L.A. beating anyone besides teams from the Northwest (except for the Blazers because sorry Portland, I am not a Blazers fan.  Black and Red have never been my colors… what can I say…).   This loyalty becomes very difficult in L.A. because unfortunately, L.A. teams tend to be really good, and I tend to be invited to events where the other team is severly the underdog.   Now, if a partner invites me to a Lakers game, it doesn’t matter how much of an underdog the other side is.  The only place I can cheer for that other team is silently deep inside my heart.   And really, deep inside my heart I don’t even cheer for the underdog in that scenario.  I think, “sorry underdog, but I’m going to have to cheer for L.A. still on this one.  Lakers games are way more fun when the Lakers win.”

All of this is background for last night:  L.A. Kings v. Edmonton Oilers (hockey).  A friend of mine at another law firm had box tickets, and invited me and a few other friends to the game.  It was a great night.  We grabbed dinner first at George’s Cafe (greek food), and then drove down to Staples and parked in Lot 1 because my friend had VIP parking passes.   Then, we went through the VIP entrance and were given Wayne Simmonds bobbleheads (in honor of Black History month) on our way up to the box.   I am REALLY excited about my first bobblehead!

Leading up to the game, a couple of the people said, “yeah, the oilers are the worst team right now, so this game isn’t really going to be exciting… the Kings are totally going to win.”  You know where this is going, right?  So, I made the mistake of saying, “wouldn’t it be funny if the Oilers won?  Because they are the worst team and nobody expects them to win?”  Apparently the guys did not think that would be funny.    The game was actually kind of lame for awhile.  Neither side could get a shot in.   The oilers couldn’t because their shots were bad, and the Kings couldn’t because that goalie was a NINJA!  And they weren’t even fighting very much.   But somewhere along the way, the Oilers scored.  And then they scored again.  And suddenly the underdog was up 2-0.  At that point, I felt guilty for my statement and started cheering for the Kings.  The Kings managed to come back and tie it 2-2, which led to 5 minutes of overtime where nobody scored (shocker), which led to something like 10 rounds of sudden death, which was incredibly stressful to watch, and ultimately the Oilers won.  And Garrett turned to me and said, “This is your fault! You’re not allowed to come anymore!”  It was a joke (I hope…), but it kind of was my fault.   I’m sorry Kings fans!

Holy canoli, did I just write an entire post about SPORTS?  Pretend this is not a post about sports, ok?  Pretend this is a post about either (a) cool stuff to do in L.A.; or (b) the perks of having friends at other law firms.  Those are much more respectable topics for posts by yours truly 🙂