Testing Old Wives Tales: Using Nuts To Repair Scratches in Wood Laminate Floors

My dog likes to kowabunga off furniture whenever she enters or leaves a room.  We’re working on it.  But in the meantime, this is bad news bears for wood laminate floors in a rental house.  Having visions of having to pay to completely replace the floors when it’s time to move on, I googled whether there was a way to remove/lessen light scratches in wood or wood laminate flooring.  I found an e-how post explaining that you can remove scratches by rubbing a “meaty nut” such as an almond or walnut back and forth across the scratch.   The article even explained how to crack a nut open, for those of us who have somehow made it to the point in our lives where we have a home with wood floors but have never had the opportunity to use a nutcracker (??).  I’m going to be honest: I really didn’t think something this simple could work.  Especially because the article went through the trouble of explaining how to crack a nut.  I was pretty sure whoever wrote that post wrote it for us gullible folks, laughing as they imagined all the poor suckers like myself rubbing walnuts into the floor to no avail.

I didn’t have any fresh nuts still in the shells, but I did have a big bag of walnuts from Costco.  I pulled a walnut out, and got down on the floor to try it out.  Turns out it was not a joke.  It works!  It’s like magic!

Check out this scratch-tastic before:

And after a few quick swipes with a walnut:

I can feel my stress-induced hives receding with every disappearing scratch.  It’s a christmas miracle!  The trick doesn’t work for actual dents or deep scratches, but it works like a charm for light surface scratches!   This has got to be the greatest discovery since whoever it is found the moon, right?

In related news, wood laminate floors are supposed to be “more durable.”  More durable than what? Lining your floor with cupcakes?  I swear every accidental drop of anything causes a little ding or scratch.  I’m walking on eggshells over here until I have time to buy some rugs.


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