In the Words of Rachel Zoe, “I Die.”

So I’ve already fallen off the blogging wagon again.  I swear this thing is like working out.  Once you miss a day, it’s so easy to miss another day, and then all of a sudden it’s been six months since you’ve been to the gym and your jeans are busting at the seams.  Literally.  Not that I would know ANYTHING about that . . . (Note to self: find 30 Day Shred DVD).

I have been SO busy lately.  And on top of being busy, Ellie (yes my dog) has been in some weird restless sleep mode where she finds it necessary to “readjust” every hour in the middle of the night which involves walking directly on me and rustling the covers for several minutes to get them JUST right.  I feel bad making her sleep in a kennel but I am pretty sure I will die if I don’t get a daggum full night of sleep soon!

I remember awhile back I wrote a post about how I am all these other things besides just a lawyer.  And someone commented something to the effect of “how do you find any time to do anything besides work?!” And the thing is, there are definitely time periods that get very busy at work and I don’t really have time to do much else but work.  And if I do have a few moments of spare time in the evenings, all I want to do is sit on the couch with a glass of wine and zone out to HGTV.  But what I’m learning through these waves of slow and crazy busy times is to take full advantage of the slow times.  When you are new to a firm, it is scary to be slow.  Once you’ve been through a few crazy busy times, you learn to embrace those slow times as much as possible.  Also, once you’ve been through a really bad crazy busy time (i.e. that one time where all I did for months was work and barely sleep and I broke out in hives), you learn to draw the line sometimes and say no.  You also learn that you need to keep certain things even in the busy times to keep your sanity, like working out and maybe even blogging.

All of this to say, March is shaping up to be one of those months where all I do is work and barely sleep.  But I’m hoping to keep up the blogging thing, and I’m also hoping that I pull out my 30 Day Shred DVD and actually do it 😉


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