Day 24: Oops I Did it Again.

I billed approximately 20 hours in a 24 hour period which is why I didn’t update yesterday, and don’t quite have the will to write a real post right now, since I’m still running on a little under 2 hours of sleep.   It’s been so long that I kind of forgot what it’s like.  I also forgot that I was capable of running on very little sleep.  I use “capable” loosely, because while I got the work done, I may or may not have screamed repeatedly at a voice recording when I was on hold for over 45 minutes today.  I also may or may not have nearly burst into tears after the 500th time of hearing that recording remind me that all agents were busy.  I also took a shower while on hold.  I held my iphone away from me with one hand, and washed my grody hair with the other hand.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, y’all.  Truth be told, besides the fact that I REALLY needed a shower, I was hoping I would tempt fate and a live human would come on the phone just as I got the shampoo in my hair.  But alas, I was on hold for 20 minutes before I finally got in the shower, and over 20 minutes after I got out.  I also signed my full name (as in each letter) which I haven’t done since early college or possibly high school.  I also wrote the date as February 24, 2005.  At least I had the day right?

In the midst of it all, Ellie failed in her faithful companion role.  She was out like a light in my bed snuggled up to my pillow while I worked the night away.  Sometimes I really wish I could switch roles with her.  But somebody’s got to make money around here and no matter how hard I try I cannot get Ellie to master legal research.  Around 3am or so she came out to keep me company…. or so I thought.  She promptly fell asleep in my lap and started snoring.  Super helpful.  She’s lucky she’s cute 😉


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