Day 22: Funny Ways People Find My Blog.

So, I technically write this blog for myself (because I like having a written account of various events in my life, and it’s quite therapeutic and relaxing to sit down and write once in awhile) and for my family member and friends who like to keep up with my life.   However, the blog is public and so random strangers find my blog in random ways every day.  I have done this once before but figured I’d do it again.  Here are some search terms people have used that ultimately led them to posts on my blog:

1) “Paula Franzese.”  This is the all-time top search hit for my blog.  She’s a professor who teaches some Bar study courses, and one time I posted a funny LOL-cat picture including one of her songs.  That’s the only time I mentioned her.  But every year during bar study times, my blog lights up with people searching for her greatest hits. 

2) “Lawyer funny” or “Funny lawyer picture” or “studying for the bar” or “funny studying picture.”  I am pretty sure all of these search terms also lead to that same post.  I wish I had been a really interesting and funny person while I was studying for the bar, and could have provided more than an LOL-cat picture to represent my studying experience.  But alas, I was not a funny person.  I was a miserable-studying-12+hours-per-day-not-even-aware-it-was-july-already person.  I was a break-down-and-cry-about-almost-everything person.  Sorry to all the google-searchers who have came to blog thinking I would have useful or at least entertaining information about studying for the California bar exam.  I am not that girl 😉

3) “Choose me, Marry me” or “Martha Stewart” or “Martha Stewart Tall Show.”  Once upon a time I blogged about my almost trip to New York to attend the filming of an episode of the Martha Stewart tall show that was going to be about tall women.  Sadly, an epic snowstorm hit New York and the show went on but I could not get there.  Still, a few years later, I get blog hits for that. 

4) “procrastination coach” with various cities attached.  Pretty sure it’s due to this post.   Sorry, friends, I am a master procrastinator but I do not have a coach and I do not have any tips for you.  Even now, I have a million other things to do and what am I doing?  Blogging about how random strangers found my blog while looking for a procrastination coach.  Clearly, I cannot help you.

5) Various search terms involving “Zack Morris” because I once answered a Ten on Tuesday question about whether my first cell phone was as cool as his.  (Zack Morris phone, Zack Morris hot, Zack Morris hair, etc.)

6) Some REALLY weird ones: “me playing dentist” “what does an 18lb dog look like?” “how many ellies is there in the world” “pictures of cats cussing” “ABCs Underwear” and “young girl peeing.”  I am extremely disturbed by the last one, but I think it is due to a post I wrote about a statue in Belgium called “Mannekin Pis” which is a statue of a young boy peeing.  Also disturbing.

7)  Besides all the random searches that cause people to land on my blog, there are also searches that clearly led people to helpful posts, such as DIY searches (e.g., “using modge podge” “sewing a shower curtain” and “map pin board”  “DIY map letters” and “I can’t paint but want to make DIY art”) and travel searches (e.g., “coastal causeway ireland” “roadtrip from oregon to colorado” “things to do around bastogne belgium”).

But by far, for some reason my greatest “pride and joy” in terms of blog hits is this one:

 “Put a Keurig in a Car.”  Turns out Dave & I weren’t the only ones out there trying to find a way to make this work.  You are welcome internet world, we solved this one for you

(Note to readers:  The red/bolded words are links to the relevant posts).


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