Day 21: It’s Only Funny If It’s You (What People Think Lawyers Do)

Recently Making the Rounds on Facebook

Recently, on Facebook, these black charts (?) started making the rounds.  I have no idea who started it, and I didn’t even understand what it was until I saw one that said “Lawyer” on the top in my newsfeed and decided to click on it.  People have made them for all kinds of different jobs and activities, but obviously I like this one the best.

Whoever made this one is either older than me, or has older parents, because I really don’t think people my mom’s age think all lawyers are Perry Mason.  More like my grandparents age.  I haven’t asked my grandparents what they think I do, but they probably do think I’m Perry Mason or Matlock .  And while the Elle Woods thing is cute, I don’t think most people think of Elle Woods when they think of what lawyers are like.  She is exactly what lawyers are not supposed to be like, which is what makes that movie funny 😉

However, what my friends think I do (roll around in piles of money), what I think I do (the Lincoln Lawyer) and what I really do (try to claw my way out from piles of paper) are pretty accurate.  Except, it’s 2012 y’all, most of that “paper,” whether its briefs to read or documents to review, is all on my work-provided computer.

My brother has a slightly different career, and he made his own chart to depict what others think about what he does:

His job is tough!  But he has four kids under age 5, the boy has to sleep sometime 😉

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