Day 20: The Other Side.

Every year during law school I went to our school’s annual “Law School Dinner.”  It was basically a fun excuse to get dressed up and have a fancy dinner and take tons of photos with friends.  One thing I noticed was that it always seemed like we were sitting in the “nosebleeds” so to speak, in terms of how far we were away from the stage.  If this is our dinner, I thought, why are we sitting so far away?  Who are all these other people?

Well, this year I found out who all those “other people” were.  Those other people, my friends, are people who pay way more than $50 (the law student rate) to attend the dinner.  Those other people are actually lawyers.  Even more crazy?  Those other people actually get wine with dinner (we always had to buy our own drinks outside when I was a student).  Now, I guess, those “other people” are me.   Yep, I paid way more than $50/plate for Dave and I to attend the dinner this year and sit at one of my law firm’s tables.  Law schools gotta make money y’all.  And I am plenty happy to give them money, given how much they put into me.  We were sitting way closer than the law students, and had white and red wine on the table.  One of my coworkers (also an alum) quipped, “we are grownups now!”  Yep, we’re grown-ups.

I couldn’t find the dress I wanted to wear anywhere, but in my searching I discovered a dress I bought from an outlet years ago for $20 but never wore.  Score!  Unfortunately I did not take a full picture, but you can see a little of it in this picture 😉

One of the guys at the table “won” the centerpiece and let me have it.  I was so excited!

You should be happy to know the flowers are still alive and kicking on the dining table.  I’m not usually a fan of roses, but this flower combo (sans the creepy purple things) is really growing on me for a centerpiece idea 😉

I love it when I get the opportunity to go to an event at my law school, because it always reminds me how great of an experience it was, and how happy I am to be part of that community.  I have quite a few friends that are not happy to have our law school on their resume.  And I know a ton of people who majorly regret going to law school at all (both from my law school and plenty of others, because, spoiler alert to all the law students out there: being a lawyer is hard work, and often miserable work, and in this economy you are “lucky” to find lawyer work at all).  However, even in my darkest moments where I hate my job and wonder what I’ve drug myself into, I have never for one moment regretted my time at my law school.

The dinner also reminded me of how far I’ve come.  The first “fancy” dinner I ever went to was a recruiting dinner for my law school.  They had the tables set with multiple forks and utensils and I had no idea what glass was mine or what bread plate was mine or what fork I was supposed to use for my salad.  And it was a round table and I was sitting next to a fairly famous lawyer/political figure, and of course all eyes were on him which meant all eyes were also on me when I made the grave mistake of grabbing the dessert fork first instead of the salad fork.  Everyone gasped and a spot light shined right on me and security came to remove me from the table and threw me out in an alley.  Just kidding.  That last sentence didn’t really happen, but I did really grab the wrong fork and I felt humiliated when I realized everyone else had used the correct fork.  But I’m 99% sure nobody noticed or cared.  Also, I used my ninja skills to cleverly scoot my salad fork into the dessert fork position and nobody was the wiser.  The point of this story is that now I know which fork to use.  Also, that fairly famous lawyer sitting next to me?  He got up to speak and did not eat his dessert (chocolate cake).  Guess who did?  This girl.  There is probably an etiquette rule against eating two desserts at dinner… particularly against taking someone else’s dessert without asking.  However, I never said I was perfect 😉

(Note:  I am intentionally vague on this blog about my law school and my law firm because this blog is public.  Thanks to the internet these days, giving out those details would be equivalent to sharing my home address.  Also, I don’t mention those details because the views expressed here are not the views of my law school or my law firm and I don’t want there to be any confusion.)


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