Day 19: Another Paintspiration.

Like I said before, I do not consider myself an “artist” but I do enjoy slapping some paint on a canvas to make art for my home that is essentially cheap or free.  It’s not that I refuse to spend money on art, but why buy some when I can make my own and it’s fun for me?  The saved money is just icing on the cake 😉  A few months ago I saw a painting in the club house that came from a chain furniture store nearby:

I LOVED it.  I didn’t take a picture of it at the time, I just saw it and loved it and the image stuck in my mind.  (I went back after the fact to take a picture for this post).  Then one night shortly before Christmas, I found myself with the urge to paint something, and a small blank canvas to paint on.  So the dogs and I got to work:

Yes, I am using a dog bowl with a napkin in it for the paint.  (Don’t worry animal lovers!  This is my “paint bowl” now and neither dog uses it for a water bowl.)  First, I painted the whole canvas that yellow color, and brushed in some fake “clouds” with a little white paint.  Then I painted the mountain layers in one at a time by gradually started with a ton of white and a little blue paint, and gradually working in more and more black paint.  The result?  This quirky little painting:

I really like it, and without even realizing what I was doing, it kind of looks like it belongs in a series with my first painting:

I didn’t have any inspiration for that painting.  I was just bored one day in the break between taking the bar and starting my current job.  So I went down to a local art store and bought yellow and black paint, a canvas, and one paint brush.   Why only two colors?  Why only one brush?  I had only painted twice in my life.   Once was a particularly horrendous experience painting wooden christmas tree ornaments at church.  The other time was way back in high school.  And I remember thinking that my painting was fairly good, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to paint faces on the grandpa and the little girl.  The painting just looked CREEPY without faces, so I ultimately threw it away.  So I didn’t want to sink too much money into this thing in case it crashed and burned like my prior experiences.  The only thing I knew for sure when I walked into that art store was that I couldn’t do anything with faces (be it Frosty the Snowman or a grandpa and granddaughter).  And I really like ugly shades of yellow, so I figured yellow and black paint was the way to go.  Then I decided to do tree silhouettes.  The problem?  I only bought a big brush.  So I found  an old, small make-up brush, and guess what?  Apparently make-up brushes can make cool trees.  Apparently that is the only kind of tree I can do though… because I tried to make a different tree painting a few weeks later, and failed miserably.

I think I need at least one more painting with that yellow color.  Time will tell what it will be 😉


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