Day 18: Keep Calm and Lawyer On

This week at work has been one of those weeks.  For some reason my mind always wanders to that scene in Michael Clayton where that lawyer suddenly cracks in a deposition and starts stripping off all his clothes and runs out of the room all crazy.  The reality is that nearly all jobs are that way, right?  You have days that are not so bad, and you have days that make you think maybe selling everything you own, living out of your car, and working part time at a food truck would be preferable.  Or am I alone in thinking that?  😉

The point is, after five of those days, I decided to take a quick break from work to search around the internet for something to make me think happy thoughts about being a lawyer and/or remind myself to chill out.  I started googling around for a “Keep Calm” poster for lawyers.   Back during WWII, the British government produced these posters that said, “Keep Calm and Carry On” which were intended to boost morale during the war.   Somewhere in the last decade, the posters were rediscovered and have become fairly popular.


Now, people have made all kinds of posters.  Keep Calm and Sail On.  Keep Calm and Sew On.  Keep Calm and Write On.  Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake.  You get the idea.  (I seriously approve of that last one!)  So I started looking for a lawyer one, but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for.   However, I did find this great Etsy shop called Encore Prints that prints “Keep Calm” sayings on old antique book pages from the 1800s.  I LOVE the look, and totally intend to buy some (I am leaning toward the “Keep Calm and Write On” one to hang in my home office and encourage my non-work writing).

And it gave me a great idea!  I have an “antique” (1930s) Blacks Law dictionary.  I couldn’t bring myself to tear an actual page out of it (Encore Prints prints on real pages!), so I decided to photocopy a page.  To add extra lawyer nerdiness, I picked a page with super lawyerly words such as “res judicata.”

I had a frame laying right by the printer that I bought at Ikea a few years ago but never used, and it was perfect for this project.

I measured the opening, and then hopped on my Mac to create a “Keep Calm” template in Pages.  I used “Arial Hebrew” font, and I googled “scales of justice” to find a little icon to put at the top.  It was super easy to drag the icon right from the google page into my document.

(Note: I took this photo today, while waiting in the car for Dave… I did not make this project in the car).

Then I put my photo copied page back in the printer, and printed my template (making sure to load the paper right so that the words would print on the correct side).  And I got this:

This is the kind of thing that would normally require trial and error but I happened to get it right on the first try!  Then I just had to trim the edges so it would fit in the frame, and I was done!  So, from start to finish, including googling around to try to find a print I could just buy, I spent about six minutes on this project.  And here is the finished project:

I LOVE it.  I am contemplating redoing it with slightly bolder letters.  But otherwise I love, love, love it!   Especially since it was basically free.  Hopefully this will help me remember to calm down and not run out of the room naked like a crazy person 😉



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