Day 13: Another Map Craft–Our Pin Map.

This one isn’t quite as unique (or time consuming) as the personalized map letters.  However, we love it because we made it completely with things we already had laying around.  And as Portland native low-budget furniture commercial salesman Tom Peterson would say, “Free is a very good price.”

We’ve seen quite a few pin maps around the internet, and Dave (not knowing that I actually read YoungHouseLove on a regular basis) particularly liked this inspiration:

Pushpin map from YoungHouseLove

Picture, and post, from here.

So we totally planned to buy a map and some cork board off Amazon, and a frame from IKEA.  The total project still would have been less than $50.  However, I’m no expert at math but I do know Free < $50.

After making the map letters, we had a whole sheet of the foam board left.  We also discovered that the atlas from Dave’s dad contained a full U.S. map.  And I remembered Dave had a random framed print in one of his closets that he wasn’t using so I pulled it out to see if the frame would work.  It turned out the frame was the perfect size!

The U.S. map was split across two pages, so Dave had to carefully glue it on (using the Modge Podge glue and foam brush mentioned in the Letters post) to make it look seamless.

Then I brushed a thin layer of the Modge Podge glue over the top of the map to seal it and make it look finished, and we began putting in pins.  This was our finished product:

This close up, you can see the letters on the opposite pages of the atlas showing through.  But from a distance (where we usually see it from) you can’t see the letters at all.   We went a little crazy with the pins.  We have a pin color for where we were born (red), a pin color for where we lived when we met (yellow), a pin color for our first date (white), a pin color for everywhere we traveled together (black), and even a pin color for airports (green), because some of our trips have been roadtrips and we didn’t see airports at all.   And the last one was mostly because one or both of us may have wanted more pins 😉

So there you have it!  Our free map project.  Sadly, we have actually had “where can we go next so we can get more pins??” conversations.  Taking vacations to get more pins on your pin map is expensive.  Just FYI.

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