Day 9 (A Little Late): The Many Hairs of Michelle

Somehow I completely forgot to update yesterday.  Oh yeah, that was because I was rapidly trying to review 450 documents with a hair appointment I couldn’t cancel thrown in the mix.   I was way too busy to take a break for a hair appointment, but you have to cancel 24 hours in advance (which I forgot to do because forgetting things is how I roll if I don’t have a giant post-it in front of my face these days).  So I suppose getting my hair done took the place of keeping up with my goal to update every day and get myself back into the blogging thing.

Over the years my hair has been blonde, brown, red, and various combinations of the three.  I like how I look with every shade, and I tend to get bored after keeping one particular shade for too long.  Every time I change my hair, I think “OMG I love it  (red/blonde/brown).  Why did I ever change it?!”  Except I think that every time.  A sampling, in no particular order:

(Note: Before people judge how particular colors looked on me, the above photos are not all the greatest photos of me with particular shades.  I just quickly pulled a sampling from facebook.  I have really loved pretty much every color my hair has been… except for when I have gray hairs ;-)).

When I summered with my current firm, I was blonde.  When I returned as an official lawyer a little over a year later, I was brunette.  Some of my coworkers didn’t even recognize me.  Then, after awhile of that, a few people suggested I should go back blonde to get a man.  I did.  Although admittedly more because I was bored with brown hair than to meet someone.  But hey, apparently going back blonde worked for me 😉   And, although I’ve been blonde again for awhile now, I have decided I would like to have long blonde hair for my wedding, so I am gradually working back to long and super blonde.

Kind of hard to tell in this unshowered, bathroom photo… but it’s really blonde!  As a little girl, my hair was practically white it was so blonde.  So even though my natural hair color has gone pretty dark as I’ve grown older (the darker tone you see peeking out at the bottom in the picture above is my natural hair), I still feel most like a blonde.

And probably anyone I know can tell you I am definitely blonde at heart 😉

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