Day 8: 7 Months to the Date.

Apparently now I am one of those annoying people who is going to think the 8th of the every month is a big deal.  Why?  Because currently, the 8th of every month indicates that we have x months left until the wedding.  Post-wedding, the 8th of every month will indicate how many months we’ve been married.  And I’ll be all “OMG ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!”  Ugg.  I hope not.  No offense to people who do that, it’s just not my thing to celebrate monthaversaries.

For some reason, I feel this is an appropriate time to recap the things we already have nailed down for my family and friends who read this (and the random strangers who happen upon my blog from very random and weird google searching).

  • The Dress.
  • Make-up/Hair: one of my best friends (and bridesmaid) Joni has done my make-up and hair for several events in the past and will be doing my hair and make-up for the Big Day!
  • The Location:  Dave’s parents’ property in McDonough, GA (we are also planning an Oregon reception sometime after)
  • The Pastor:  A pastor I’ve known since middle school (known to most friends and family as PJ), who now lives in Idaho, but will be flying out to GA for the wedding.
  • The Music:  My cousin Thomas will be strumming a little guitar while we walk down the aisle
  • The Food:  Catering Southern BBQ from a local place in McDonough
  • The Cake:  Dave’s aunt is making one for us, and I’ve already pinned a few pictures of the simple style I like
  • The Wedding Party (two on each side)
  • The Wedding Theme (we’re going Rustic Chic… although it’s warping into Military/Rustic Chic… should be interesting!)
  • The Guest List (Save the Dates sent!)
  • The Photographers (friends of Dave)
  • Wedding Website

And, a dog sitter for Ellie and Cosmo while we are gone for the wedding.  Everything else should be super easy, right?! 😉



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