A List (Or in other words, no excuse to not write anything).

In order to avoid finding myself saying, “but I have nothing to write about,”  last night I sat down and wrote a list of things to write about in case I had writers block.  Without even blinking (ok, I’m not going to lie… I blinked), I came up with over 40 things.  So even if nothing remotely new or exciting happens in February, I’ve got this challenge covered.   Some of the list that I definitely plan on writing about:

Trips (all of these were with Dave):

  • Charleston, SC
  • Thanksgiving in Portland
  • McDonough, GA
  • Stone Mountain, GA
  • Pensacola, FL
  • Biloxi, MS
  • Houston, TX

Southern California Adventures:

  • Recent Malibu Visits
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood
  • Venice
  • Sea World
  • Kayaking Mission Bay
  • Air Show
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Temecula
  • Bike rides (Mission Bay, Mission Trails, Venice, Coronado, Ocean Beach)
  • Hikes (Angeles National Forest, Torrey Pines, Malibu Creek)
  • Improv Show


  • Cooking Adventures
  • Painting Adventures
  • Dave’s Map Letters
  • Dave’s Pin Map
  • Pinspiration
  • Photo Gallery Wall
  • Photo Book Review
  • Antique Shopping (including my Lawyer Antiques)
  • Wedding Planning

28 possible posts right there.


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