Why You Gotta Go And Get So Domesticated? (or A Lawyer Turns A Shower Curtain Into A Tote Bag)

For the last 10 years or so I’ve been a total workaholic.   I never thought of myself as a workaholic until recently.  Suddenly, finding myself with more than just occasional free evenings and weekends, I find myself thinking, “whoah, people actually do things besides work and study??”  Ok, I don’t really think that, but I didn’t really realize how hard I worked and studied until I suddenly found myself with free time.  Suddenly I’m cooking, painting, and getting into crafting and DIYing.  Why did I never do these things before?  Oh yeah, I was too busy working and studying.

My last year of high school, I took night school on the side so I could graduate early, babysat a ton, volunteered in my church office and worked on the youth staff.  In college, I took 17 credits per term, worked 30+ hours per week in an office job, volunteered in my church office and on the youth staff, and babysat on the side.  Then came law school.  Between going to class, studying, interviewing, and internships… I wasn’t really swimming in free time there either.   In my entire 3 years of law school, I am pretty sure I only cooked one meal.  Then came the summer of hades studying for the bar exam.  I spent all day every day studying.  I think the only day I took off was the 4th of July.  And even then I brought flashcards with me to randomly flip through throughout the day.  And then came my job at a Big Firm.  Once I got busy, for months on end the only thing I did besides work was occasionally sleep.  I thought I had been “busy” in my life before.  I thought my schedule in college was rough.  I thought law school finals were rough.  I thought the BAR was rough.  But, whew, nothing compares to the crazy, busy times at work.

And suddenly I have found myself not so crazy busy.  Just regular busy.  And suddenly I’ve found myself wanting to do tons of things I haven’t had time for in the past 10 years, including things I’ve never really tried.

Enter: New Sewing Machine.  In the back of mind, I’ve always been interested in sewing.  Even though the first time I tried to sew, in home economics in middle school, I failed miserably.  The thing is… I am ridiculously tall, and it is ridiculously hard to find dresses and skirts that fit right.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make my own?  And seriously… How can you browse Pinterest and NOT want a sewing machine??  There are so many cute DIY dresses and projects on pinterest these days!  So I got the idea in my head that I needed to buy a sewing machine and try my hand at sewing.  Then, several weeks ago, Dave bought me a sewing machine.  And last night, I finally got the motivation to try my first sewing project.

I’ve had this tote bag pinned on pinterest for a while now.  And while I haven’t purchased any fabric, I have a few old shower curtains that I saved, thinking I could turn them into something.  Like this one, which my mom bought for me when I moved into my first apartment in L.A.:

Bathroom in My First Downtown L.A. Loft

So last night, I pulled out the shower curtain, a pair of scissors, and my sewing machine… And, viola!  A tote bag from a shower curtain!  (Also, it only takes about 3/4 of a yard to make the bag, so I have a ton of fabric left!)

My First Tote Bag!

I thought about taking step by step pictures, but the blog tutorial I followed already does that.  The bag is a little bigger than I would like.   I plan to make another one, and I’ll probably shrink the measurements the next time around.  Also, the button on the bag?  It was the spare button from the sweater I’m wearing in the picture.  It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of my first bag!  Lawyer by day, seamstress by night, y’all 😉

In related news, I’m going to need to buy some buttons before all my sweaters end up missing their spares.  Also, I’m going to need to buy a new shower curtain stat.  (Just kidding.. like I said, I wasn’t using that shower curtain anymore).


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