Musings re I need a vacation.

So I don’t seem to update this blog much, but I am what some may call “facebook obsessed” or “facebook addicted” or “someone please find this girl a support group because it is getting a little out of control.”

Here’s the thing: updating facebook takes like 5 seconds.  Browsing the newsfeed to see what’s up with my friends?  I probably spend a couple minutes several times a day.  It’s a way to stay in touch with a lot of people without having to take the time to actually get on the phone or write an email.  Granted, that is not necessarily a good thing, but I’m not swimming in an ocean of free time right now.  This girl is busy!  (except for this moment where I am randomly folding laundry and updating my blog at 11:00am because SHHH don’t tell anyone!  I chose to work from home and actually have a few minutes of downtime).

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my recent facebook statuses, so you can have a peak into my super exciting life all these weeks I’ve been not posting 😉  As you can see, I do my best to keep my close friends and family informed of all the important things going on.

  • Narrowly avoided brutal migraine with 3 ibuprofen and two shots of espresso. (it was touch and go for about an hour). Ok, so half a cup of yesterday’s coffee bc I’m too lazy to make more is not enough caffeine for the day.. Lesson learned 😉
  • just took a quick lunch break to make brownies so I could eat the leftover batter in the bowl. I’m going to guess that Costco jumbo pack of brownie mix was not a good idea.
  • Left a bagel on the counter and turned my back to get a knife, and ninja Ellie managed to jump up and take it. I thought i’d lost my mind and then looked down an saw her licking it on the ground. 5 second rule?
  • gave up on waiting for cold enough weather and finally got an (iced) Pumpkin Spice Latte today. If it was legal to marry Pumpkin Spice, I would. There, I said it.
  • made it two years without ever having to e-file anything, and finally had to bite the bullet and learn how to e-file something this morning. Only took me about 3 hours to file two relatively simple filings…. I felt like a senior citizen trying to figure out the internet.
  • “I really, really just want to… I want to zig-a-zig-ah.” I just had this thought while trying to think of what I would rather be doing than work. Watch out… my subconscious apparently thinks becoming a Spice Girl could be my new Plan B.
  • so currently my (computerized) door lock barely works, my washer is broken, my garbage disposal is broken, and then I came home last night and my internet and cable were out and there is black water in my toilet. I suppose it is finally time to call in a maintenance request.
  • didn’t feel tired until just now, when it took me a full minute to figure out how to spell “about,” and then I attempted to click “like” on a coworker’s email and couldn’t find the like button.
  • You win again, 4:10am. You always do. Ugggg. In brighter news, my early rising is my own fault because I actually spent some time not working yesterday. Shocking, but true 😉
  • Wow, just spent an inordinate amount of time browsing anti-aging products at Target. Thank you, Big Law, for making me an old lady before my time 😉
  • just tried to make coffee without water. On second thought, straight coffee grounds would probably be more useful at this point 😉
  • Uh, power is out in all of SD. Is this the part where the aliens come out of the bay and attempt to wipe us out?! That is the only rational explanation.
  • ‎48 hours of R&R in Texas zapped by tons of kids and babies screaming bloody murder on flight back. (1) not ready to be a momma; (2) may need to be institutionalized soon.
  • Me, re: my desperate need for vacation because my brain no longer functions: “I wish I could just have two months to decompose….wait…”
  • Just found my missing new digital camera (believed lost in Venice) in my underwear drawer!! Bc of course that is the most rational place to store one’s camera. Anyway, so relieved!!
  • pretty sure reading cases from the 1800s is going to cause my skull to mince my brain. Gross.
  • due to my increasing absent-mindedness, going to have to self-impose a rule that I cannot have a regular pen within arms reach while using a stylus with the iPad. Yikes.
  • let’s go ahead and add “tailoring a diaper for my dog” to things I never thought I’d be doing at 27.
  • I stubbed my toe and it hurts so bad I think I may simultaneously faint and vomit. Why am I so wimpy?!
  • I have yet to decide whether I am most likely to end up on Hoarders, or that creepy addiction show where people eat laundry sheets and light bulbs, due to my obsession with school supplies despite being out of school for over 2 years now. Like many things, I guess time will tell 😉
  • in calmer news, I just had potato skins and a butterfinger for lunch. I am a big firm lawyer, and I have very high standards for food.

See how exciting my day to day life is? I know.  The glitz and glamour of it all can be a bit overwhelming 😉


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