Intermission: Musings re My Lawyer Life.

Although I rarely seem to find the time to sit down and write long posts about things, my faceboook status updates do not suffer in their frequency, even in my busiest times.  I decided I should try to preserve some of these here.  So here you go, a random fairly recent splattering of recent work/life balance updates from Facebook:

  • ever wonder what is exciting in the lives of lawyers? [Coworker], expressing excitement regarding his new office monitor: “It is the most amazing thing in the world. I may never leave. . . . I think it’s visible from space.”
  • while reviewing documents for work, I sometimes forget the task at hand and find myself looking a “reply” button so I can correct the person’s grammar and/or misunderstandings of basic legal terms. What is involved in “set[ting] a prescient”? What does “and so forwards” mean?
  • [Quote from hearing transcript]: Lawyer: I’ll be brief. Judge: Yes, exceptionally brief. You’re done. Lawyer: Yes, exceptionally brief–I just have two points. Judge: No. You are done. What part of ‘you’re done’ don’t you understand? Sit down counsel. …. OUCH!
  • first day of work in awhile where I have not felt like quitting and taking up a job at the zoo 😉
  • in tonight’s episode of work/life balance, I just took a break from work to do dishes and iron placemats (?!). I really need to get back to blogging. The world needs to know about all of this excitement 😉
  • not cool when the emails in my doc review are discussing a sale at Banana Republic. So tempting to stop reviewing and go shopping!
  • I know I’ve mentioned my brain’s lack of functioning before, but I’m really starting to think a majority of my brain cells did not just take a vacation but have in fact abandoned me completely.
  • decided to mix baking banana bread into my all night doc review and outlining party. Also added “do not eat all of banana bread” to my task list for the night 😉
  • I feel like this job is making me into a bipolar crazy person. I was completely happy and content yesterday afternoon, and today I’m tetering on the edge of a Michael Clayton-style conference room breakdown. Deep breaths
  • Because I rock at work-life balance, I just took a break to translate “Who let those little dogs out?” from English to Spanish. Obviously, the ability to quote a Will Ferrell skit in Spanish is important to my sanity and general well-being. (For the record, apparently its “que permiten que los pequeños perros fuera?”)
  •  successfully created a cookie budget for today (i.e. hit the gym), which will come in useful the long work night this is bound to be. 😉
  • in tonight’s edition of the exciting life and times of Michelle, I am currently working in PJs at 10pm eating goldfish and baby carrots for dinner.
  • watching Legally Blonde for the 100th time is definitely what I should be doing right now.
  •  sad times… the doc review system will be down from 11p-3a. Whatever will I do besides review docs during that time? I’m at a loss….
  • ah, morning… Time to get beat at the gym by my mom again and then proceed to work the rest of the hours into the late night. It is an exciting life I lead 😉
  • continue working or watch “Bridezillas: where are they now?” My life is full of such tough decisions 😉
  • my brain is set to explode in T-5 minutes.
  • today my job consists of figuring out what is meant by such confusing terms as “some control” and “primary actor.” See, being a lawyer IS as awesome as it seems on TV 😉
  • I’ve had people ask me about work I’ve done on two different cases last December, and I had no recollection of it. All signs are pointing to the fact that I am in fact a very old lady trapped in a 27 year old’s body.
  •  what if I don’t want to work OR bang my drum all day? Is there a third option? Please advise.
  • spending a thrilling Friday night drafting a way overdue executive summary that I just can’t find the will to write. Dear College Michelle, you wrote 20 page papers in one night. Please come back to me for just one night and help me get this done. Kthx 😉
  • unfortunately College Michelle did not visit me last night. Senior Citizen Michelle visited me instead.
  • kind of missing the good old days when I had a functioning brain. Dear Brain Cells, it’s been a few months. Let’s get back in touch.
  • I was just having a dream where something kept buzzing and I was frantically tearing my apartment apart to figure out what it was. I then woke up and realized I was laying on my cell phone, which had been buzzing with about 10 new emails coming in between 12:30a and 4:30a. Ahhhh, being a lawyer… 😉
Ok, that was probably overkill but definitely enough for now.   Exciting, right?  I should note that those are only work-related updates (I do occasionally also update about my dog and travel adventures but those are subjects for other times).

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