Friday List.. Because That is What the Cool Kids Do.

1.  I’ve said this 8 million times before and I’ll say it again… I really want to get back into blogging.   If for no other reason, to give people a better reason to find my blog, than via the following search terms:

paula franzese, martha stewart, road trip from oregon to wyoming, studying funny pictures, exams lol cat, young girl peeing

Paula Franzese is ALWAYS a top search hit on blog.  I only mentioned her once, in this post, because a particular song she would sing in BarBri class was ALWAYS stuck in my head during bar study.  It also contains a pic of the Bar Exam LOL cats. 

Martha Stewart is also ALWAYS a top hit, I think because of this post (and several others where I discussed the show).  Unfortunately, due to weather, I didn’t get to make it to the actual show. 

But why on earth is “young girl peeing” a search that somehow led to my blog?!  And why on earth would someone run a google search for that?!  Very disturbing.

2. How does “extra bold” decaf coffee exist?  Extra bold?  Really?  How is that possible?  Someone explain this to me.  Because as far as I am concerned, decaf coffee = Extra Lame.

3.  Where, oh where, did hardworking Michelle go?  She’s been MIA for about 2 months now.  I have always been a very hard working, overacheiving, save the world, and make everyone happy type.  Lately all I want to do is be lazy.  Friends and neighbors (and internet stalkers), I think I need to find a happy balance.  I can’t go back to the premature graying and wrinkling land of working 17 hours a day and taking the problems of all of my friends and family upon my shoulders, but I also can’t lounge around being a lazy bum.   Where is the happy medium?  Help me, Rhonda.

4. Apparently if I wanted to work at the zoo instead of being a lawyer, I would have to go back to school (??).  This is very disconcerting.  I can’t imagine taking on more debt to become a giraffe feeder, and that sounded like a plausible future career 😉  Maybe in-house counsel for a zoo, and I can negotiate giraffe feeding as part of my duties? 

5. I saw this dress that I LOVED at Nordtrom last time I was in Portland, but I thought, “I don’t have anywhere to wear this.  Why should I buy it?”  Now, I have somewhere to wear it, and I don’t have the dress.   Ah!  I never seem to learn my lesson to just get something when I really love it.  I’m actually very tempted to squeeze in some time to go to a Nordstrom here soon and see if the dress is still in stock.   The event is next Friday.  I really need a new dress regardless and I’m kind of dreading shopping because dresses never fit me right.  (I have some dresses but they are all to casual or too wintery for the event I’m going to).  This is why I need to stalk FIDM students and pay one to make dresses for me.


One thought on “Friday List.. Because That is What the Cool Kids Do.

  1. The reason I found your blog was hunting for information on the Martha Stewart Show on tall people. A friend of mine was behind the design of the raised cutting board. The little company that made them had real problems as the price to get on the show was to give a free board to everyone. There were almost no orders, so it was a big loss.

    But your blog was interesting, so it went to my rss reader and I look forward to your postings.

    If you use fashion students for making a dress, be sure and check out what they’ve done before starting a project. Some of them can be great and others are trying to make a statement to the world without much experience. I’ve done it a few times and have been mostly happy with the result. It is funny because I’m in the fashion biz, but nothing really fits, so having a really good tailor and reworking old pieces is how I put together outfits.

    Please, please figure out how to balance life and work and tell all of us how to do it!

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