7 Quick Takes.

Participating in 7 Quick Takes from Conversion Diary.

1) I have never been the “princess” type. 

Growing up, the princess disney movies were not my favorite.  To this day, the Lion King is probably my fave.  More have come out while I’ve been an adult so I’d have to reevaluate but that was my favorite for the longest time.  I’m pretty sure there is not a single childhood photo of me in a tutu or any sort of dress up/princessy gear.  I’ve never planned out the colors for my wedding or what my dress would be like.  (the only thing I’ve ever contemplated is location).   So I REALLY didn’t get all this Royal Wedding hype.  However, today one of my friends on facebook said, “I know there is a lot of other stuff going on in the world right now, but is it really so bad for us to focus on something happy for a day or two?”   That melted my judgmental heart a little bit.  Yes, in a world where we always focus on death and destruction and birth certificates, I think it is fair to focus on something happy now and then. 😉

2) What is up with Donald Trump?

I’ve been much too busy to focus on (1) this birther business; or (2) trump is running for president… what?!.  I am generally one to say that I LOVE the Donald.  I don’t mind his hair.  I wish he was my uncle.  And not even for the money (although I’ll take some, kthx), just so he can be at family gatherings and we can chat it up.  However, today I watched a little video on Colbert, and…. Has the Donald completely lost his mind?  He has to be a brilliant businessman to be where he is, but he sounded like the biggest idiot/crazy person in his little post-long form press conference.  You’re so proud of yourself?  Really Donald?  You want the President’s academic records?  Really?  I felt very embarrassed watching that.  I wanted to crawl in a hole and pretend I never loved the Donald.  For a second I wanted to disown him from my family and pretend we’re not related and then I was like… oh yeah, we are NOT related.  PHEW!   Good thing that whole uncle thing never happened 😉

3)  Oh, tax dollars.

I got a spring bonus yesterday.  Now, there really is no reason to complain about getting a bonus at work.  Especially a completely unexpected spring bonus.   However, it SO aggravating to see half of it get taken away by Uncles Sam and Brown.  I have worked SO hard over the past year, and it’s like really USA?!? Did you work 8000 hours?!  No you did not.  Why do you get half of my bonus?!  For some reason taking half of my regular take home pay doesn’t hurt quite as much as taking half of the money that is meant to reward me for working extra hard. 

4) Napa = Ireland of California.

Last weekend I was incredibly lucky to have a weekend off and be able to travel up to Napa for the first time ever with a coworker.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time!  We took a wine tour which was fantastic.  It was me and Meghan, and 4 couples.  I took some iPhone pics that just don’t do it justice.  I can’t wait to go back!

5) The weekend before I was in Houston, with epic allergies.

I have never really been one to suffer from allergies.  But holy moley.  In Houston, I woke up several days in a row with my eyes swollen shut.  I  just looked horribly hung over every morning but it was the Texas pollen working a number on me.  However, it was worth it because I was there to celebrate birthdays with my BFF Krissi, and for her baby shower for her first baby (scheduled to arrive in July 2011!).  They are trying to sway me to move to Texas and as much as I would LOVE to be closer to Krissi, and own a house for less than $500K, I don’t know if I could handle that allergy business.  Good grief!   Here is one pic from the baby shower (note my still swollen eyes):

5)  Shortly before that, I was in Portland.

I originally went to Portland for a weekend for my friend Joni’s 30th Birthday in mid-march, but then turned around and drove back for 2.5 weeks when I realized work was still going to be slow.  I had a fantastic time, and so did Ellie.  She LOVES all of the smells of Oregon, and having a Grandma, Auntie, and Cousin around in addition to just me.  I feel a little bad for Ellie when I’m home in California.  I think she must have come from a family, because she is always the happiest when there are more humans around.   The time went by way too fast.  At one point I hung out with a boy I used to babysit.  How weird is that?  How old am I?   Where does all of the time go???   I can’t wait for my next chance to go back 🙂    PS to random people finding my blog who are in or plan to visit Portland… Mothers Bistro is delicious!  Here’s a pic of me and Joni on one of my final days in town the last time around (at Mothers). 

6) I have a life.. what?

These past few points make it seem that I really have a life.  I have managed to have some amazing down time after months of brutal hours.   There are so many more stories and pictures to go with these trips, but unfortunately the work is picking back up again so I don’t really have time to recount it all right now 😉  But I wanted to get this all out here in case things go dark again 😉

7) 15 over a decade late?

Something potentially VERY exciting is happening tomorrow.  I really should not write about this but I can’t help it because I’m excited!  I am going on a first date with someone, and apparently we have decided to make it Bachelor/Bachelorette style.   Minus the 30 other hopefuls and camera crew following us around.  The Bachelor influence is that we are taking a day trip to an island.  Who does that on the first date?!  Apparently we do.   I am going to wait to write anything further until it has actually happened, because it has the chance to be really amazing or really a flop.   Here’s hoping it’s the former 😉


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