Sugar Mama Vibes and Feminism.

I want so bad to blog more often and I keep failing at it.  Kind of like I want to get into twitter, but every time I log in and tweet “I’m giving this another shot.”  and then that is my only tweet for months until the next one.  Sigh.

After 8 pretty brutal months of very long hours, I have suddenly entered a relaxing phase.  Last month was my lowest month in a long time, and this month will probably be lower.  I’m just taking it easy though because I know things are about to get CRAZY again.  In the meantime, many things are going on and I should be blogging about them!  Like the rest of my trip in Oregon, or my trip to Houston, or my recent plague, or the fact that I am oozing sugar mama and/or floosy vibes lately because I have been getting hit on A LOT.  I wonder if there is something about the look of a person when they have just come back from the dead that is very attractive?  I don’t think I’m an ugly girl, and I don’t mean to be self-deprecating and be all “there is NO other reason someone would hit on me” but I promise you it has been an alarming rate lately.  Like I’m not even going out anywhere, but every time I enter the public, it happens.  On a plane, in Starbucks, at the Ford dealership getting my 30,000 mile service.   All in the last few days.  It’s bananas. 

This weekend I am going to Napa with a girl friend from work.  Both of us have logged RIDICULOUS hours over the past several months.  The fact that we have a weekend off at the same time is amazing.  That combined with the fact that I’ve never been to Napa, and that Spring Bonuses will be hitting our bank accounts in a week, means that I will probably not exercise as much restraint as I should this weekend.  I hope to take tons of pictures, and actually update about it. 

Speaking of girl friends (sort of), on my recent flight home from Houston, I was stuck sitting next to an uberfeminist.  Now, normally I am not one to knock feminism.  As a 27 year old single, childless 6’3″ female big firm lawyer, I am not exactly the portrait of the traditional woman.  However, once a feminist starts putting me down, I start to get a little antsy.  This girl was sighing and rolling her eyes and throwing herself back in her seat the whole time.  Everything I did annoyed her.  She was reading a book called “Dillusions of Gender.”   I felt the very strong urge to say the following:

“Look, I am sorry that I shower, and shave, and wear make-up and read silly magazines, but you are not exactly a peach to sit next to either.  So why don’t we just take a deep breath and try to get through this together?”

Seriously, feminists.  I am not the enemy.  Chill out.

But for now, I need to get to work, because I do still actually do that sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Sugar Mama Vibes and Feminism.

  1. I have been criticized by some feminists for (a) being thin, (b) wearing my hair long and (c) wearing pretty clothing. One even told me that because I’m tall I have a special duty to feminism to present a better image and I shouldn’t be wearing feminine dresses and nice shoes because somehow that makes me a sellout.

    • I find it funny that people who are SO against intolerance and stereotyping are so intolerant and stereotype so much. A feminist insulting a woman just because she is dressed like a woman, seems so contradictory, doesn’t it? The point is supposed to be “you don’t have to wear dresses if you don’t want to.” To which we should be able to reply, “…but we want to!” 🙂

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