Not Just a Boring Lawyer.

Coming out of 8 solid months of working insane hours, and often having little to no life outside of work to speak of, I found myself telling a friend at dinner recently, “I feel like I have nothing to talk about.  All I do is work, and talking about work is super boring to non-lawyers, and honestly, kinda boring to most of us lawyers too, but we just don’t know what else to talk about.”

That has been the thought in the back of my mind for months, and it has paralyzed me in social situations (“I’m pretty sure these people do not care about the complexities of civil RICO, but what else do I talk about?! The weather? What is the weather? What month is it again?”).  When did I become this nerdy, awkward recluse who doesn’t know how to talk in groups?  Often, people who do really well in law school are like that.  But I pride myself on the fact that I did really well in law school and I am not like that.   So I am desperately trying to pull myself back out of nerdy lawyer land.  

And I have realized that I do have plenty to talk about that is not law related.  I’m not just a lawyer.  I’m a friend and family member.  I’m a shopper, a traveler, a photographer, an artist, an eater.  Mmm eater.  I love me some good food.  I think that I’m a boring person sometimes, and then I remember that I have lived on an army base in Alaska, a farm in Tennessee, a beach house in Malibu, a borderline sketchy flat in the heart of London.  I have ridden a scooter down a mountain in Switzerland.  I have walked across a shaky rope bridge hundreds of feet above the ocean in Northern Ireland.  I have peed in the bathroom at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Did you know there is a bathroom up there?  There is, and I have a photo of it hanging in my own bathroom now.  Not the peeing, just the bathroom.  I do have some boundaries  😉

This is a picture of me today in my office.   I’m in the office to phone in for an out of state deposition (I ❤ technology) and the deponent hasn’t shown up yet.   See, it’s true!  I’m not just a lawyer, I’m a painter, traveler, bargain shopper, and published author, among other things.  How do I forget that sometimes?

One thought on “Not Just a Boring Lawyer.

  1. I am a lawyer and my hours usually consist of getting to work at 8am, working until 5:30, getting home by 6:00 and working at home until 11pm. Wash, rinse, repeat. Of the 7 nights of the week, I find I usually work 5 of them, and also spend all of Sunday working. I used to be fun. I used to have fun. I used to know what fun was. I used to love playing my guitar and writing short stories – I haven’t done either in about 18 months. Maybe I’m all doom and gloom here, but if your schedule is like mine, then no, you are not a friend and family member. Neither are you a shopper, a traveler, a photographer, an artist, an eater. You are a lawyer. And if you’re like me, you’re starting to realize that that is not such a good thing.

    If you figure out a way to break out of it, please let me know, because I find that I’m in the minotaur’s maze without my trusty ball of twine.

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