The Dream of the 90s is Still Alive.

I have never felt more “Portland” than I did yesterday.  I was bra-less, make-upless, hair a frizzy undone mess, wearing yoga pants and flip flops, driving down to the Portland waterfront to get an organic spray tan at The Organic Bronze Bar

It was while scarfing down a piece of pizza at Pizza Schmizza pre-spray tan with my friend Joni, she told me all about the show “Portlandia.”   I’d seen some mentions of it on friends’ facebooks but hadn’t taken the time to check it out.  The best part of the whole thing?  This music video:

Remember the dream of the 90s?  When people were generally unambitious, wanted to sleep all day, and had no career ambitions whatsoever, except maybe work at a coffee shop for a few hours a day?  The dream is alive in Portland.

So true people.  I was downtown shopping with my mom yesterday, and I totally forgot what the Portland hipsters/hippie homeless people were like.  And then last night I went to a bar with a friend near the south waterfront to hear her friend’s band play, and I was SUPER overdressed in my skinny jeans, black vneck top and gold necklace.  Everyone else was wearing flannel, TOMS and Columbia jackets.  At a bar, on a Friday night, listening to a live band.  This is Portland, people.  Having been away for 4.5 years, I’ve forgotten these things. 

I’ve also largely forgotten what 50 degrees feels like.  To Oregonians, a 50 degree day with no rain is a “nice day.”   However, I bundle up before walking Ellie if temps in L.A. drop below 70.   What am I to do in this place?  Especially when, even after visiting a few times a year for the past 4 years, and everytime nearly freezing to death, I still forget every single time to bring warm clothing.   What is a coat anyway?

Tonight, I am going salsa dancing for my friend Joni’s 30th birthday.  I wonder what salsa dancers wear in Portland?  Also hipster flannel?  Time will tell.


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