Epic Chair Hunt.

Yesterday morning, my mom and I spent most of the morning searching all over the Northern Los Angeles area (e.g., Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge) looking for a chair for my new desk.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew I would know it when I saw it.  It was like my only little reality show a la “Say Yes to the Dress” except it was “Say Yes to the Chair.”  I finally found the PERFECT chair at Costplus World Market in Glendale.  Perfect pattern, perfect color, perfect style.  I was sold immediately.  “I SAY YES TO THE CHAIR!” I wanted to scream throughout the store.  And then they would interview me about how happy I was to have finally found the chair of my dreams, and then show home video footage of me sitting in the chair in my loft, living happily ever after.  (If you haven’t seen Say Yes to the Dress, probably none of that made any sense).

However, as it turns out, Cost Plus apparently likes to keep lots of things on the floor that they don’t actually have in stock, has a firm “no selling floor models policy” and told me I could get a raincheck and get the chair in two weeks.  Seriously?!  I was heart broken.  But not to be deterred, I continued searching the floor, and found another chair I liked.  Not as perfect as the first one, but it had its own special charm.  Alas, the “we don’t actually keep things in stock and won’t sell you this one” jerk policy struck again.  I was envisioning that scene in Runaway Bride where the sales woman in the bridal shop kept insisting that Julia Roberts couldn’t afford the dress in the window and Richard Gere was all “she’s getting the dress!” as he took the manikin out of the window and carried it back to the dressing room.  I wanted to just pick up that chair and say, “I’m getting the chair!” and carry it off to the front of the store.  However, unlike the movie where it all works out and Julia gets her perfect dress, my story would probably only end in me getting physically removed by security.  Sad times. 

(As a side note, why did I keep comparing finding the perfect chair to a wedding dress?  Yet another sign that I might be in need of counseling of some kind ;-).  And/or continue working on this whole “balance” thing so I stop thinking finding the perfect DESK chair for work is the most important decision in my life! ;-)). 

However, there was a really nice chair that I loved at a Home Goods in La Cañada.  However, it was more $$$ than I had wanted to spend.  I could totally afford the chair, I’m just still a major bargain shopper despite what I “can afford.”  But ultimately, my mom convinced me to go back for that chair and I’m glad she did!  It’s bigger and more comfortable than the “perfect” chair at Cost Plus, and it looks great in my space. 

After my marathon morning of chair hunting, I spent the rest of the afternoon into the late hours of the night sitting in that chair working.  Perfect timing I guess?

Pride & Joy 😉

Edit:  I’ve added a photo.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!

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