Too Little Time Strikes Again.

I found out yesterday that my health insurance was cancelled because apparently the system said I elected to waive my insurance, and since I did not review those changes before the end of open enrollment, my insurance was terminated.  Now, they tell me, nothing can be done unless I have a “qualifying event” (e.g. get married or have babies).  As if the CONSTANT engagement ring advertisements on FB were not enough, now suddenly my employer is telling me I need to get married.  I know I’m single and almost 27, but sheesh!  😉   I got the email about my insurance while sitting in a deposition and almost yelled, “whaaaat?!?” and had to walk out of the room to deal with it before I flipped out like that guy in Michael Clayton who cracks in a depo and starts taking all of his clothes off. 

I’m beyond frustrated but this is not the place to discuss all of the details.  The point is that I have been so busy, that I neglected to notice my insurance was getting terminated.   I’ve also been so busy, that I neglected to notice a credit card I never use had an annual fee that wasn’t paid.  The credit card was cancelled, along with all of my accrued airline miles and along with, I’m sure, a nice hit to my credit rating.  Of course, I don’t have time to check my credit rating, so who knows what it is these days.

The thing is… It’s not that I actually don’t have time to read through my mail.  There actually are hours in the day that I am not working.  However, when those limited hours occur, I am so EXHAUSTED that the last thing I want to do is sit and read through what I assume to be junk mail.  I don’t want to clean.  I don’t want to go grocery shopping.  I don’t want to get gas.  I don’t want to call my bank and haggle over why I was charged a fee that makes no sense.  I don’t want to go hang out with friends.  All I want to do is sleep or watch TV.   

So now I have one more reason to bring some balance back into my life.  This girl needs health insurance and a decent credit score.

In other news, I ordered a new book this week about “dar[ing] to live fully right where you are.”  I thought it sounded perfect for me, because I am the kind of person that is always looking ahead and missing what is going on right now.  For most of last year I was focused on just making it through my first year, with no focus at all on actually enjoying that year.   So I’m hoping this book can help me out.  However, nobody warned me that the very first paragraph of the very first chapter contains fairly graphic details about the author getting birthed.  Now maybe that rings beautiful with all the mothers out there that are likely reading this book as well, but for this 26 year old single woman who is mortified by the concept of birthing a baby, I really do not need to read about emerging through one’s mothers “tearing ring of fire” and how “[f]rom the diameter of her fullness, I empty her out–and she bleeds.”   If someone could have just blocked out those first three paragraphs for me and wrote “Ann was born,” that would have been AWESOME.  This is like when I was watching a slide-show of a relative’s home birth, unsuspecting that there would be actual graphic photos of the actual birth among the photos.   Seriously, somebody needs to lie to me and tell me that babies really do still come from storks, or I am never getting pregnant.   I felt like I needed a stiff drink after reading that.  Which I’m pretty sure is not the point of the book. 

Anyway, I have high hopes that it will be good.  I will wait to post the title/author until I’ve actually read more of it and can give a legitimate recommendation 😉


3 thoughts on “Too Little Time Strikes Again.

  1. Chelle,
    You’re writing never ceases to amazed me or cause me to laugh so hard my ribs ache from the uncontrolled laughter.
    However, I was not making light of the lack of insurance and the plights you have had to deal with.
    I like that you make lemonade out of lemons even though I’m not peticularly fond of lemonade(Lol)
    Keep em’ coming and I’ll keep grabbing the tissue as water spurts out my nose as I’m trying to get my daily water intake.

    • Haha thanks Aunt Nettie! My typical reaction to anything going wrong is to freak out for 20 minutes like it’s the end of the world, and then realize it is not actually the end of the world, and then try to find some humor in the situation if at all possible because laughing is more fun than stewing in bad feelings about an unfortunate situation 🙂

      That stinks that you don’t like lemonade… what are you supposed to do with your lemons?!? 😉

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