What Are These Things People Call “Weekends”?

Once upon a time I lived in Europe and had 4-day “weekends” every week, and as a result I was able to go to classes Tues-Thurs and travel around The Continent Friday-Monday.  Once upon a time I was slow at work and spent my 2-3 day weekends jet setting to visit various friends and family around the country.  Once upon a time I was SO slow at work that I spent my weekends sitting around my house being depressed and thinking about ways to blow this pop stand (as in, leave L.A.  Not blow anything up, ok FBI?). 

But those once-upon-a-times are long gone.  As I already mentioned, for the last… too many months to count (8?) I have rarely had any time off.  “Weekends” are just days I feel less guilty about working from home in PJs and not showering.  Every once in awhile the stars align, the clouds part, bells ring, angels get some wings, and I find myself with one whole day off (as in a weekend day off).  However, due to my ridiculous schedule I usually spend that one day in PJs, unshowered, and watching a marathon of reality TV.   But not this past weekend!  I found myself with little work to do on a Saturday, and I decided to (wait for it…) put real clothes on and go out into the world!  I didn’t do anything super exciting…. I did a walk through of my new apartment, got the keys, went to lunch, shopped for (but didn’t find) a dining room set.  However, I wasn’t working and therefore my heart rejoiced.   (Of course, as a result of taking a day off I found myself completely overwhelmed with work on Sunday/Monday and as a sidenote hormal which sent me into crying “omg WHY CAN’T I JUST HAVE A WEEKEND OFF LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE?!” people hysterics.  But that’s another story.  And probably not a blog appropriate story.  So just pretend I didn’t share that ;-)). 

This coming weekend, I am going to attempt the impossible…. and try to take another Saturday off.  Two consecutive Saturdays in a row.  I know.  The Nerve.  However, this girl needs to move into her new apartment and get settled in, so I can hopefully start creeping back toward some sense of sanity.  In the meantime, I have plenty of work to catch up on this week.  I am also hoping to paint a few walls in the new place one night this week.  And you know, hopefully also pack and get some sleep.  We’ll see how it all works out.   Please pardon my failing at consistent posting until I settle in.


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