Things Are Changing Around Here.

Several of my friends have recently commented, “Michelle has risen from the dead!”  And I have.  You see, from about July until late December I have been a gloomy shell of my former self.  I went from dogless, dateless, and workless (had a job, just nothing to do) in June to dog-owning, dating, and worked-to-death by July.   And I kept thinking eventually the whirlwind would slow down, but no such luck.   And I’m not gonna lie.. I was pretty miserable.   I was miserable before… when I was ridiculously slow at work, recently broken-up with my boyfriend of 3+ years, closest friends and family members all very far away… and before I really got a chance to deal with all of that and pick myself back up off the ground, I suddenly got insanely busy with everything.  No time to think.  No time to sleep.  No time to be.  A whole different kind of misery ensued. 

Currently, I’m still crazy busy but somehow with a little break at home (in Portland), and the turning of the Calendar to a new year, I feel renewed.  After getting completely lost in all of the craziness over the past 9-10 months, I’m ready to get everything under control again.  To remember that I have friends and family and hobbies again.  And non-work related goals.   Oddly, I’m much happier at work than I was prior to this crazy busy spell, but I’m also ready to work out some semblence of “work/life balance.”  I’m ready to start taking pictures again, and writing again, and dreaming again.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.  Stay tuned 🙂

Another new thing: moving to a new loft by the end of the month.  And I have decided NOT to get cable.  It is so easy after a long day of work to justify plopping on the couch for several hours of mindless TV (that I often don’t even particularly care to watch) and then drifting off to sleep.  How easy is it to sit down in front of a big screen with 100+ channels, find absolutely nothing interesting to watch, and still sit there and watch something anyway just for the sake of watching something?  (Besides, I can always catch Top Model on the internet.)

I want time to read and write and hang out with friends again, without the temptation to turn on a marathon of HGTV.  We’ll see how it goes.  I made it for 4 months without TV in Europe, I can do it again!


4 thoughts on “Things Are Changing Around Here.

    • Yeah you should! I just saw your comment from November saying you hoped I’d start blogging again… Your wish is my command! 😉

  1. Glad to see you back! I’m sorry things have been rough, though.

    I will say that I have really enjoyed seeing all the photo posts about your puppy on FB. She’s so cute!

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