Oh Celebrity Bloggers….

Sometimes I think about how much it would ROCK to be a so-called “celebrity blogger.”  Mainly for two reasons:  (1) I LOVE to write; and (2) my happiest place is in sweatpants sitting at my desk in my loft, or in a cozy corner of a coffee shop, reading and working away on something.  However, this will likely never happen… especially given that lately it takes everything in me to work up the motivation to post in here once a week, if not once a month.   To be fair though, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately that isn’t public blog material, not to mention that my daily life as a business litigator is a bit of a buzz-kill for public blogging activity.   If I ever were to be a serious blogger, I can pretty much guarantee I would not be writing to you about business, the law, or politics.  I like travel.  I like food.  I like photography.  I like fun.  I like putting a silly spin on crazy, maddening things that happen in my life.  😉 

I want to be able to work from home in sweatpants… and celebrity blogging is like winning the lottery…. so what can I do instead?  Hmmmmm……


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