Bromantic Weekends in L.A.

This is a way delayed post, but we did some really fun things around L.A. and so I wanted to make a post about it.

Awhile back (I can’t even remember now…), my older brother, Will, came out to L.A. to spend a Friday and Saturday with me.  Whenever he comes to visit, we tend to go out and do things that would be very fun to do on a date, which is why I refer to it here as a “bromantic” weekend.  We always have a super fun time, even though we’re only siblings and I’m currently as single as can be.   Despite the activities being well suited for dating, it doesn’t make me wish I had a boyfriend again, but it does make me wish I saw my bro more often 🙂

Friday, we drove out to Malibu and decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants on the pier.  There is the Beachcomber Cafe which looked like a nice, classy place and a little too expensive for what we had in mind.  (I can’t remember now, but at the time we wanted salads with chicken and it was something like $6 to add chicken to a salad there).  So we kept walking on down to the end of the pier to check out Ruby’s.  There, you could get a salad with chicken for $8.95.   Sold!   We decided to eat there on their roof top deck.  The view and the weather were fantastic!  My resulting sunburn… Not so fantastic. 

Will at Ruby's on the Malibu Pier

Will & I after lunch. Cute couple, right?! 😉

From there, we took a little stroll on the beach and then headed to Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream (aka Buyo).  Back when I lived in Malibu, my mom and brother would come out to visit me for a weekend here and there, and we would always go here on the last day while waiting for pictures of the weekend’s adventures to be printed at CVS.  So it has a little bit of a sad feeling attached when my brother and I go there together, but it’s still delicious.  And they have revamped the place.  It used to be a hole-in-the-wall type place.  But they have painted the walls and added some furniture and accessories/art in there so it actually looks like a place that charges crazy amounts of money for ice cream now 😉 

From there, we headed to Santa Monica to do a little shopping on Third Street while we waited to meet up with a few friends for dinner.  Third Street is always a fun place to go in L.A. when I want to do something but I’m not sure what to do.  There are plenty of fun stores just to look in, plenty of stores I can actually afford to buy things in, lots of places to eat, drink, or just sit and relax and people watch.  Our stint on Third Street turned a little crazy because I had something come up via phone/email and my iPhone died midway through it all.  I ended up going to the Apple store to buy a charger but they were expensive and I didn’t even know where I’d plug it in so I left.  Then after much pacing I went back and tried to find a clever place in the store to plug my phone into one of their chargers just to get enough battery life to finish my emailing.   Thank you Apple store for saving the day… but if you could make the next iPhone not die so fast, that would be great.  You hear that Steve?

Saturday morning we got up and walked down to Starbucks for breakfast, and then we walked over to the L.A. Live area to see what time Iron Man 2 was playing.  It just so happened a show was starting pretty soon after we got there, so we bought tickets.  The movie was amazing!  I still haven’t seen Iron Man 1, but I loved the second movie.  Like a true girl, when I came out of the movie the thing that was most on my mind was Scarlet Johansson’s red hair in the movie.  I desperately wanted red hair again.   Will and I decided to walk back to my apartment (a little over a mile) and get Subway on the way.  That was a good and bad idea.  We both kind of felt like we were going to die in the final blocks.  Word to wise: a bagel will not hold you over for 2.4 miles total of walking + sitting through a 2+ hour movie.

Back at my place, we ate our Subway sandwiches and watched TV to relax for a little while before deciding to head out to do some shopping at the Beverly Center.  Will left with some much needed new shorts, and I left with two amazing pairs of shoes, which were on clearance for $17 each + tax.  I’ve worn one of the pairs almost every day since then.  They are grey and I am obsessed with the color grey right now.  

From there, we headed back to my apartment and ended up watching an amazing Lakers game while eating a dinner “cooked” by me (technically prepared by the folks at Trader Joes but I heat it up and put it into bowls, ok?).  Earlier in the weekend, I had mentioned the possibility of going up to the Griffith Observatory.  Will asked if we could still do that (it was 8:30ish by this point).   A quick look online revealed that it closed at 10pm.  It’s a 20 minute drive from my place so we decided to hurry out the door and go.  I’m so glad we did!  Nearly 4 years in L.A. and I’d never been to the Griffith Observatory at night before.   It was a beautiful, clear night.  The city lights were amazing, the views were amazing.  They have lots of telescopes set up so you can look at planets and clusters of stars.   If you live in the L.A. area and have not been here yet, you need to go.  Day or night, there are amazing views and plenty to do, and the best part, almost all of it is FREE.   During the day, you can check out the indoor exhibits, hike, picnic, or just take in the amazing views.  At night, you can still check out the exhibits, stargaze, check out planets from the various telescopes they have set up (but warning.. they close those down about 9:30 and lines form so get there early!), or just check out the amazing views of city lights.   It’s a very romantic place to go at night.  Pretty much everyone else there were couples.  We didn’t feel awkward and out of place though (just be aware that the place will make you very aware of your singleness if you go at night!).   

After our Griffith Observatory adventure, it was time for Will to head back home and thus the end of this installment of “Bromantic Weekends in L.A.”

2 thoughts on “Bromantic Weekends in L.A.

  1. I hope you blog again soon, you have a way with words that captivate and keep peoples attention, beside inquiring minds want to know…

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