Little Glimpses of Houston.

I am mustering up the energy to write a little bit about my spontaneous trip to Houston a few weeks ago.   A few weeks ago I was chatting on the phone one night with my best friend from law school, Krissi (who was technically the spouse of a law student, but definitely deserving of an honarary degree!) catching up when I randomly decided to check ticket prices for that weekend to go to Houston.  Long story short, I found some surprisingly good prices for a last minute trip and before the night was over, I was booked for a trip to Houston a few days later. 

The first night in Houston we (Adam, Krissi, and I) went to Ninfa’s for dinner (a famous and delicious Mexican Food establishment in Houston).  I don’t have any pictures of this, but it was delicious and very fun.  Why oh why is it so hard to get “queso” here on the west coast?!  Back at home, we played a few of our favorite games… Settlers and Rockband! 🙂

The next morning, we met up with a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for 6 years, and went to the West Gray Cafe together for breakfast.  Also delicious and fun, also no pictures :-/

After that, Krissi and I did what we do best, or at least one of the things we do best: we went shopping.  The overall shopping experience was anti-climatic, but at one point I really needed a snack, and so we went down to the food court so I could get something to eat and we sat down and chatted for awhile.  Lo and behold, a friend of Krissi’s who she hadn’t seen since high school happened to sit down at the table right next to us.  We went over to his table and chatted with him for awhile and it was one of those things that didn’t seem like just a coincidence, it seemed like what us Christians call a “divine appointment.” 

We got back to the apartment and convinced Adam to go out to Lucky Strike (bowling) with us.  We got ready to go and walked over to the bowling alley, with no idea what was in store.  We were really hungry and the wait was really long for bowling, so we went over to the bar/restaurant side first to get something to eat.  While we were eating, we noticed these two older women standing up dancing to the music.  They looked like they were having a lot of fun.  Soon, Krissi stood up at our booth and started dancing.  Adam and I kept sitting so she decided to go over and dance with the other women.  Soon, they persuaded Adam to come over.  Then, they got me.  Now, I don’t dance, but I realized I would look more dumb just standing there than if I danced with them, so I danced.  Then, the other women’s husbands stood up.  For awhile it was the seven of us dancing away together.  Soon, there were these two older white couples in very sunday-morning-church-like attire who came over and were sort of slow dancing next to us to the fast music.  Krissi somehow got them to liven it up a little.  And before we knew it, we had around 30 random strangers dancing with us.   People would come over and ask how we all knew each other and/or what we were celebrating and we’d say “we’re all strangers, we’re just having fun!” and we were told multiple times that we were “the funnest people on the planet.”  I agree, when can I expect my award?  Unfortunately, I was too busy dancing to take pics, but I do have a couple of shots from the beginning of it all:

Lucky Strike Dancing

Dancing 2

It was one of the most fun and random nights I have had in a really long time and possibly ever.  We never ended up bowling.   We finished off the night with more Settlers!

The next day, Sunday, our friend Nicole came down to spend the day with us.  I met Nicole during law school when I went to Houston for Spring Break and we were instant friends.  It turned out Adam had to work, so Krissi, Nicole, and I took a girls day trip to the Kemah Boardwalk.  It was pretty epic.  There were pirate ships going by throwing beads (which Krissi caught a ton of for us), Krissi won a pink stuffed dog at one of the games, we took photo booth pictures in a photo sweat lodge (it was so ridiculously hot in there I thought we might die). 

All of Us (Kemah Boardwalk)

My Legs Can ALLLLMOST Ride By Themselves.

We also went on a bunch of the carnival rides, including a roller coaster that I was scared to go on, which was BRUTAL.  We all were terrified the whole time and got crazy whiplash.  Once we were off, we walked to a nearby starbucks and Krissi went to find us some cooling rags and some sort of tylenol to recover. 

Starbucks "Spa Recovery"

While in Starbucks, a couple at the table next to us struck up a conversation with us.  For awhile we chatted about random things (where we’re all from, what we do for a living, etc. etc.).   At some point, the convo switched from randomness to Christianity.  It turned out the other couple were Christians, and its complicated to put into words all that was said, but again it felt like it was more than just a coincidence. 

Back at Adam & Krissi’s apartment, we played a game of Settlers (can you tell I love that game) while eating Pizza, and then us girls went out and sat by the pool and chatted for a little while until Nicole needed to leave.  Adam & Krissi live in this amazing apartment building in downtown Houston, and Sunday happened to not be particularly humid so it was a really nice, cool, humid free night out there by the pool surrounded by city lights. 

Overall, it was a great trip and I was bummed to have to go home early Monday morning 😦


3 thoughts on “Little Glimpses of Houston.

    • Oh man…. I had a crazy experience with that on Saturday! There was a cycling race in downtown L.A. which meant many of the roads into/out of downtown were closed. I left the Grove (about 6 miles from downtown) at about 1:30pm, starting to feel a little hungry but thinking I could wait until I got home to eat…. BAD IDEA. It took me about 2 hours to finally find a way into downtown L.A. I contemplated just abandoning my car and walking home multiple times but all the neighborhoods surrounding downtown are not the kind of place to leave a nice, shiny car. And also not the kind of place for a girl such as myself to pull over a nice, shiny car and wander around in search of food. Somehow I made it home without dying and/or giving up and stopping at some sketchy place for food…. it was insane.

      • Yikes! Glad you made it ok!

        And speaking of downtown LA, when I went to LA for the Rose Bowl, we stayed downtown at the Westin Bonaventure. I like that whenever a show or movie shows the LA skyline, I can usually pick out the hotel — or at very least the big cylindrical white building across the street 🙂

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