Haze, Haze, Go Away.

The pollution in L.A. today is RIDICULOUS!  There have been many days where I can see an orangish/dirty cloud hovering off in the distance and I think, “wow, it’s smoggy today!”   But today, when I walked out of my apartment building to head to work, I felt like my eyes were blurry from the haze.  I was kind of grossed out by walking to work in such thick smog, imagining it latching on to my clothes and hair for dear life.  GROSS.

The “nice” thing about pollution is that it makes many people in Los Angeles grateful for rain.  Whenever it rains in L.A., the sweet storm system carries all of our gross pollution away.  I have no idea where the pollution goes (I know it doesn’t just magically disappear), but it leaves L.A. for a little while.  As luck should have it, it is supposed to rain tomorrow. 

Weather is so funny.  In L.A., we’re grateful for a day of rain to carry away the pollution.  Also, it is always big news when it is going to rain because it happens so rarely that it is considered super newsworthy (except for this season.. we’ve actually been getting rain quite a bit).  The weather man sees clouds coming from days away and those little teaser news commercials are all “omg, clouds are coming next week… what does it mean for the Southland?!?!”   Not to mention whenever it rains there is almost always a deadly car accident on one freeway or another, and there are always fears of mudslides because those fancy fires we tend to have in the summer put all of our hillside homes in danger once water falls from the sky on occassion in the following spring.   When it rains, a lot of people refuse to go anywhere.  Last Tuesday, I wanted to go check out this young adults group but it started raining and I decided it would not be a good idea to try to drive to Pasadena (less than 20 minutes away) in the rain.  Rain is a big deal down here. 

Contrast that with Portland: SUN is a big deal.  Like we in L.A. need a day of rain to clear away our pollution, those in Portland need a day of sun now and then to clear away their gloomy weather depression 😉  “Sun Breaks” are actually newsworthy in Portland.  I’ve had people in L.A. ask me what exactly a sun break is.  The chance that the clouds might part for a moment, in the midst of twenty straight days of rain, is a big deal in Portland.  The weather man sees that possible sun break coming from days away and is like “omg… the clouds might part for 5 minutes next Thursday.  Everyone get ready to break out your shorts!”  Everyone goes outside when it’s sunny.  Sun is big deal up there. 

On an unrelated note, somebody found my blog by searching for “Procrastination Coach Los Angeles.”  Sadly, I am not a procrastination coach, although I am in need of one.   I told myself starting Monday I was not going to have bagels for breakfast, and not going to have white mocha in my coffee anymore.  Already failed on both of those……


One thought on “Haze, Haze, Go Away.

  1. I completely understand the “sun break” thing. We rarely get those here during the winter. Actually, this past week has been sun-less as well. the next 6 days are all forecasted to be rainy as well. Boooooo.

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