Holy Headache!

This morning I woke up with a brutal headache (and my upstairs neighbor sauntering around his/her apartment at 8am in heels, which totally makes sense for 8am on a Saturday, right?  I clean my place at 8am on Saturdays in heels too…. don’t you?).   Of course, I jumped to the most rational thought possible:  “Is my brain bleeding?”  As you can see, I like to keep things rational, and not jump to the worst possible conclusions 😉

Turns out I managed to forget to drink any coffee for 2 days!  What is wrong with me?  How could I forget to drink that sweet nectar of life for two whole days?  I have no idea.  But after I ate a bagel to calm the barfy feeling I felt from waking up starving due to not having an ADR lunch* yesterday, I was off to Starbucks.  It only took about two sips for my headache to begin to subside.  Addiction much?

I think I am never going to give up coffee, and I am just going to give up trying.  Technically, coffee isn’t all that bad for you anyway.  It’s the sugar and cream that are bad (and particularly the white mocha syrup that I like in my iced coffee.. which is getting cut from my daily intake here real soon).  At a women’s event at work last week we had a session with this meditation/relaxation/nutritionist lady and she said two things which made her my favorite nutritionist ever:

1) coffee in the morning is ok (and coffee is actually good for you, hellooo antioxidants!), just drink a full glass of water first; AND

2) a glass of red wine in the evenings is totally good for you.

Ooooo, actually it was three things:

3) chocolate, in moderation, is good for you.

Three things that I love, love, love have some positive health benefits! Woohoo!  I usually am not a fan of nutritionist people, because I hate when they tell me things I don’t want to hear (ie stop eating so much sugar and carbs blah blah blah).

I don’t really have a point to this post besides…. I heart coffee ❤

*ADR LUNCH- when  I eat lunch at work, I tend to eat a HUGE lunch (sandwich, salad, fruit, chips, and a big cookie at a minimum).   Yesterday I didn’t work, and I only had a PB&J for lunch.  Confused my ADR expanded belly big time.


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