Goodbye for Now, Facebook.

Yesterday I decided to (temporarily) deactivate my facebook.  Knowing myself, I’m actually pretty surprised I’ve managed to leave it deactivated for nearly 24 hours.  All the details regarding why are too personal for public blogging and overall not important, but suffice it to say I’m going to try to leave it deactivated for a little while, although definitely not forever.   Besides my hundreds of albums of pictures on FB, it really is the only way I stay in touch with a lot of people who I wouldn’t otherwise be in touch with.

In the meantime, hopefully I’ll update my blog a little more regularly 🙂

3 thoughts on “Goodbye for Now, Facebook.

    • Yeah I didn’t actually deactivate for time reasons… but now I’m realizing just how much time I spent on that site… ridiculous!!

      Back in high school/college I used to “fast” things for a month, each month a new thing… and giving pretty much anything up for a month is a great cure for addictions. I used to drink soda all the time and watch a lot of tv and ever since I gave them up for a month each all those years ago, I rarely drink soda and I could do with or without TV. I think I’m going to try to give up FB for a full month, so that when I return I won’t be so consumed with it anymore 🙂

  1. Didn’t I get a message from you on there the other day? 🙂 I’m gusesing you didn’t make it a full month, but a few days is good too. Lately, I’ve just taken to checking it on my iPhone here and there. It’s part of my morning and bedtime routine, but I don’t do anything other than check the most recent status updates, family updates and any message I’ve received. I’m on and off in about 5 minutes. I feel like I miss a lot by not being more plugged in, but oh well!

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