Hello 26.

Last night I squandered my final hours of 25 sleeping, and today I turned 26.   Sleeping early because I had just returned from 3 days and 2 nights of camping, where I slept about 3 hours one night and maybe 6 hours the second night.  I am too old for all this lack of sleep business these days.  So the second I get a chance to go to bed at 8pm, I take it, regardless of how lame it makes me 😉

Today has been a generally fantastic day.*

  • I’m currently in Oregon visiting the fam, and my mom surprised me this morning with Maple Bars (my favorite donuts), Chocolate Cake (my favorite thing, EVER), and flowers.
  • I called American Express to resolve a fraud issue and a live, human being answered on the first ring (?!).
  • I woke up to rain but the clouds quickly parted and the sun came out and for the most part it has been a BEAUTIFUL day here in Portland!
  • We (mom & I) went to the mall where I finally had a long overdue appointment with a friend who works at the MAC counter in Nordstrom and I splurged on new MAC make-up.  Happy Birthday to me 🙂
  • We had lunch at Panda Express (my choice.. I love that place).
  • Then we drove to the Woodburn Outlets because I wanted to shop at the Banana Republic Outlet store.  I left with quite a haul of new tops for $67, with a savings of $217!  Insanity, right?  And everything I bought I really like.  It wasn’t like I bought those cute ruffle shirts JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE ONLY $4.17.  I really liked them!
  • Then, I found myself completely satisfied with no desire to shop anymore (also… I only brought one little carry-on suitcase and I am not sure where I am going to put the 9 tops, 2 sweaters, and 2 new pairs of jeans I’ve acquired in the last few days while in Oregon).
  • So, my mom and I went to Starbucks and ordered black iced teas and relaxed there for awhile before driving back to Portland.
  • Throughout the day, my iPhone has been constantly buzzing with facebook notifications, emails, and text messages from people wishing me Happy Birthday.
  • It has been an amazing day, and it’s not over yet!

*The only not fantastic part is finding out that the separate bill from a hospital in Vegas for $1141 (on top of a separate bill for $230–for an incident where a nurse sprayed water into my ears while my then-boyfriend held a bed pan to my face) was not a mistake.  I was convinced it HAD to be a mistake.  And now I am just trying to contain myself and not pop a blood vessel while I wait for the itemized bill to come so I can freak out on the billing department in a more substantive manner.  If they think for a second I am paying anywhere near $1141 for a nurse to spray water in my ears, they’ve got another thing coming.


6 thoughts on “Hello 26.

  1. Happy belated Birthday!

    Chocolate cake is the best.

    You should write something on the good and bad of Portland some day. Everyone keeps telling me it is such a great place and I’ve never been. People over here seem to feel the good places in the US are: NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

    • I love that people in Europe think Portland is one of the good places. It’s true! It’s a fantastic city. I will take you up on that soon with a post about the good and bad 🙂

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