I Have a Fort Now.

So… today, I was having a very relaxing Easter Sunday afternoon cleaning my loft, listening to good music, reflecting on life, etc.  (after working for about 3 hours in the a.m. before going to church).

All of a sudden, as I was texting a friend, I felt like my body was shaking, and then I realized my entire loft was shaking.  It was another earthquake!  I dove under my table and tried not to panic but I was seriously panicking.  After what seemed like forever, the shaking slowed down so I thought it was over and then it started up again.  I called my mom because I honestly started thinking that maybe this was the “big one” and my 1929 building could come tumbling down at any moment.

I started crying on the phone because I was so freaked out.  And when it was over, and my building didn’t come crashing down, I crawled out from the table and looked outside, and everyone was walking around like everything was normal.  I guess on the ground you couldn’t really feel it, but I definitely felt it in my high rise apartment.

Turns out it was a 7.2 in Baja California, which is just across the border from California in Mexico.  SCAAAAAAARY!  It was followed by like 20 aftershocks.  In response, I decided to build a little fort.  I pushed my dining room table up against the back of my couch (it was already behind it but there had been a gap before), and put all my emergency water, a flashlight, and some snacks down there.

Honestly, if something REALLY bad happened, my little fort probably wouldn’t do much to protect me, but at least it makes me feel a little safer.  I’m considering putting a blanket and pillows under there and sleeping under there.  I think maybe this means I need to get out of earthquake country 😉


2 thoughts on “I Have a Fort Now.

  1. A friend of mine in Pasadena told me the four seasons in Southern California are flood, draught, fire, and earthquake.

    Try not to worry too much. The building codes in LA are probably the best in the country for this.

    • Oh they are definitely the best which gives me a little peace. Seeing what an 8.0 did in Chile verses the earthquake in Haiti… I am sure L.A. is in much better shape than a lot of places. But we also still have a LOT of unsupported buildings, and buildings built in basins… L.A. is not as safe as we like to think :/

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